The Newcastle United turnover for 2017/18 was always going to increase dramatically.

The Premier League TV deals always a game changer for clubs coming up from the Championship.

However, the true scale of the leap from last season may be far far higher than any of us anticipated.

Mike Ashley has failed to file the of

On Monday I had an article published on The Mag, in which I explained what the Newcastle United turnover was set to be as a minimum.

The money from TV and Broadcasting is forecast to be £126m, thanks to a double boost from a higher (10th) than expected league position and the number of times (18) chosen for UK live broadcast – only seven clubs having been shown more times in 2017/18.

By then looking at the figures in the most previous Premier League season (2015/16) for Gate and Matchday (£25m) and Commercial & other income (£25m), we are surely looking at a figure of at least £179m of Newcastle United turnover this 2017/18 season.

In fact, the figures for Matchday and Commercial income should surely have gone up as well, compared to two seasons ago, when taking these various factors into consideration:

Crowds have increased from 49,754 average in 2015/16 to 51,992 in 2017/18 and tickets prices have gone up.

The FUN88 shirt sponsor deal was claimed to be NUFC’s highest ever, whilst with MRF the club gets extra money from sleeve sponsorship.

With the feel good factor provided by Rafa and the players, especially compared to that McClaren relegation season, we should surely be looking at more money coming in from every direction.

Whether that is shirt/merchandise sales, even programmes and matchday spend on food and drinks etc etc.

As another piece of the jigsaw to help when looking at Newcastle United Turnover and finances overall, Thursday morning has seen Kieran Maguire lend a hand.

He is a lecturer in football finance at the University of Liverpool and has his own Twitter presence called PriceOfFootball, where he publishes all kinds of info about the world of football, especially with regard to finances.

Today he has published a comparison of the turnover of all clubs who were in the Championship in 2016/17.

As Kiaran points out in his additional note alongside the table, he has had to estimate Newcastle United’s turnover because the 2016/17 NUFC accounts are already seven weeks overdue as Mike Ashley keeps us waiting, for whatever reason.

PriceOfFootball 2016/17 Championship clubs income (turnover):

#Championship financial summary for 2016/17.  #NUFC figures estimated as Mike Ashley thinks he is above the law & hasn’t submitted a/cs. Total income £738 million, compared to £550m in 2015/16 due to increased parachute and solidarity payments, and ‘big’ clubs being relegated.

newcastle united turnover

As you can see, no surprise to see the three clubs who had been relegated with the biggest turnovers: Newcastle, Norwich and Villa all receiving a £41m parachute payment for that 2016/17 season.

The estimated Newcastle United turnover of £95.4m is at least £20m higher than the other pair, basically due to two things, the main one being…the fans.

With Newcastle having an average of over 51,000 in the second tier, it was almost twice as high as the other two relegated clubs. It isn’t just gate money but having more fans brings more income in many other areas. The other main factor is that Newcastle got far more money (£7m) from TV and Broadcasting from their Championship season compared to the rest – due to finishing top and how many times shown on live TV.

So when comparing this estimated £95.4m Newcastle United Turnover with my educated guesstimate of at least £179m for 2017/18, we are looking at an increase of at least around £85m in 12 months.

Though as I have explained above, I think it is fair to assume that the true figure for this 2017/18 season will be significantly higher.

At any normal club, you would expect any decent owner to recognise what is bringing the results, momentum, positivity, and make sure you do everything you can to keep things heading the right way.

However, this is Newcastle United and Mike Ashley.

The Premier League Summer Transfer Window opened this morning and still seemingly nowhere near Rafa Benitez being convinced by Ashley’s ‘promises’ so far this time.

The clock is now ticking very loudly.

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  • Monkseaton Magpies

    The clock is ticking as the window has just opened and we are close to one signing.
    I said six months ago the turnover for last season would be round £180m so no surprise there. Could even go as high as £190m but we will not find out for a while yet. The important thing is not just turnover but costs and the cash left over for signing players. This should be round the sixty million mark after taking into consideration the cost of relegation.

    • Fireman Sam


      But with mikes involvement it will do a disappearing act, just watch.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Apologies to Michael Moose and Leazes’, the mag has a new village idiot.

    • Guest 2

      Remember that in 6 weeks time. £60 million + sales. Be interesting to see what garbage you spout in support of another shocking net spend when the season starts.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Be August the 8th and I never talk net only gross as the players we sell will be surplus to requirements and will not play any way.
        It Gayle goes expect the spending to be higher. Remember McClaren got £70m but according to George and Luke and the Mag this never happened. Good old George.

        • Guest 2

          You never talk net because you’re an absolute driveling idiot. It destroys your moronic arguments of what constitutes ‘spend’.
          Go on then, send us the link to any article by George or Luke which says McClaren didn’t spend “£70m”.

  • Kneebotherm8

    We’re in a great position again…….just as we were in the year we finished 5th…….we’re all hoping the club pushes on………..will it?… didn’t then…..over to you Mike…….I’m sure you’ll squeeze the life out of any aspirations/hopes we the fans may have for the club….

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Doesn`t matter what the income is the Pie Man won`t be spending

  • Oldgit

    Could the reason for delay in the reported figures for 2017/18 be that there is too much profit and they want to try and reduce the amount so they can show we were short of money. Interesting that they made an offer of 15 m for a player in jan. this is ashley after all.

    • Leazes.

      No its because they’ve moved the ‘Tax Year’ to 30th of June and the accounts are due by two weeks later about 15th July.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      No, the 2017/18 accounts will not be reported until April 2019.

      The 2016/17 accounts are due, they will certainly not show a profit, most likely a loss of around £20-£25m. The delay may be down to a change of auditor or perhaps they are happy to pay the fine as there is a buying process going on.