The top average attendances in Europe in the past 2017/18 season, saw 38 clubs average 40,000 or more at home.

Top once again were Borussia Dortmund,  an impressive 79,496 turning up at home in the Bundesliga.

Another German club, Bayern Munich were in second place with 75,000.

Then followed two English clubs in Manchester United and Tottenham, the latter taking advantage of Wembley’s capacity, especially for the more attractive matches.

In total, Germany had 11 clubs who had average attendances of 40,000+ in 2017/18, more than any other league.

Number of clubs in each league who averaged 40,000+ in 2017/18:

11 Germany

8 England

4 Spain

3 Italy, France, Portugal

2 Scotland, Holland

1 Russia, Turkey

Despite being in the Championship in 2016/17, Newcastle actually had the 15th highest average attendances in Europe (see below).

However, despite crowds rising this past season, they actually have fallen to 18th place.

Stttgart, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Spurs, and Atletico Madrid all increasing beyond Newcastle, whilst Hamburg and Borussia Monchengladbach fell below NUFC.

The 2016/17 figures saw Sunderland just creep into the top 30, I wonder whatever happened to them…?

2017/18 top European average attendances (stats via

79,496 Borussia Dortmund

75,000 Bayern Munich

74,976 Man Utd

67,953 Spurs

65,824 Barcelona

65,653 Real Madrid

61,297 Schalke

59,323 Arsenal

57,529 Inter Milan

57,428 Celtic

56,885 West Ham

56,278 Stuttgart

55,476 Atletico Madrid

53,812 Man City

53,209 Benfica

53,049 Liverpool

52,690 AC Milan

51,992 Newcastle United

50,986 Borussia Monchengladbach

50,656 Hamburg

49,670 Ajax

49,159 Eintracht Frankfurt

48,776 Cologne

48,488 Rangers

46,930 PSG

46,616 Marseille

46,387 Real Betis

46,005 Lyon

45,588 Feyenoord

45,319 Hertha Berlin

44,098 Sporting Lisbon

43,963 Zenit

43,050 Napoli

42,706 Hannover 96

42,632 Porto

41,889 Galatasaray

41,282 Chelsea

40,823 Werder Bremen

2016/17 top European average attendances as compiled by Talksport:

79,653 Borussia Dortmund

77,944 Barcelona

75,289 Manchester United

75,000 Bayern Munich

69,170 Real Madrid

60,703 Schalke

59,956 Arsenal

56,970 West Ham

55,994 Benfica

55,882 Celtic

54,018 Manchester City

53,039 Liverpool

52,341 Hamburg

51,494 Borussia Moenchengladbach

51,106 Newcastle United

50,515 Stuttgart

50,267 Hertha Berlin

49,571 Cologne

49,551 Ajax

49,088 Eintracht Frankfurt

48,573 Rangers

47,500 Feyenoord

47,172  Inter

45,317 PSG

44,719 Atletico Madrid

42,772 Sporting Lisbon

41,454 Leipzig

41,507 Chelsea

41,286 Sunderland

40,881 Werder Bremen

  • It goes without saying that if we get a new owner he/she/they should invest in getting SJP up to 60-70 thousand. I am sure it will be full on each home game in the Prem and we can start hosting events like Europa League and Champions League finals.

    • GlasgowMag

      Pipe dream mate we are stuck with this blood sucker for the foreseeable future he has no intentions of selling up!!!

      • Not really that bad. Better than being in League One, Two or whatever.
        Ashley is bad, but there are worse scenarios out there. At least he spends when he sees he absolutely has to.

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          He spends to save his own skin, he doesn`t give a Flying F about anything else

          • Yet, that at least doesn’t bankrupt the club but I agree he’s only saving his investment rather than his own skin.
            This is the last summer for Ashley, either back Rafa and get the club in the top 8 where it belongs or start searching for your new Pardew!
            I don’t like how our club is run but this is how it is at the moment, so we can only hope for the best, which under Ashley, is not much.

        • GlasgowMag

          I don’t see any worse scenarios we are basically treading water with no ambition not even in the cups! he is using our club as an advertising tool for his main brand nothing more!! His only aim is premier league survival wether we finish 4th from bottom or mid table he doesn’t care as long as the tv money rolls in and his SD gets world wide attention!!

  • Rich Lawson

    We sell all the tickets (mostly), the ground isn’t getting any bigger or moving,get over it.

    • Guest 2
      • Rich Lawson

        If your going to slag me off at least put a proper nom de plume or your real name up ? You’ve been on here long enough to stop being a ”Guest”

        • Sickandtired

          Aww, diddums. And you’re still a [email protected]

          • Rich Lawson

            No i make a valid point,where does the ground extension go and with the current uncertainty over ownership who pays for it over an uncertain amount of years ?

          • Sickandtired

            Those weren’t the points you initially made or asked.

            If you don’t know the answers to your own questions then my original observation is correct.

            [email protected]

          • Rich Lawson

            It was a rhetorical statement that required no answer,but you don’t seem to be able to rebut it other than by abuse ?

          • Sickandtired

            If it required no answer, why are you asking for one?

            [email protected]

            Anyone with half a brain cell understands how the ground could still be expanded, despite fatso’s self profiteering from the club owned land.

            Doesn’t take a Phd in finance to consider how it would be funded either.

            Go take a lie down. The heat must have got to you.

          • Rich Lawson

            But your still not saying,here you go,[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],that saves my questions and your responses other than why one person with any courage in their conviction requires multiple alias’s to post on here ?

          • Sickandtired

            No multiple aliases. This was my original screen name – which I was unable to use for ages. I have reverted back now that I could.
            Why should I say anything? You posted a statement not a question. If you can’t answer your own ‘rhetorical’ comments then it does indeed make you a [email protected]

          • Rich Lawson

            The answer is in the 1st post,if you disagree with it,it doesn’t seem unreasonable to ask you to set out your alternative’s ?

          • Sickandtired

            The answer to what? The only question asked in the article above is what happened to Sunderland.
            You are so busy trying to sound like a clever [email protected], you end up sounding like a [email protected]
            You want us all to get over the fact that because of our greedy non interested owner, the ground won’t be extended.
            It can be, still, and paying for it is as simple as how every other club does it.

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            Clarko`s Twin

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          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            Block him

          • Rich Lawson

            I can’t help myself,I don’t mind someone having a go at me for my opinions and am happy (mostly) to say if they have disproved my point or I am wrong but if they’ve really got nowt to say that’s relevant other than slagging me off I’m not going to let it go.

    • Callum

      Thats the fact of it all, we are just going to sink down this list like a stone in years to come

  • Geordiegiants

    And the cancer is supposedly not having any offers to buy the club!!!!
    FFS when is everyone going to wise up and help get rid of this scourge?

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Never i`m afraid

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Help, that’s the word. Just £3,000 investment from every fan will buy the club.

      Are you in?

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Wonder what Andy Carroll is up to this summer ?

    • Rich Lawson

      Sh#####g his mates girlfriends and recording a rap song ?

      • Albert Stubbins

        Sounds like he’s keeping busy then!!

  • Mxpx

    Looks like St James Park needs 10000 more seats to me the tricky part is where to put them

  • Leicester Mag

    Baa baa complicit sheep have we any hope? Norfolk and Change with the pie munching dope

    • TheNutJob


  • Leazes.

    We’ll continue on the downward trajectory as other clubs build stadia, Spuds, Chelsea, Everton in this country…. then what Milton Keynes, Reading and Brighton?

    How much can United fans endure before they say enough?…. Its our own fans harming the club by queuing up for gruel, the club never had to try hard and with the local media in tow promising jam tomorrow they’re playing to that Geordie mentality…. over optimistic mind set!

    ….. its the other side to the media coin of ‘positive spin’….. irrepressible stupidity!

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Do you have an optimistic mind set?

  • Paul Cannell

    If you remove all the clubs from those lists that have won a domestic or european trophy over the last 49 years, who would be top i wonder ?

    • Leazes.


      • Peter C

        Exactly, ……….. the loyalist, or stupidest fans in the world! or possibly, a little bit of the two.

  • TheNutJob

    Jabba must go, he gives me headaches

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Fifty two thousand is enough mark my words. Be there with seven thousand. Once the bad times come some supporters desert like rats in a sewer.

    • GlasgowMag

      Your still a funny guy 😂😂😂when have we seen the good times under the fat boy!!!

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Why are we obsessed by attendances at this club ?
    Everyone wants to see loyal fans but what does it really matter in the scheme of things.
    The likes of Monaco only get about 5,000 but that doesn’t make much difference to them because they have still been successful.
    It’s not like years ago where that may have been a factor in trying to sell the club to a potential player but the reality is they now go for the best pay packet !
    Players will turn out against two blokes and a dog as long they are being bunged kings ransoms for the privilege.

    It drives me mad where you will get some Newcastle fans who will say : “Well We Get 52,000”, As though that is some barometer or yardstick for being a big club.
    Unfortunately that doesn’t cut the mustard and you need trophies to back that up otherwise you are a mediocre club with a good support.

  • Albert Stubbins

    What’s happened to Barcelonas crowds? Thought they were ment to be the biggest club in the world. Anything to do with the Spain separatist issues?