Three years ago this month, Mike Ashley made a promise.

It was the 24 May 2015 and the Newcastle United owner promised the fans that he wouldn’t sell the club before they had won a trophy, or qualified for the Champions League.

The occasion was before the final game of the 2014/15 season, Newcastle set to play West Ham and very possibly going to be relegated.

Mike Ashley also promising that whatever happened that day: ‘From this day forward we will be making our own luck.’

Jonas Gutierrez inspired Newcastle to a 2-0 win over West Ham and survival that day but as for ‘making our own luck’, Mike Ashley still relegated Newcastle United the following season.

As for the We are now definitely going to win something, and by the way, I shan’t be selling until we do’, well let him keep his promise and sell up now.

Wednesday night saw Newcastle United win a trophy, the Under 23s lifting the Northumberland Senior Cup with a 3-1 win over Morpeth Town [two goals from Roberts and one from Barlaser – well done!] at St James Park.

So Mike, we hereby accept this as the trophy you were on about, so sell up and be on your way.

By the way, if you ever had any doubting of how ridiculous Mike Ashley is as an owner, just remember this.

He put John Carver in charge of the team and don’t kid yourself, if Carver had won just a couple of more matches he would definitely have got the job on a permanent basis. Ticking all the Ashley boxes…under-qualified, desperate for the job, doing exactly as he was told etc etc.

Just look at these John Carver quotes below, also from that final day of the season in May 2015.

If Mike Ashley doesn’t leave NUFC then we will lose Rafa sooner rather than later, returning to the [Ashley] preferred model of a yes man in charge who will without question do as he is told, with no expectation of having a say in anything.

Mike Ashley talking to Sky Sports – 24 May 2015:

“We have got club on a sound financial footing, are able to spend relatively and punch above our weight in the situation the club finds ourselves.

“Horse and cart scenario…Might have cart financially but need to bolt the horse and we are going to.

“We are now definitely going to win something, and by the way, I shan’t be selling until we do.

“I won’t sell [Newcastle United]. Not at any price.

“And by the way, when I say win something, if we ever get in a position of a Champions League place, that counts as winning something.

“From this day forward we will be making our own luck.”

John Carver – 24 May 2015:

“From day one I’ve wanted this job and I still want it,” he said.

“The fact Mike’s saying he wants to win something is fantastic.

“We’ve seen how good our fans are, we’ve seen what kind of performances we put in altogether and we all have to be together.

“If Mike’s come forward then fair play to him because he wants this club to be united. It’s a big, big summer for this club, we have to invest and hopefully we will.

“I want a summer where I can bring in the players I want. Today has given me more enthusiasm to do what I want to do. I still want this job, I love this club.”

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  • Alex

    Always nice to be reminded of the scheight he spoke. Horses, carts, winning something, making own luck……my arzze.

    • Leazes.

      To be fair…..He did strap a Hoss to the cart.

  • Paul Patterson

    Ashley + Keep Promise = Does not compute!

  • Desree

    He also said in the same statement he won’t sell at any price.

    • nufcslf

      Very worrying indeed.

  • Weyhhadaway

    I am totally with the anti Ashley camp, but if the summer is going to be article after article giving us all a chance to whinge I might be off for a while. It also gives the media the chance to cherry pick the least intelligent comments and throw the “thick over expectant Geordies’ comments around.
    It is simple, don’t buy tickets, don’t buy shirts and don’t go if Rafa walks. No revenue is the only currency he understands. if it goes then so will he. sometimes you have to go backwards a little to go forwards again.

    • FatParosite

      You can keep saying it till you’re blue in the face…. the ‘fans’ don’t know the power they have.

    • nufcslf

      It really is as simple as no money coming in from anywhere and an empty ground, the fat c**t leaves. If only that would happen, too many lost sheep I’m affraid.

      • kingfisher

        The Pied Piper plays the tune and “the lost souls” follow.🎺🎺🎺

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        The Mag massive were demanding a bigger stadium yesterday, make your mind up.

    • kingfisher

      Well said Weyhhadaway.👍👍👍

  • FatParosite

    Yes, Ashley’s rouse 3 years ago was to keep fans coming back with another idle promise. He’s doing it again through Bishop’s mouthpiece The Chronic…. NUFC DEFINITELY for sale… The ‘fans’ fell for it then.. The ‘fans’ will fall for it again…

  • Mxpx

    We won the championship last year of course

    • Leazes.

      I guess someone like Ashley who lies under oath to a court …… will also lie to journalists, and HMRC…. anyone really.

  • Danimal

    It’s the ‘punching above our weight’ comment that irritated me at the time and he said something similar in his more recent disingenuous ‘the fans expect me to compete with Man City’ statement. Why on earth would you consider it surprising that one of the best supported and wealthiest clubs in the land manages to (sometimes) exist in that country’s first division? That’s the attitude that kept us down for years before John Hall and is keeping us down again now. This is not me having unrealistic expectations, it is that man setting the bar unrealistically low.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    He’s not going anywhere, Period !
    All his guff about takeovers and everything else have been nothing but tactics to run the club his way from day one.
    It is in The John Hall interview when he first sold the club to Ashley in what his motives of buying the club were.
    His primary reason for the purchase of the club was to “Advertise His Business On The International Stage.”
    We all know now he has done this and then some to our cost but to increased wealth for himself.

    Is it any wonder that his net worth was 1.9 Billion when he first took over this club then rising to 3.0 Billion at one stage ?
    This has happened in his time of being owner of this club and he now has stores in other countries due to his involvement at Newcastle United imo.
    With that being said, Is he ever likely to walk away from an entity which has made him even richer ?