When it comes to Premier League Live TV games, yet again Newcastle have had more than their fair share.

Almost always chosen more often than their league position would suggest,Sky Sports and BT Sport have continued that trend this season.

The opening 16 Premier League matches saw Newcastle selected a remarkable 11 times by the broadcasters.

That has dropped off in the second half of the season though and only six of the next 21 have been shown live, although that would have been seven if the Spurs away game hadn’t been postponed.

Being live on TV hasn’t brought much luck, the 17 games seeing 11 defeats, three draws and only three victories, in the 18 non-live matches so far, Newcastle have a record of eight wins, five draws and five defeats.

Three games are usually shown on the final day of the season and still a chance Newcastle could be shown again, though presumably that will depend on whether Chelsea can still qualify for the Champions League and/or what there is to play for in the relegation battle, if anything.

Premier League Live TV games – How many times each club has been shown, stats compiled by The Star:

28 Arsenal, Man Utd

27 Liverpool

25 Man City, Tottenham, Chelsea

19 Everton

17 Newcastle United, West Ham

15 Southampton

12 Leicester, Crystal Palace, Brighton, Stoke

11 Bournemouth

10 Swansea, Watford

9 West Brom, Huddersfield

7 Burnley

As you can see, only seven clubs have been shown more than Newcastle’s 17, the predictable top six and Everton.

At the bottom though, you have Burnley with only seven, a bit of a shocker really when they are set to qualify for the Europa League.

At the top, no surprise to see Man Utd up there with 28 even though they play such negative football compared to the money spent, whilst the fascination with Arsenal beats me.

Ironic that you have Manchester beating all sorts of records and arguably playing the best football ever seen in the Premier League, yet they are shown three times less than that pair.

Newcastle United Live TV matches already played:

Sunday 13 August

Newcastle 0 Tottenham 2

Sunday 20 August

Huddersfield Town 1 Newcastle United 0

Sunday 10 September

Swansea City 0 Newcastle 1

Sunday 24 September

Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Newcastle United 0

Sunday 1 October

Newcastle United 1 Liverpool 1

Sunday 15 October

Southampton 2 Newcastle United 2

Monday 30 October

Burnley 1 Newcastle 0

Saturday 18 November

Man Utd 4 Newcastle United 1

Saturday 2 December 

Chelsea 3 Newcastle 1

Saturday 9 December

Newcastle 2 Leicester 3

Wednesday 27 December  

Newcastle 0 Man City 1

Saturday 20 January

Man City 3 Newcastle 1

Sunday 4 February

Crystal Palace 1 Newcastle 1

Sunday 11 February

Newcastle 1 Man Utd 0

Saturday 3 March

Liverpool 2 Newcastle 0

Sunday 15 April

Newcastle 2 Arsenal 1

Monday 23 April

Everton 1 Newcastle 0

(Matchweek 38 will be announced after all clubs have played 37 matches (All last matches of the season will be played on Sunday 13 May with a 3pm kick-off, whether live on TV or not))