Once Newcastle United play Tottenham next Wednesday, little doubt that from that point Newcastle’s attacking options will take a dive.

Kenedy has been a breath of fresh air but will sit out the final game of the season, as Newcastle fans wonder whether they will see him again.

No doubt Kenedy will be sitting in amongst the fans in 11 days time as his loan side take on Chelsea, wondering where he will be playing football [if anywhere…] next season.

Having only started five Premier League games for Chelsea in three years, will the Brazilian now get a chance?

Rafa Benitez says he is waiting to see what Chelsea’s intentions are before making any move.

Having played only 75 minutes of PL football under Antonio Conte in the manager’s two year spell at the club, very difficult to see him having a change of heart.

Whilst even if a new boss comes in as expected, very difficult to see the left sided player getting a chance then either, especially as the first thing a new manager will want is to spend some money himself.

Even though Rafa talks of many another loan, maybe the best hope of retaining Kenedy is if Chelsea want to top up transfer funds for a new manager and Newcastle are willing to make a realistic bid, likely to be at least in the £15m to £2om bracket.

Reality for Newcastle is that before Kenedy’s arrival they had not one player who could run at the opposition and take on his man, so back to square one on that front immediately, if Kenedy ends up not being signed up.

Rafa Benitez talking to the Chronicle:

“It is too early [to know what is happening with Kenedy] because Chelsea need to decide what they do in terms of a squad.

“When they decide what that is, we will know.

“I am sure Kenedy is a player that they will consider.

“But they have so many good players they may see him as an option for the boy to go on loan for another year.

“Where could a good place for him be? Newcastle.

“And for sure that could be a good chance for him and us.

“It was Kenedy’s last game at home [against West Brom] and he has been doing well for us.

“He is a player that is happy and has been able to give us the pieces of quality that we were looking for.”

  • Alex

    Ashley will just tell Rafa, “You’ve got the boy Aarons back, what more do you want?”

  • ghostrider

    I’m not too sure about Kenedy.
    I mean, I think he’s been a great loan signing but I don’t get the right vibes from him as regards a permanent move and what he would achieve for us once a permanent move becomes a reality…if it ever does.

    I’m not really knocking the lad because I like him. I think he’s got the quality to do fantastic. My concern is, is his quality on show for us as just a means to getting a big move and contract elsewhere or even for Chelsea to use him as a regular or does he really want to make a permanent move to us?

    I’m not so sure but maybe my gut feeling is all wrong on this. I hope so.

    • Ram Kishore

      U r speculating too much.. one can never predict the future..But I would say hes’ still a safe bet for 15 million

      • ghostrider

        Speculating is what we all do and will always do when none of us have the facts.
        Speculating too much or too little or about right is still speculating.
        Nobody can predict the future because there is no future.

        • Ram Kishore

          Yep that’s y i’m saying what did u see in him that makes u believe that we shouldn’t try to sign him permanently..
          U give opinions in a pragmatic manner but this seems idiotic

          • ghostrider

            I saw a potential hot head and a potential wayward footballer and also a footballer that has the potential to go missing.

            I base that on the overall games I’ve seen him play. The good the bad and the indifferent.

            So I’m basically saying that, as a loan signing he’s managed to curb the full on explosive emotion that I can see in him.
            I just wonder if buying him and putting him on a long contract with (pretty likely) high wages, as well as a transfer fee of 15 to 20 million….will he become an issue.

            All my own fears and thoughts that may turn out to be worthless in the end…but a fear nonetheless.

            Does anyone else have this thought on Kenedy?

          • pedrodelgardo


          • Ram Kishore

            Every person has a chance to be one like this.. I mean the worthless qualities..
            So how do u propose we sign a good quality player..
            I remember you mentioning loan signings are the way to find out the players suitable for us.. Now a loan signing has worked out very very well..
            Wont you want to sign him if u were a manager?
            Wont the celebrity status bring a potential hot head moments and flashes in us now and then?

          • ghostrider

            I’d love for us to sign Kenedy.
            My point was only made with a big “IF” we buy him on a permanent.
            He could turn out to be the total opposite of what I mentioned as a potential downside…but….it’s just my own personal gut feeling that he’s potentially a loose cannon.

            I love the lad. I love his desire and skill and can see that he can only get better if he channels it correctly.

            Don’t take what I say as a literal dishing of the player. It’s simply …..let’s call it a niggling worry that a permanent deal on good money and long term could be a very delicate balancing act.

            Just to add to my gut feeling regarding other players, I had that feeling when Mitrovic signed and also Shelvey…so maybe you can understand where I’m coming from, maybe.

  • Weyhhadaway

    Kenedy has given us quality in attack, his movement causes problems for defenders and he can pick out a pass. His assist record would be way better if we had a decent center forward.
    Yes he is showing good form for us to get a contract, either here, Chelsea or elsewhere, isn’t that what he came here to do? and wouldn’t you expect a pro to actually try his best? We got our moneys worth, I just hope he signs at the end of the season.

    • mentalman

      he gives us quality in helping out the full back to, unlike on the other side

  • Jezza

    “But they have so many good players they may see him as an option for the boy to go on loan for another year.”

    That tells you everything you need to know . The key words being “on loan”. The club have got no interest in buying Kenedy, just in loaning him again, leaving the profits untouched as usual. Just confirms what many of us have been expecting for a while now. Ashley will not be dipping into the profits to buy players, it’s strictly loans only from now on. If Chelsea do release Kenedy, expect to see him purchased by some far more ambitious club like Watford, Bournemouth or Burnley.

    • Rabid Dog

      This is exactly what i took out of his comments too. Its setting the expectations low at the outset.

    • TheNutJob

      the ronnies reporting Chelski want over £20m for Kenedy, might as well be £200m. Fatty will pay nowt

      • Paul Patterson

        £20m is a decent fee.

        • Jezza

          Somebody will pay £20 million for Kenedy in the summer but it won’t be us.

      • Jezza

        The other 19 Premiership clubs would have no problem paying a £20 million transfer fee but as for NUFC under Ashley, forget it.

      • Fireman Sam

        He will end up at Leicester or West Ham.

        We will be lucky to get another 3 loan players in. That is in January 2019.

    • Jate Legend

      Yep agree with this. At the same time, wouldn’t it be better for us to loan him whether we had funds or not. We could spend the funds on other players.

      • Jezza

        The trouble is we won’t spend the funds on other players. We are only looking to loan Kenedy again because Ashley has decided there will be no spending on transfer fees.

        • Leazes.

          Ashley has said it….’No purchases’ and Rafa has repeated the claim that the ‘best way to get Kennedy is a loan’….

          …..meaning Rafa is settling into his role as a Journeyman manager quite well…. No Rafalution this season either.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Another loan deal. You shouldn’t be able to loan a player into a second season if there is absolutely no chance of a sale price being agreed. It’s tantamount to cheating and provides chairman like fatty the perfect opportunity to abuse an already flawed system.

  • Weyhhadaway

    The loan system is broken. The top clubs are recruiting all of the talent, even if they know they won’t make it to the top, forming massive squads, or should I say groups of players because the official squad is limited, but not the number of players you can have on the books. The players are then loaned out to smaller clubs who put in the hard work to develop the player only for the top club to then sell the player on for massive profit.

    This take even more money away from the lower league teams who used to pick up those type of player and bring him through.

  • 15-20m should do it but we need to make an approach now. We also need a number 10 and competitive left fullback, holding midfielder, and a better striker (or we give Mitro a shot).
    That’s around 70-80m to spend this summer.
    I don’t really see us selling anybody besides Mitro/Shelvey/Perez/Lascelles if huge offers come in and Ashley is still in charge that is. I don’t think we can afford to lose anybody but Mitro although I believe in order for us to sell somebody has to come up with 20m+.
    We might yet see Mitro flourish under Rafa if he decides to build a team around him and Perez up front but then we should be selling Gayle for sure.

  • Leazes.

    Liverpool are in for Kenedy apparently.