Rafa Benitez has once again reiterated that ‘The potential of this club is massive.’

As for his position at Newcastle United, the NUFC boss confirms that talks are going on regarding extending his contract ‘…and we will see where we are.’

Rafa says that Newcastle United has: ‘To be sure that the strength of the team and the club is enough to compete, to maybe achieve what we want to achieve.’

Challenging for trophies and Europe is where the manager and fans want to be and whilst he modestly leaves himself out, Rafa Benitez says this season’s relative success has been built on ‘very good togetherness between players, fans, and the city.’

Newcastle fans are waiting for decisive news, that Rafa Benitez has agreed a new deal, as that will then give supporters confidence that the manager will be backed, either by ike Ashley or hopefully new owners.

Rafa points to the arrival of Kenedy and Dubravka ‘galvanising’ the team and sparking them into that run of form to safety, the very fact that the manager wasn’t allowed to buy players and had to rely on loan deals, points to just how precarious this season has been, and how the transfer policy desperately needs to change.

Rafa Benitez talking to the BBC:

“I have one year left on my contract and we are already talking…we will see where we are.

“My position is clear and simple – I am happy here.

“Hopefully, we can do everything that we have to do, to be sure that the strength of the team and the club is enough to compete, to maybe achieve what we want to achieve.

“To challenge for a trophy, or go to Europe, would be even better.

“The potential of this club is massive.

“So it is just doing things in the right way and then you can improve and improve.

“Nobody was expecting that with five games to go, that we could be safe and thinking about the future.

“So I think it has been a great achievement for a group of players from the Championship, to finish in the top 12…a massive achievement.

“At the beginning, everybody was a little bit worried, as we didn’t have a group of players with too much experience in the Premier League.

“But after a bad run, the reaction of the team after January has been fantastic.

“The players were playing better – more confidence, winning games and that gives you even more confidence.

“Everything has been so positive, the fans behind the team all the time, there has been a very good togetherness between players, fans, and the city.

“The loan signings of winger Kenedy and goalkeeper Martin Dubravka  galvanised the team in January, signing Dubravka and Kenedy was important.

“Maybe that game against Manchester United at home, the way that we won this game, everybody believed then that we could do it.”

  • gold coast mag

    And to go onwards and upwards he needs the players, and to get the players he needs the money. Nothing new here.

  • ghostrider

    It all depends on what Rafa’s idea of funds and wages are as opposed to the clubs ideals, because it still has to be balanced out to ensure a contingency plan in case of issues down the line and not being left with a built up squad of long term overpaid players who’s sell on value has plummeted.

    That’s the potential downside.
    Calculated risk and trust is key issue.
    Call this a new start and a slow BUILD not a race to the finish line…. because we are up against too many elite moneybag teams with a willingness to not only outbid and out muscle clubs like ours…but also unsettle the players we currently have that are of a worth to the ongoing build.

    • Ram Kishore

      Yep the big clubs do that..
      Liverpool did that last summer

      • ghostrider

        Liverpool were bankrolled.

        • Ram Kishore

          I was just giving an example..
          Even players alone do it .. not the clubs at times

    • Billmag

      You mean clubs like Burnley who are about to enter the Europa League.

      • ghostrider

        Like I said; It’s about what a manager can do with players he has for sensible prices and how he wheels and deals.
        Dyche has done a sterling job.

  • TheNutJob

    potential, they`ve been saying that for decades. there is no potential under Fatty

    • Leazes.

      That is spookily the phrase I was going to use!

    • MadMag83

      There’s always the potential for disaster with Ashley!

  • Alex

    “……achieve what we want to achieve.”

    The conundrum is if your postcode begins with NE, or is somewhere in Buckinghamshire, “we” want to achieve totally different aims.

  • Albert Stubbins

    It’s straight from the horses mouth then. Either back me and give the club a realistic chance to compete otherwise I’m off. Your move fatso!!

  • Fireman Sam

    The problem is Mike Ashley wants to achieve only premier league survival with the lowest possible outlay.

    • phildene

      quote Fireman SAM:
      ‘He is happy for the club to underachieve on the pitch as long as he pockets all the merchandise and free advertising.’

      He’s also been thieving all the transfer and prem league/epl money for last 11 years too

      • Jezza

        Spot on.

  • Fatwatch

    Does anyone else think he may not sign a new deal but will stay on and finish his contract? Push the decision over to next season. Let’s be honest, it’s unlikely the club will be sold and it’s unlikely we’ll bring in any ‘major’ signings this summer. But Rafa is still being paid handsomely, still receiving plaudits from the pundits and he’s widely appreciated by the Toon fans. Why leave? and go where?

    • robbersdog

      Napoli, Leicester, West Ham etc.

      • Jezza

        I think he’ll have better offers than those ones.

        • robbersdog

          Possibly, but I wouldn’t discount Leicester – there’s a very big transfer budget available to the right manager.

  • mentalman

    what galvanized the team to go on a good run from February was rafa stopped moaning about the quality of the players he had available and picked the same team consistently and allowed partnerships to form on the pitch, we also stopped sitting back trying to defend a 1 goal lead which cost us so many points

    • Paul Patterson

      Or, the second he got a dominant goal keeper and a cracking winger, things fell into place and the side started scoring a few goals and keeping them out, because of said added quality. The ‘moaning’ stopped because the quality was belatedly added.

    • Wor Lass

      Rafa`s told you what did it and he`s spot on.

  • MadMag83

    Saw this on the TV last night. Doesn’t really tell us anything new.

  • mactoon

    the strength of the team and the club is enough to compete, to maybe achieve what we want to achieve.

    Couldn’t have put it better myself. Over to you Ashley