Northumbria Police have praised Sunderland and Newcastle United fans for their behaviour in this season just ended.

The Police particularly happy with the relatively low number of arrests amongst the two fanbases.

Northumbria Police revealing that it made just 80 arrests in total.

That being split between 43 from Newcastle and 37 from Sunderland, plus they handed out eight banning orders for bad behaviour.

Two major factors that helped…

Firstly, that there were no derby matches this time.

Secondly, the fact that Sunderland ended up with crowds (who actually attended games) that were only around a third of the size of Newcastle United’s, makes the number of arrests for NUFC fans even more impressive.

Northumbria Police credit the low figures as part of a longer-term effort whereby officers have worked closely with fans of both clubs since 2014 as part of the Football Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT).

Encouraging interaction with supporters of both clubs, with various meetings arranged.

They ave heralded the initiative as a huge success, with in the last four years since the team was formed, disorder among our region’s football fans has seen a steady decline.

Now the head of the Football NPT has praised supporters of both teams – Sergeant Chris Blyth:

“It has been a very successful season from a policing point of view, and that has a lot to do with the supporters themselves.

“They have engaged with us, told us how they want to be policed and behaved themselves throughout the season. That has made it easy for us.

“There may have been contrasting seasons on the pitch, but in the stands there have been very few issues, and everyone has always been in good spirits.

“Our officers have worked hard to embed themselves with supporters, and at the end of the day they are football fans themselves who love being part of that atmosphere.

“They are there because they want people to enjoy the match day experience without getting themselves in trouble or putting other people at risk.

“We will be working hard throughout the summer to prepare ourselves for a new season with some new away days pencilled into the calendar.

“Our officers will be looking forward to making some new friends again next year and seeing some familiar faces out supporting their team with passion and pride.”

  • Paul Patterson

    You actually have to have people to arrest, to get the figures. A bit like going into a lion enclosure and wondering why there are no elephants . .

  • Lhc

    And 1 of Sunderlands 37 was for taking a dump on his seat.

  • Rich Lawson

    No horses were hurt in the above post.

    • Lhc

      He never punched a horse the police and media spun it like that cause they can.

      • Marcus Black

        And you’re a blind idiot!

        • Lhc

          He tried for some reason to punch the coppers leg. The fact he was the size of garden gnome plus battered of drink resulted in this outcome. Then the police and media spin it as fan punches horse but modern day society will believe anything, it makes me cringe tbh.

  • Philip Saint

    Sunderland getting one third of the gates? So Sid James holds over 75,000!

    • Toon Arnie

      No, your real crowds ( people actually attending on the day ) varied anywhere between 13,000 and 19,000. Probably averaging around 17,000. A third of ours.

      • Philip Saint

        Nonsense. It looks empty in parts but I go in East stand and always nearly full. Never less than 25k but 20k empty seats looks worse than what it is.

        • Geordiegiants

          H ah aha ha lol. You should work for Kim Jong un.

          • Philip Saint

            I suppose out of 13k, 10k were free seats as well. I think we would have noticed if the ground only a quarter full.
            That is hilarious and an example of the myths you spread around and believe.
            I went to one Mag game and our 17k fans make a lot more noise!

          • Geordiegiants

            Tariq Aziz hasn’t got a look in.

          • Philip Saint

            Who are you – the new Lord Haw Haw for the Georgie nation