Etienne Capoue is very confident ahead of Saturday.

He believes that Watford will definitely beat Newcastle, if they carry forward their recent performances.

A confident statement considering that the Hornets have won none of their last seven Premier League matches and indeed, haven’t scored a goal in their last five hours of football.

Etienne Capoue is himself struggling for goals, with seven last season in the league, he has only managed one this time.

Back in November it was a horror show at St James Park.

At the time Newcastle were in the middle of a run where they picked up only one point in nine games.

Watford gave them the total runaround and won 3-0, Capoue watching that from the bench.

On Monday though the 29 year old midfielder was one of Watford’s star players and only superb saves from Lloris meant an eventual comfortable looking 2-0 scoreline for Spurs at Wembley.

Having five shots on goal to only three for Tottenham, Etienne Capoue feels that having done that ‘against a big team’, they ‘are going to score on Saturday…I feel it.’

Newcastle have now failed to score in successive PL games for the first time in 2018, so they also need to find some goals.

Hopefully Newcastle fans are set to watch a better match and see a better result after the disappointments of Everton and West Brom.

Etienne Capoue:

“We created a lot of chances [against Tottenham] and this is important for the team, the strikers and the attacking midfielders.

“We kept creating chances against a big team, so we are in the right way, and we are going to score on Saturday…I feel it.

“We managed to create chances and if we keep doing it, we will begin to get results.

“We want to be focused on Newcastle and if we play like that we will get the points against Newcastle.

“Lloris is a top keeper in a top team, and he is one of the best in the world, which he showed today.

“Both goals are at the wrong time because we were doing well…but this is football.

“Every goal is about mistakes or something going wrong – he intent was there though.”

  • gold coast mag

    I watched them play spurs the other morning-(my time) and they were looked sharp in attack, unlike us the last 2 matches. We’ll need to maintain our away form and get a couple on the break to take any points, because I can’t see us keeping a clean sheet against them

  • Peaky

    Nothing at Watford or Spurs but maybe a point at home against Chelsea….that’s how I see it.

  • Albert Stubbins

    He must have seen us play on Saturday then I take it?

    • Peaky

      Think we’ll lose 2-0 at Spurs….Golden Bollox Kane will get all 4…..

  • Paul Busby

    I’ve seen nothing in the last 2 matches to suggest the core of our team are interested in the last few matches. I’m not expecting us to get any more points this season.

    You would think a lot of the guys on our team would think there’s a good chance they’re playing for their own future right now. If Rafa stays, I wouldn’t have expected anyone is “safe” at NUFC given how turbulent this season has been.

    The only one’s who seem to realise this are Lascelles, Dubravka and Diame.

    • mentalman

      that’s what happens when a certain core of players know they are going to play no matter how well they perform

      • Gianfranco Shola

        I’d personally give them a kick up the backside and make loads of changes. Take out Shelvey, Ritchie, Gayle, Perez and Yedlin show them we can’t carry anyone.

  • ghostrider

    Whichever team wants it more will likely gain the spoils. Only when the game is on will see which team that is.