With only hours to go until the final match of the season for each club, the Premier League TV Money split amongst all 20 clubs has been revealed

The table below, shows what every club is forecast to get, based on the Premier League positions they currently occupy before the final match.

This week it was revealed that Newcastle United were one of six clubs chosen to get a final day bonus, with their matches shown live on this last day of the season.

The level of money is decided by three factors:

Firstly, every club gets an equal share of £82m each, with Man City down to Stoke all receiving that, helping to make the Premier League one of the fairest of all leagues for splitting the broadcasting income from domestic football. So Newcastle get £82m guaranteed for starters.

Secondly, the number of times you are featured live on TV in the UK. With Newcastle selected today, it brings that total to 18 (NUFC Live TV matches listed below) for the season, with only seven clubs shown a higher number of times (see list below).

Subsequently, only seven clubs will receive more money than Newcastle when it comes to matches shown live, so that money is also guaranteed now. Newcastle banking another £22m, so despite Burnley doing so well and finishing seventh, because the broadcasters know the wider appeal of NUFC and how many fans they have as well who will tune in, the Magpies bank £9.5m more than Burnley for this. So now we are already up to £102m for Newcastle United, with then the money from league placing still to be added.

Thirdly, so at the moment Newcastle are set to receive another £21.9m if they stay in 10th position.

That would give them a final forecast total of £125.9m, a figure only bettered by seven other clubs, as it stands. With Leicester also set to receive less even though guaranteed to finish higher in the table, due to only being shown live 12 times compared to 18 for Newcastle. No excuses at all for Mike Ashley now, when it comes to backing Rafa Benitez.

The only issue is that the recent four game losing streak means that Newcastle realistically have to win today against Chelsea as five teams below could potentially overtake them, if NUFC did fall below other clubs, it would mean just under £2m less for each place they dropped.

Premier League TV money club by club share out for this season, the table compiled by the excellent Sporting Intelligence who report on sport’s relationship with money:

premier league tv money

This is how the Premier League table looks before the final day of the season:

premier league tv money

Premier League Live TV games – How many times each club have been/will be shown this season including final day of season:

28 Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool

26 Chelsea, Man City

25 Tottenham

19 Everton

18 Newcastle United

17 West Ham

16 Southampton

13 Brighton

12 Leicester, Crystal Palace, Stoke

11 Bournemouth

10 Swansea, Watford

9 West Brom, Huddersfield

7 Burnley

The opening 16 Premier League matches saw NUFC selected a remarkable 11 times by the broadcasters. that has dropped off in the second half of the season though and only seven of the next 22 have been selected.

Being live on TV hasn’t brought much luck, the 17 games so far seeing 11 defeats, three draws and only three victories (whereas, in the 20 non-live matches, Newcastle have a record of eight wins, five draws and seven defeats).

Newcastle United Live TV matches already played:

Sunday 13 August

Newcastle 0 Tottenham 2

Sunday 20 August

Huddersfield Town 1 Newcastle United 0

Sunday 10 September

Swansea City 0 Newcastle 1

Sunday 24 September

Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Newcastle United 0

Sunday 1 October

Newcastle United 1 Liverpool 1

Sunday 15 October

Southampton 2 Newcastle United 2

Monday 30 October

Burnley 1 Newcastle 0

Saturday 18 November

Man Utd 4 Newcastle United 1

Saturday 2 December 

Chelsea 3 Newcastle 1

Saturday 9 December

Newcastle 2 Leicester 3

Wednesday 27 December  

Newcastle 0 Man City 1

Saturday 20 January

Man City 3 Newcastle 1

Sunday 4 February

Crystal Palace 1 Newcastle 1

Sunday 11 February

Newcastle 1 Man Utd 0

Saturday 3 March

Liverpool 2 Newcastle 0

Sunday 15 April

Newcastle 2 Arsenal 1

Monday 23 April

Everton 1 Newcastle 0

  • Leicester Mag

    He doesn’t need an excuse never has and never will.Mikes way or no way and that way is for the benefit of a club with one member.

  • Paul Patterson

    So there you go apologists. £80m is a sensible and more than reasonable amount, anything less and the owner is seriously underselling our chances next season. Although what else is new . .

    • Desree

      How much does the club get from gate receipts.

      Even if Rafa stays Ashley will go against his word.

      If Rafa leaves and sues for constructive dismissal, he only has to spend 6m to pay out the contract.

      • Paul Patterson

        Gate receipts are a drop in the ocean these days. If we get £125m for this season alone, it’s not unreasonable to spend just over half.

        • Guest 2

          Operating costs, allegedly, typically run around the £95 million mark. Minimal signings and the few loan deals mean, or should, that the wage bill has not been massively affected either.

          Say we stay 10th and receive £126 million. Match day receipts at least £25 million. Commercial and other income, £28 million. Add in players sales.

          The club could easily have revenue in excess of £200 million. That’s the reality behind Ashley’s penny pinching ‘can’t compete’ lies. The club/Rafa should have £100 million + to use.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            Your math is solid but I think they will be prudent and hold back ~£30-40M for the winter window. There really is no other major revenues between now and then so good stewardship and foresight against a transfer-need emergency would suggest keeping some in the bank.

            I’ve stated before I think Rafa can get 2 loan deals and 8 squad upgrades (3 forwards, #10, winger, 2 fullbacks, 2 center backs, goalie) with a gross spend of ~£90-100M. Offset that with ~£35M in outgoing players and the net spend of ~£55-65M keeps the balance (after the additional fees associated with transfers) for January and an increased wage bill.

          • Guest 2

            Aye. I didn’t suggest he had to spend it all in the Summer.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            Fair enough. The club would be foolish to publically say how much they are holding back. Many on here will criticize MA if the whole amount deemed available is not spent making suggestions he pocketed the remaining. It may appear on the surface some ‘disappeared.’ I felt this point should be added in advance of the summer window.

          • Guest 2

            Given the opaqueness of accounting at the club, who could ever say.
            There’s absolutely no viable reason to believe Ashley wouldn’t benefit himself from the clubs earnings. He’s done so with every other club asset!

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            A football club is an interesting proposition. It is a for-profit business and in business, an owner is generally allowed/expected to glean a return on their investment. It is not a public operation such as utilities or healthcare some extent. However, football does tend to have a broad-reaching influence on a community like public entities that expects profits to be reinvested much like a non-profit business.

            At the risk of this line of conversation going into a ditch, I’d suggest that for all of MA’s other faults (and there are many… enough to prefer a new owner), if what MA has put into the club financially (timely interest free loans, balancing the books (this is a massive thing that many don’t appreciate fully), etc.) was put on one side of scale and what he might have been deemed to have taken out on the other (SD advertising “for free”, Strawberry property, etc), the scale would tip in favor of what he has put in.

            The biggest concern/argument against MA’s financial history at NUFC might be how austere he chose to run the club to fix it quickly v. a slower process. This undoubtably ran close to the edge (ultimately too close when in conjunction with the skill level of the managers involved) in an effort to get the value of his personal investment whole again. It was a calculated plan that was miscalculated.

          • Guest 2

            First of all, which business anywhere in the world do you know which not only guarantees the owner success, but also profit?

            We could argue until the cows come home as to what constitutes an ‘interest free loan’. Derek Llambias publicly stated that Ashley was using the SD free advertising in lieu of interest, or repayments. The truth of the matter is, it serves his overall group business structure to carry a large amount of debt which is in turn used to offset against profits.

            What is it you believe (other than the Ashley propaganda) needed to be fixed so urgently when he bought the club? In essence, you are saying he subjected the club to austerity purely in order to ensure a return of his funding?

            Instead of overdraft and mortgage repayments, the club now owes his companies £144 million which goes upwards but never down.

            The reason he wants £400 million for the club is to ensure he gets every single penny back and a profit – despite the fact he’s repaid himself £29 million already and has done nothing at all to build asset value or wealth at, or for, the club.

          • Guest 2

            Glad you deleted your reply to the above post, because that was the biggest load of nonsense anyone has ever claimed.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            I didn’t delete. I was editing it (adding the word ‘internal’ to the phrase max debt) and it disappeared when I tried to save the edit. I was just coming back to rewrite as I didn’t have time then. The status the club was in at purchase, the debt numbers through the years, etc. are all verifiable. The value of the club today is a rational value build. What ‘nonsense’ do you believe was there?

          • Guest 2

            Sorry, but I thought you had some genuine criticism and it turns out you are really just another pseudo accountant who is a closet Ashley apologist. These posts are identical to those of Bobbi Fleckman and the like – is this you?

            I received your reply, which means it was posted. Then it wasn’t visible on here, which means you deleted it. You saved a blank edit in order to remove your comment, an often seen trick on here.

            So, here is your post, which I will comment on afterwards.

            “There are some businesses that get subsidized by governments, etc. This obviously isn’t that and I did not mean to imply he is guaranteed success/profits. The club obviously isn’t as relegation clearly exhibits.

            I’ll skip to answer your third paragraph and come back to the second. In ‘06-07 just before MA took over, the club had lost money two years running. The most recent year was @ £34.2M loss. The club had £76.6M in soft debt, reportedly £27M of transfer payments still due, and all assets were mortgaged to the hilt. The club was on a financial cliff (major debts and no more resources to pull from) and about to fall into the abyss. MA bought a really rotten looking apple.

            The last of this financial mess including major mortgages on the stadium and all other NUFC properties taken out by the previous owners were finally paid off just two months ago. If the price of clearing these debts and internalizing the problems is free advertising to a sister business, the club has come out well ahead.

            The internal debt has actually gone down over the years. In 2010-11, the debt to MA personally was £140M and to St Jame s Holding was £132M for a £272M total. The was the max total debt amount. The SJH amount was £138M in ‘07-08 but the combined total less. By ‘13-14, the SJH amount had been paid off and MA’s personal loan reduced to £129M (he could have paid off the personal loan first). Unfortunately with the relegation (timely), MA’s amount went back up to £144M and SJH put back in £33M. I am looking forward to the club’s financial release to see if these numbers have changed further.

            Firstly, there hasnlt been an ‘expert’ who has valued the club at £400 million. People like you, and Ashley, do. Indeed, the most prominent football finance expert valued the club at £250 million!

            The club is worth £400M because that is what an independent review would say considering the sell of similar clubs (Southampton), the assets owned that are debt free, the value of the squad, the cash flow of the club, as well as the potential for growth (worldwide) v the risk of value erosion (relegation). The personal loan would have to be handled seperately.”

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            I did not delete and I have no saved blank. I think you must have been responding as I was editing and the software could not handle or something. As I said, I was expecting to rewrite and would have done so if I had returned first. I appreciate that I do not have to and gladly stand by the comment.

            I am not a pseudo accountant. I am a professional accountant by degree with a wealth of practical experience in reading and reviewing financial statements for the purpose of optimizing an organization’s profitability. My company pays me a comfortable living to do this and other companies pay them well for my personal involvement in their profit management. I’m not an armchair hack, sports commentator, or star ex-footballer who has little to no idea about what the reports say. I usually have a lot more ‘inside’ data but experience puts me in a good position to guess at filling in blanks.

            I do have genuine criticisms but I am also balanced enough to recognize and give acknowledgement of accomplishments made. On the balance, NUFC is financially much better off for MA’s ownership considering where we were v where we are. That is not to say someone else could not have done the same or better but no one else did. I would prefer Ashley out but am very cautious in that desire as there are significantly worse options v MA.

            So short of not maybe appreciating my balanced review, what is your argument against the numbers, reported history, and derived outcomes in my post and the supporting documents or logic for your position? I am willing to have a genuine debate of what the ‘facts’ suggest devoid of name-calling and trite phrases if you are.

          • Guest 2

            Accountant my backside. If you are, then heaven protect your clients.

            “By ‘13-14, the SJH amount had been paid off and MA’s personal loan reduced to £129M (he could have paid off the personal loan first).”

            Paid off? LOL!

            Ashley has ZERO personal loans outstanding. He provided £29 million following relegation 1 and that was repaid in 2012 and Dec 2016 (£11 mil then 18 mil). Repaid to himself by further loans from SJH, all which was added to club debt.

            You have no clue what you are talking about.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            Per Companies House public files, the 2013 audited reports released in March, 2014… quoting the paragraph at the bottom of page 21 of 24:

            “The company’s total outstanding loan balance from Mr M J W Ashley was £129M (2012 – £129.0M). This amount is non-interest bearing. £18M (2012 – £18M) is secured on future broadcasting income and due for repayment within one year. The balance of £111.0M is not due within one year.”

            What is the reference for your opinion of only £29M being involved, it not being owed directly to him, and it having been paid off by 2012? The professionally audited reports say otherwise on all three counts.

          • Guest 2

            2010 accounts –
            “The Groups total outstanding loan balance was £139.8 million (£111 million 30th June 2009)…
            £28.8 million (30th June 2009 £nil) is secured on future broadcasting rights…”

            Ashley personal loan of £28.8 million due to relegation.

            2012 accounts –
            “…the total balance outstanding at 30th June 2012 was £129 million (2011 – £140 million) ”

            Ashley repaid himself £11 million

            2016 accounts-

            “term loans from (Ashley) and companies under his control were £129 million…
            “On 21st December 2016, SJH, a company controlled by (Ashley) provided a further £33 million as a secured loan. £18 million was used to repay (Ashley) his personal loan to the Group”

            Debt was £129 million (owed to his companies not him personally). Add £15 million loaned in Dec 2016, and you get £144 million.
            £11 million and £18 million = £29 million from the personal loan originating 2011/12.

            Accountant, my backside.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            The numbers from 2010 and 2012 are generally agreed. They do not prove your comment about 2013 or refute the data I provided. The £28.8M added to an existing balance of £111M as of 2008-09 as the note states.

            The 2016 accounts have yet to be publically released for NUFC or MASH but does not differ from my preliminary tracking files. It is all internal to MA or his owned entities. I am thinking the disagreement may be in that some debt is carried by St James Holding and not at the club level but the club is still being informally expected to pay it off even if a formal liability is not carried on their books directly. It cannot be refuted that the total debt between the sets of books has been reduced over the years, agree? You even say so with the 2012 statement that reduced MA’s loan by £11M and wasn’t offset elsewhere. In 2010 SJH had £132M of debt in addition to the £139M you note above. That amount decreased to £32M in 2012-13 and was £0 the following year. As we seem to agree, it is back to £33M from SJH in 2016. The total debt btwn NUFC and SJH is much less than its peak in 2010-11.

            And we haven’t even touched on how dire the circumstances were prior to MA’s arrival and that those debts were just finally cleared two months ago.

            And what is your fascination of swearing by you backside? “For men swear by one greater than themselves…” Hebrews 6:16a. You must think you have a wonderful rear end. Not that I am suggesting you begin taking the Lord’s name in vain instead, mind you… 😉

          • Guest 2

            You are a complete loon. SJH did not have both £132 million and another £139 million of debt, you utter muppet.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            SJH year end reports, 2010-11:
            “Mr M J W Ashley provided a loan to the company in the year. The balance outstanding at 30 June 2011 was £132,144,000 (2010, £132,144,000)”

            NUFC year end reports, 2010-11:
            “Mr M J W Ashley also continued to loan facilities to company during the year. The total balance outstanding at 30 June 2011 was £140 million (2010, £139.8 million)”

            £272M of total debt between the two entities. The £132M at the holding company obviously cannot somehow include the £140M. These are separate entries on reports that for the sake of reporting are separate entities. If I am reading the reports wrong, then so are others including as an example swissramble in his blog.

            There were 11 leaseholds, indebentures, supplemental deeds, and deeds of assignment reported cleared with Companies House in March (you can find for yourself… noted as a “Satisfaction of Charge”). The files do not say the value of all the loans, how much are the required routine payments, or how early some of the notes were paid off. The first was initiated on 23-Jul-04. By 2006, “the main sports grounds, Darsley Park, Whitley Road, Longbenton” and “Little Benton” were mortgaged. Elsewhere I’ve come to read those mortgages valued at £77M. There were subsequent deeds of assignment, etc. taken after MA came to ownership to deal with deferred payments for player sells, etc. Several of the most recent deeds were essentially cash infusions using year end tv revenues as collateral. All 11 loans were reported as clear on either March 15 or 16.

            You can call me names or be generally derogatory but I will never do likewise. At the worst you are a fellow fan of the club and at best I’ll either find an error in my notes or be convinced of a better way to interpret them.

          • Guest 2

            Jeez! You are most certainly wrong and it’s impressive how wrong you are for an alleged accountant.

            Swissramble (Apr 2016) – ” Newcastle’s gross debt of £129 million was actually the 4th highest in the Premier League”
            “The last year that Ashley injected funds was £29 million in 2010, which facilitated promotion back to the Premier League at the first attempt. Not only has he not put any more money in since then, but the club actually made an £11 million repayment of Ashley’s loan in 2012.”

            That is exactly what I have been telling you and the exact same numbers.

            SJH was the company set up to buy the club. His purchase price is what those numbers are made up of, plus of course another £33 million now loaned in December 2016.

            Ashley made his purchase of the club, a club debt, in addition to the money ‘loaned’. NEITHER has been paid off as you claim.

            As for the the satisfaction of charges in March – you are just making that all up!
            Charges created : 18/11/2008: 01/07/2009: 01/07/2009

            You really are one confused ‘accountant, or at worst a complete imbecile who will lie to try and consolidate a losing and completely inaccurate argument.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            You quote swissramble (so now I know you accept him as an expert third party witness) from 2016 but that isn’t what is in question. If you find his Dec, 2010 post and go to the section on debt, you’ll find him reporting debt for both SJH and MA…

            “In spite of this, the club’s previous excesses have resulted in significant debt of £282 million, though only £150 million is held in the books of the football club with the remaining £132 million held in the holding company. The vast majority of this debt represents loans from Mike Ashley of £243 million”

            The current debt is certainly now less than £282M in total and less than £243M is now owed to MA or his entities. Your claim that the debt to MA only goes up is wrong. The total has gone down significantly and that is before we even get to the public documentation proving that 11 deeds and mortgages have been paid off.

            Regarding the satisfaction of debt… how can I make something up that is on file for public review at Companies House? The documents are there for all to see. Clearly the first two were before MA arrived. As I noted before, yes, there were several deeds created under MA’s reign but the process started prior to MA. You rewording my statement and then suggesting I’m confused is a mind-boggling argument strategy.

            I’m not losing the argument. You’ve put nothing forth on the topics being discussed that counters any of my theory. You question public documents existence, the very clear dates noted on them, the signatures involved and what the other information on them states. You shift the discussion off point to irrelevant info, call names or are generally derogatory and provide nothing productive to your side of the argument. I’ve willingly played ‘defense’ throughout the whole of the discussion and not had one position ‘outflanked’ with any documentation or better logic. Although you clearly have some background or at least willingness to talk business, you provide no claim of experience and have not proven you have a handle on the agreed facts.

            I’m willing to continue the discussion but if you decide this is going nowhere, I trust we can at least end the discussion agreeing that we both care a great deal about the club and want its best. No one would go to the trouble of tracking and organizing such information otherwise.

          • Guest 2

            Selective editing.

            Swissramble went on to say “so his total investment in the club now stands at £268 million, represented by £132 million to buy the club, £70 million to repay loans and £66 million working capital.”

            None of that has been repaid, as you originally claimed.

            No clue what you are looking at Companies House either. There are three charges on file as ‘outstanding’. They all relate to the Dec 2016 loan from SJH. Secured yet again against club assets.

            The three charges ‘satisfied’ in March of this year, all pertain to Ashley borrowings (2008/9). Indeed, ALL charges on the accounts were created AFTER Ashley became owner.

            Now take a hike you numpty.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            More of the same. Can’t or won’t acknowledge numbers on excel charts or dates on legal documents. Topics off point in the wrong years being discussed. Name calling and general bluster. Pride not allowing you to concede basic facts that your own previous arguments have already conceded…And I’m the supposed the loon. Get back to me if your pride ever allows it, you can coherently attack my organization of the facts and/or can defend your position.

          • Guest 2


            1. Provide the dates of the charges, listed at Companies House, which you alluded to and still do.

            2. Provide evidence that SJH debt was paid off, particularly those sums amounting to over £100 million which you also proclaimed.

            3. Provide evidence to your claim “The last of this financial mess including major mortgages on the stadium and all other NUFC properties taken out by the previous owners were finally paid off just two months ago”

            Otherwise, F Off, you numpty.

          • Guest 2

            So, in answer to that post:-

            1. The club was mortgaged in order to finance the ground expansion. Hardly a novel method and one stated by Freddy Shepherd to have been manageable and repayable due to ever increasing tv revenues and of course bigger match-day receipts.

            2. The mortgage was not “just paid off’ only two months ago! It was paid off immediately after the sale of the club as the mortgage terms and Barclays required.
            The charges you seem to be relating to where charges levied against assets when SJH made it’s most recent loan in Dec 2016. He secured that on all club assets, again.

            3. SJH are owed some £144 million as of the last reckoning. None of that has been paid off, and certainly not all of it!

            4. Ashley has no ‘personal loans’ any longer. He personally put in £29 million due to relegation 1 (but mortgaged every asset as a result – the charges being identifiable at Companies House) which has been fully repaid. £11 million was reclaimed in 2012 (from profits it seems) and the remaining £18 million from the loan in Dec 2016.

            5. You are obviously confusing debt, by including Ashley’s purchase price. What he paid for the club, was the value he agreed to. The ‘debt’ is a result of what his companies have loaned in order to clear the original mortgage, overdraft etc. He did so for himself, in order to avoid interest payments and in return claimed free advertising for SD ever since as well as a merchandising deal of who knows what.

            6. £132 million to SJH has not been repaid – and God forbid that it even could have been. It would make a complete mockery of you saying he has taken nothing out the club!

            7. A real football finance expert, Kevin Maguire, stated ” a figure in the region of £260-280 million would seem fair, especially if Mike Ashley wants to be out of the club prior to the new transfer window opening in January 2018.”

            8. Ashley wants up to £400 million simply so he gets back his original purchase price of the club, plus all of the money owed to SJH/MASH – and of course a profit.

            9. Assets. The club cannot expand due to Ashley asset stripping Gallowgate land to develop for himself. Commercial revenue is no higher after 11 years than it was when he arrived. The training facilities and Academy are in a sad state and have received zero investment. St James Park is not owned outright, the land is leased from the Council.

            Do tell what value Ashley has added that has increased the asset valus of the Club? The sad fact is matey, he has done the complete opposite.

      • Damon Horner

        Guardian reported it as £25mil a couple year ago in our relegation season.

  • Wor Lass

    I could live with the fat barsteward in charge (I`d prefer not to, though!) if you at least got a straight story. Whether it`s the club accounts, the fans forum, the transfer window, the manager`s contract, the role of the board or the sale of the club it`s all smoke and mirrors – nothing but weasel words and spin.I think Rafa can walk without paying compo at the end of the season. I dont think he wants to leave – he would like to rebuild the club and leave a legacy – but how long can he continue being taken for a ride? We`re a rich club with a big following but nobody knows what`s happening. We`re all in the hands of a bully who enjoys managing by doubt and uncertainty becuse it confirms that he holds the power and he seems to need that type of reassurance. I would be very surprised if he gave Rafa the funds and responsibility for spending them that he needs and expect he`ll leave – if not this summer then certainly at the end of his contract. I can`t see the takeover happening either – Staveley doesn`t seem to have the financial backing she would need and I don`t believe there`s been any other bidder. It`s all a bit depressing after a surprisingly encouraging campaign.

    • Wor Lass

      PS Good luck to the lads this afternoon – they`ve been a credit to the club this season, even if they did drop off slightly recently.

    • Paul Patterson

      It’s what he does and he does it very well. Get rid of unpopular Allardyce and dour football and give the fans the charismatic Keegan and the hope of exciting times ahead, then pull the rug and smash the hope and expectation. End result is catastrophe and relegation. Club get promoted and optimism returns with a likable manager, pull the rug again and get rid of the manager and replace hi with an unpopular yes man to manage expectation. Finish 5th and qualify for Europe with the optimism that that brings, then smash the positivity by refusing to build on it. At the same time renaming the ground and annoying fans and creating a toxic atmosphere. The result is the club narrowly avoiding relegation and ultimately the club doesn’t build, instead JFK is brought in as DOF(!) and the inevitable relegation happens. Bring in a world class manager in the hope that the positivity works and it does, resulting in instant promotion and the promise of something better. Result is a tv interview smashing down the expectation and natural dreams of the manager and fanbase. Some people don’t seem to realise why he is disliked. It’s obvious.

      • Billmag

        Absolutely correct mate and when you list the things he’s done over the last 11 years he really must hate us, there’s no other explanation because there isn’t a plan, the club is at a standstill and has been since he took over. But hey let’s at least give credit to Rafa and the lad’s because there love for the club has been a shining light over long season. HWTL.

      • TheFatController

        I have pointed out on many occasions, and people deny it as being an influence but it’s fact, he hath his fury because he is like a lover spurned.

        All this ‘he’s just in it for the money’ is accurate in terms of what he wants out of it now, but go back 11 years, he was sat with the fans, or in his shirt in the box, and out drinking buying rounds in the Bigg market.

        Now, if some want to ignore those obvious facts, and tell me this is just business and he doesn’t get a little bit of childish hurt anger and rage whenever he turns his attentions to the club, that’s fine.

        But when you rightly point out the ‘build them up to knock them down’ mentality he has shown, wouldn’t it be best explained by personal and not business motivations? At £2.4bn he’s not desperate for money from the relationship. It’s now all about ego. Not a feel piddling million here and there to add to the billions. Not even the SD promotion. It’s now personal.

        • Desree


        • Steven05

          I’ve been working on the theory that it’s all about his hate for us. To run the club in the correct way would have made him more money, so it can only be about his hate.

  • Albert Stubbins

    There’s NEVER been a legitimate reason for fatty not to spend. It’s always just ever been down to one thing and one thing only. GREED!!

  • Damon Horner

    Running quick numbers in my head, £75-£80 mil sounds like a reasonable “every last penny” sum. I can’t see a reason not to have funds to spend. Let’s wait and see, who knows what Beardsley’s legal bill came to…..

  • Mrkgw

    Player sales will probably amount to MAs quoted £80m. Rafa should have a considerably greater amount than that. Unless someone is cooking the books!

  • Wezza147

    Over to you Mike Ashley. 125M TV money for this season. So where has it gone?
    If Rafa gets undermined or lied to again I really don’t blame him if he quits. Ashley isn’t bothered so long as we remain in the premier league he can pocket over 100M a season. He is a disgrace.
    MA, back Rafa now. Over to you.