Which Newcastle players do you think should definitely be kept for next season?

In 12 weeks time the 2018/19 season will kick-off on the weekend of Saturday 11 August and all Newcastle fans are hoping to see significant strengthening of the squad.

However, which of the current Newcastle players do you think should definitely be retained?

Listed below are 25 senior players who are still on the club’s books.

Kenedy, Dubravka and Slimani have all been left out as they are not Newcastle players after their loan spells ended.

Whilst Haidara and Gamez are set to be released next month when their contracts end, so we haven’t included them either.

So which Newcastle players should Rafa definitely keep for the 2018/19 season?

You can mark as many as you want, just one if you like, anything up to all 25 if that is your preference.

There is also a 26th option where you can choose ‘nobody’ and leave everything else blank, if you think none of the 25 are worth keeping.

We will bring you the results on Sunday.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    I managed 7 and that was a bit of a stretch.
    when you consider a club has a 25 man squad it tells a sad story indeed of how far the Pig has downgraded Nufc

  • mentalman

    Im amazed to see the likes of lazaar getting votes

    • Peaky

      Me too….must have voted for himself….

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        You mean like Hoss & his pals, or Mad Monk from Seaton
        that lad needs Medical Attention

        • Peaky

          It’s all hypothetical anyway….if Rafa walks so will the ‘quality’ in the squad.

          • mentalman

            a lot of the quality was there before rafa

        • Peaky

          ….”Mad Monk from Seaton”

  • Paul Patterson

    Would it not be easier to vote for which players we need to sell/get rid of? We can’t just scrap a full squad.. We need to keep 75% of the current 25. I’m thinking along the lines of 4/6 out, 4/6 in . .

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      The Obese One is thinking 6 out 4 loans in

      • Fireman Sam

        And in January

  • Lhc

    Keep mitrovic shelvey lascelles Ritchie Lejeune mbemba dvbravka are all no brainers rest of them I’m not fussed

    • robbersdog

      Don’t be fooled by Mitrovic’s goals in the Championship; Gayle scored a shedload last season, but, like Mitrovic, he doesn’t really cut it in the Premier League.

      We need to buy two centre-forwards, ship out Mitrovic and Joselu, and keep Gayle as a third option.

      • thewildchimp

        Don’t be fooled, because Mitro didn’t have Shelvey’s pinpoint passes to get him into the clear-cut chances, like Gayle did. 95% of the strikers are only as good as the service to them is.

        • Lhc


        • Mike Adam

          Well said mate!!!

      • Mrkgw

        Bizarre that people keep saying that Mitrovic is Championship standard. What short memories – he DID cut it in the Premiership during his debut season, scoring goals vs top opposition. Yes, he was over zealous hence, conduct issues but he seems to have settled since. Rafa didn’t play him and that’s the issue. Gayle is however, the one that has shown himself to be Championship standard, scoring a shedload last season and very little this time around.

      • Lhc

        Mitrovic can cut it in the premier league he scored 9 goals in a relegated side at 20 year old, that is a good return in his first premier league season. He could be one of Europe’s top strikers in the future if he is managed correctly which rafa has failed to do. Gayle needs to go back to the championship which is his level along with joselu. Mitrovic is a too quality striker but people will follow rafa because they hang out the back of him. I like rafa want him to stay but some fans need to not always use there rafa rose tinted spectacles.

      • Mxpx

        It was interesting watching (briefly) slimani and seeing how he didn’t really get any chances because of the way we’re set up we would need to have wingers whipping in crosses if we want to see mitrovic scoring goals it’s something we could do but rafa won’t I would love us to utilise mitrovic and I think he could bag 15-20 but I think how we play at the moment he will score no more than gayle however if rafa goes mitrovic should become an important part of our team

  • Alreet

    Dont know about anyone else but these votes dont work on a mobile.

    Anyway id keep. Dubravka. Lacelles. Yedlin. Mbemba. Shelvey. Ritchie. Murphy. Dummett. Merino. Diame. Hayden. Gayle. Kenedy and Atsu. The rest can move along but only if we do a mass influx as well. We could make a few bob off the rest.

    • Paul Patterson