We can now declare the 2018 Premier League Summer Transfer Window officially open.

The official Premier League website has even now belatedly confirmed all the details.

The window opening at one minute after midnight and has already being running for eight hours without a Newcastle signing…

It is open for 85 days and the 85th one is Thursday 9 August when it closes at 5pm.

Be prepared for lots of ‘fun’ and made up stories doing your heads in.

The official Premier League site also carries a regularly updated list of the transfers but so far it only lists those players who are definitely leaving PL clubs, with their clubs having already confirmed that they are leaving, most of them coming to the end of their contracts.

Players such as  Toure leaving Man City and Michael Carrick at Man Utd.

Jesus Gamez and Massadio Haidara will be leaving Newcastle this summer as their deals end next month – but no official confirmation by NUFC as yet.

One deal that is said to be progressing for Newcastle United despite the uncertainty with Rafa Benitez’ position, is Martin Dubravka.

Local north east media are reporting on Thursday morning that talks are ongoing for him to complete a £4m permanent move and sign a four year contract.

Domestic deals can be completed now but those from abroad, such as Dubravka, can be announced now BUT not officially completed with the paperwork going through until June (see the Q and A below)

Official Premier League site:

The Premier League’s summer transfer window will open at 00:01 on 17 May 2018, for domestic transfers, and 8 June for international transfers.

It will close at 17:00 BST on the Thursday before the start of the season.

Deals in and out so far:



Per Mertesacker (retired)

Brighton & Hove Albion


Uwe Huenemeier (SC Paderborn) Free

Steve Sidwell (released)



Dean Marney (released)

Scott Arfield (Rangers) Free

Huddersfield Town


Dean Whitehead (retired)

Manchester City


Pablo Maffeo (Stuttgart) Undisclosed

Yaya Toure (released)

Manchester United

Michael Carrick (retired)

SKY SPORTS did this mini Q and A earlier this week:

So clubs can sign players from May 17?

‘Yes. In fact, deals can be agreed before May 17, however, the paperwork cannot be processed until the window has officially opened.

That means domestic transfers can be completed from midnight on May 17, but transfers from abroad can only be finalised once the FIFA Transfer Matching System (TMS) opens at midnight on June 8.’

What about EFL clubs?

‘The EFL transfer window is already open.

It opened on Monday, May 7 for domestic transfers. Clubs involved in play-offs can sign players now – but cannot play them until their season is over.

The window closes at the same time as the Premier League, on August 9 at 5pm – five days after the new EFL season begins.’

What about loans?

‘EFL clubs will still be able to sign players on loan until August 31. They can also sign free agents up until the same date.’

  • Paul Patterson

    I’d leave it for a few weeks yet, the phone in Charnley’s office only takes incoming calls ..

    • Fireman Sam

      Does charnley know how to operate a telephone? He has an IQ of about 80

      • FatParosite

        Don’t bother getting fixed on Charnley he is working as prescribed. Bishop likely to use that human dartboard when Shelvey & Lascelles get sold. Idiots will fall for it, they always do.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Expect nothing but sales until day 85, maybe Dubravka if we`re lucky

    • Leazes.

      Well as the great lump is in Florida for the next six weeks I can’t see a bid for anything…. then there’s the World Cup and more of the same from an owner who said ….’ he has no interest in the club and does not want to invest, saying this why we got loan signings last month’….

      • Guest 2

        PMSL! Indeed. He’s left the ship in the capable hands of those football geniuses, Charnley, Barnes and Bishop, and the SD accounts dept. which does some guvvie work for the club.

      • Wezza147

        Convenient! So when Ashley returns there will be PR propaganda put out just coincidentally with his return!
        I think the article is more humorous but the truth is we won’t be investigating much if anything!

    • Jezza

      Ha ha, day 85, late in the afternoon will be when Jamaal Lascelles joins Rafa Benitez at Everton/West Ham for £35 million.

      • FatParosite

        & the suckers will still go back…..

        • Lhc

          Change the record

      • Leazes.

        Explain the rules of etiquette to Ryder and Co! You just know its going to be headlines of ‘United in for £3.6m Ace’ and ‘Is this freebie a perfect fit for Moyes revolution’…. oh dear!

        • Jezza

          Ha ha, the one I’m eagerly anticipating is “United won’t be held to ransom in striker search”.

  • Fireman Sam

    “Dubravka said to be close”

    We will still be hearing this after 8 weeks never mind 8 hours.

  • Wor Lass

    If you journalistic wannabeees at the Mag are going to be giving us updates by the hour it`s going to be a firkin long close season. Why don`t you take some time out and maybe get a real job?

    • Toon

      Seriously, would you employ them?

      • Wor Lass

        What as?

  • Lhc

    The window has been open for 5 seconds man, chill oot.

  • Mike

    Ha ha ha dont hold your breath nothing will happen

  • Toon

    Sad thing is the 8 hours mentioned in the headline was meant to be tongue in cheek, it isn’t! Massive count down and whining by the hour if we “still” haven’t signed anyone. Save your effort, we know the drill

  • ghostrider

    Windows open and clubs are shipping players out, yet some people are worried about us signing players right now.
    I’m smirking.

  • London Geordie

    They are waiting for the new manager so they can sign a couple of loan deals.

  • London Geordie

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