When it comes to Premier League Live TV games, once again Newcastle have had more than their fair share.

The opening 16 Premier League matches saw NUFC selected a remarkable 11 times by the broadcasters. that has dropped off in the second half of the season though and only six of the next 21 have been selected, meaning 17 in total…so far.

Being live on TV hasn’t brought much luck, the 17 games seeing 11 defeats, three draws and only three victories (whereas, in the 19 non-live matches so far, Newcastle have a record of eight wins, five draws and six defeats).

Premier League Live TV games – How many times each club has been/will be shown before final day of season:

28 Arsenal, Man Utd

27 Liverpool

25 Man City, Tottenham, Chelsea

19 Everton

17 Newcastle United, West Ham

15 Southampton

12 Leicester, Crystal Palace, Brighton, Stoke

11 Bournemouth

10 Swansea, Watford

9 West Brom, Huddersfield

7 Burnley

The final day of the season sees everybody kick off at the same time, so the broadcasters can wait until only a few days before the final day of the season, before revealing which matches (usually three) they will show live.

When Tottenham won at Chelsea on 1 April, that looked to have made certain that the top four were untouchable.

However, Liverpool have picked up only two points from their last three matches, Tottenham only four points from their last four games, whilst Chelsea have won all of their last four games.

Chelsea beat Liverpool yesterday and that means the scousers are on 72 points (37 games played), whilst Spurs are 71 points (36 played) and Chelsea 69 points (36 played).

Tottenham are home to Newcastle on Wednesday and Chelsea home to Huddersfield.

If Chelsea draw, then they are guaranteed to go into the last day capable of overhauling Liverpool, they could also catch Spurs on the final day so long as Tottenham don’t get a better result than Chelsea on Wednesday night.

Bottom line is that it now looks all but certain that the top four positions won’t be sorted until next Sunday and Chelsea will be one of those involved.

Whilst there could still be the third relegation spot to be decided, past history tells us what the broadcasters will do if it is a choice.

They have picked the battle for Champions League places over Premier League survival and 100% they would do it again.

Do you honestly think they would choose not to show Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea on the final day of the season with still something to play for???

The last Premier League match before the final day is West Ham v Man Utd on Thursday night, so it is possible they could wait until after that to announce the choices for live TV but the Hammers are now safe, so very likely the TV choices will be decided once the Wednesday night results are known. Either that night or the following day for the public announcement.

Newcastle United Live TV matches already played:

Sunday 13 August

Newcastle 0 Tottenham 2

Sunday 20 August

Huddersfield Town 1 Newcastle United 0

Sunday 10 September

Swansea City 0 Newcastle 1

Sunday 24 September

Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Newcastle United 0

Sunday 1 October

Newcastle United 1 Liverpool 1

Sunday 15 October

Southampton 2 Newcastle United 2

Monday 30 October

Burnley 1 Newcastle 0

Saturday 18 November

Man Utd 4 Newcastle United 1

Saturday 2 December 

Chelsea 3 Newcastle 1

Saturday 9 December

Newcastle 2 Leicester 3

Wednesday 27 December  

Newcastle 0 Man City 1

Saturday 20 January

Man City 3 Newcastle 1

Sunday 4 February

Crystal Palace 1 Newcastle 1

Sunday 11 February

Newcastle 1 Man Utd 0

Saturday 3 March

Liverpool 2 Newcastle 0

Sunday 15 April

Newcastle 2 Arsenal 1

Monday 23 April

Everton 1 Newcastle 0

Current Premier League table:

premier league live tv gamesAll remaining Premier League fixtures:

Tuesday 8 May

Swansea v Southampton 7.45pm

Wednesday 9 May

Chelsea v Huddersfield 7.45pm

Leicester v Arsenal 7.45pm

Man City v Brighton 8pm

Tottenham v Newcastle United 8pm

Thursday 10 May

West Ham v Man Utd 7.45pm

Sunday 13 May (all 3pm kick-offs)

Burnley v Bournemouth

Crystal Palace v West Brom

Huddersfield v Arsenal

Liverpool v Brighton

Man United v Watford

Newcastle v Chelsea

Southampton v Man City

Swansea v Stoke

Tottenham v Leicester

West Ham v Everton

  • TheNutJob

    Rafa will want to beat Chelski, help Liverpool

    • magpiefifer

      I want us to beat Chelsea – don’t want us to lose the last 5 games of the season*.
      * Assuming we lose at Wembley on Wednesday!

      • Leazes.

        We always lose at Wembley….well in my lifetime.

        • magpiefifer

          Fortunately I’m old enough to remember success in the 50’s – BUT, I was there for the Man U and Arsenal defeats!!!

  • Coach Clagnut

    We have to turn up and give Spuds what they’re owed after the season opener. I’ve no love for any Lahndin team but we, as a team, we need to display our integrity.
    Put the sandals and beach balls to one side and shove an enema up the jacksy of Spuds.If nothing else,seeing their traditional end of season meltdown would be a chortle of epic proportions and if Harry “slackjaw” Kane received a well timed scissor tackle, it would be no more than he deserved.
    A team full of cheats and bottlers with a huge sense of entitlement.We need to be up for this one big time.