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An Open Letter To Mike Ashley –  18 May 2018

4 years ago

An Open Letter To Mike Ashley –  18 May 2018

Dear Mike,

Okay, so you’re the biggest monkey in the tree.

We get it. You’ve got the money. You’ve got the power. You call the shots. But then what?

What are you going to do?

We know, you’ve got this business model.  Squeeze the goodwill out of the brand.  Turn it into cash, and keep on squeezing till there’s nothing left.  Suck it dry, then move on.  And it’s worked for you.  No one can argue with that.

But this is a different business, squeeze too hard and you’ll leave yourself with nothing.  Plus, these are special times.  A once only chance.

Whether by luck or judgment you happen to have a great, irreplaceable manager.  He’s not worth £6m.  He’s worth £100m+.

Put it this way, if we could have Rafa or Harry Kane, I’d take Rafa every time.  Thanks to him you could sell up now for £350m.  You’d be in profit, you could take the money and the experience somewhere else.  Start with a clean slate, maybe take better advice, and feel some love.

Or you can stay and try and squeeze what you can get out of the club. You might get a few quid?

But if you lose Rafa you can knock £100m off the value overnight, with the risk of another relegation costing you most of the rest.  Okay, you like a gamble, but it’s a stupid gamble, with a lot more downside than up.  You’ve got away with relegation twice, but it’s cost you, and you’ve been lucky.  You only need to look down the road to see what might happen.

The third option is to stay and work with your manager.  For sure, you’ll end up putting in more money than you want.  You’ll also have to sign away some authority.  That’s a risk too, but one with the odds tilted in your favour.  Because in the end, you spend a few million extra over the next couple of years, and it’s a racing certainty that Rafa Benitez will give you a European club that will be worth half a billion.

The only thing I don’t understand is why you’re struggling with this so much?  It can’t be the business side, because that’s as clear as day.

So it must be your ego.  We’ve hurt your feelings.  Well yes, that runs both ways, but for God’s sake.  Move on.  You made your mistakes.  We all do that.  But it isn’t a reason to keep on making them over and over again.

In the end, yes, Mike.  You are the man.  You are the owner.  You are the biggest monkey in tree, but do something more than just sit up there throwing nuts at everyone.  Stop fighting.  Stop sulking.  And stop dithering.  Stop wasting your time with silly P.R. games that fool nobody.  From now, every wasted day will end up costing the club, costing you, more money for lesser players.

So whichever way you go, stand up and make a decision.  Show some initiative, some imagination. Embrace your business or get out.

Basically, sh.. or get off the pot.

Your Sincerely,

Simon Van der Velde – long suffering Newcastle fan


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