Matt Le Tissier has been speaking about  the ‘talks’ that Rafa Bentez’ representatives have had with Mike Ashley’s people.

A month after Newcastle reached the point where they knew they’d be staying up, Rafa has said that the talks haven’t really progressed yet.

The Newcastle Manager repeatedly saying that the club need to show they match his and the fans’ ambitions.

After being  messed around by Mike Ashley in each of the last three transfer windows, the Spaniard clearly sounds like he has had enough.

Rather than it being ‘talks’, Matt Le Tissier thinks that it is simply a case of Mike Ashley asking Rafa Benitez one of two questions, or indeed both of them.

Those questions being ‘What do you want?’ and/or ‘What can we do for you, to keep you as our manager?’

It is really bizarre and good to hear neutrals/pundits agreeing with Newcastle fans, that it surely has to be a no-brainer for Mike Ashley to finally treat and back Rafa properly.

As Le Tissier points out, is Rafa does feel he can’t/won’t put up with Ashley any more: ‘There would be a queue a mile long to take his services.’

It is amazing, or should that be scandalous, that with only a few days of the season left to go, Ashley still hasn’t got this sorted.

Matt Le Tissier asked on Sky Sports about Rafa Benitez’ talks with Newcastle United:

“The only discussions there can be, can be the club [Newcastle United] trying to persuade Rafa Benitez to stay…

“Because the job he has done there in the circumstances has been quite incredible.

“Really, Newcastle should be just be saying to him: ‘What do you want?’

“Or  ‘What can we do for you to keep you as our manager?’

“Because there is no question about it, if Rafa Benitez decided to leave Newcastle, there would be a queue a mile long to take his services.

“Newcastle should be pushing the boat out to keep him.”

  • Leicester Mag

    Thing is he’ll listen to no man. An arrogant greedy vain bully who delights in crushing anyone who stands in his way, especially the weak. Sadly we are weak because he knows the passion of fans is a fatal weakness. No matter what he does we’ll be back week in week out, the pound already in his pocket

    • Guest 2

      Speak for yerself.

      It’s like smoking 60 tabs a day then wondering why you caught Cancer – then blubbering about the injustice of it all..

      • Leicester Mag

        If you care to read other posts I’ve made I decided 3 years ago to stay away after close to 40 years. Should fans stay away? in my view yes and should have done so when Keegan left. That boat sailed some while ago

        • nufcslf

          Hear hear

        • Jezza

          Don’t feed the troll, marra. Guest 2 is Fleckman.

  • Desree

    It is amazing or scandalous that ashley has not got this sorted.

    Hows that? Ashley is doing what we all know he would do. Sweet FA.

    This club is going knowhere. 10th is beyond Ashleys expectation/ambitions for the club.

    Should be plenty of managers available in the summer. Moyes, pardew, hughes, hippohead, coleman.

    • Shields Mag

      Ashley knows exactly what he is doing…..nothing with Rafas contract………

  • Albert Stubbins

    Fatso was hoping for seventeenth and then small investment to improve a place or two next season. As we speak he is trying to formulate a plan whereby Rafa leaves and his minions at sky explain that he was offered anything he wanted but had his head turned by another club. It’s happening I’m certain of it.

    • Wezza147

      Spot on Albert! That sounds exactly like like what MA and his minions would do. Just like with Shay Given. This regime really has no morals.

      • Jezza

        No question Fatso is now trying to do to Rafa exactly what he did to Kevin Keegan a decade ago.

    • Jezza

      Correct. Seventeenth position was the only aim. As far as Ashley is concerned, the team have over achieved by being 10th and therefore the club over spent last summer with that £11.5 million outlay. Expect nothing other than the fat man reacting by actively reigning in the purse strings this summer and constructively dismissing Rafa being part of that strategy. You can guarantee Fatso is thinking that if Rafa plus £11.5 million gives you 10th place then surely Pardew plus nowt will still be good enough for 17th.

  • Desree

    Fair dos to the players. They have a lot to deal with and this season must have been tough.

    We forget, Fatty is their boss. I magine how stressful that must be when you know at any given moment Rafa could go and be replaced by Kinnear or Pardew.

    Dummet and lejeune have had solid seasons.

    Murphy will come good.

    We all knew Gayle was not Premiership class and his confidence is gone.

    5m for hoss is like 250k for Alex Mathie.

    We replaced Cole with Kitson – that was hard to take! Much harder than hoss for mitro.

    What you are seeing is a team that has given everything and they haven’t much left to give.

    • 1957

      Unfair on Mathie, Hoss is more of a Pingel

      • Jezza

        True, Mathie was better than Hoss.

    • porciestreet

      And believe me, they probably wouldn’t have given half of that to Any other gaffer.

    • Peter Graham

      Kitsons goals record was pretty decent. He was no Cole but who was in those days. Do your research.

  • Paul Patterson

    I think the neutrals are starting to think along the lines of ‘What if this was happening at my/our club?’
    Nobody is asking for £150m+ worth of investment, but to keep a top manager guessing with regards to his budget for next season, while at the same time talking about a new contract, is quite frankly lunacy on the part of the owner/MD.
    Ashley needs to be honest (Chuckle, I know) and just say ‘Rafa, you’ve got £100m to spend, do what you want with it’ or ‘Rafa, you’ve got nowt’ and clear the situation between Manager and owner up.
    Hoping that you can string Rafa along until the end of the window and STILL expect him to sign a contract is foolish and Ashley may be many things, but surely he can’t be THIS foolish.
    Certainly, Rafa aint . .

    • nufcslf

      Yes he is and yes he will….or at least try……

    • porciestreet

      He’s definitely not a foolish man….just a theiving tunc.

  • Shields Mag

    Rafa is fighting for us the fans, we should walk with him if he goes because Fatso wants to carry on running the club on the cheap, if he carries on treating the fans with contempt then we should give him what he deserves… empty stadium, Rafa leaving would be final straw……..

    • nufcslf

      Excellent point, but too many sheep I’m affraid.

    • porciestreet

      True, but won’t happen.

    • ghostrider

      You are a fan of Newcastle United and a supporter of the club.
      You are surely not a fan and supporter of one man no matter where he goes, are you?
      Too much emotion invested in a man that produces boring football and has done little to show me he’s right for this club.

      The fans hate this football but feel humbled and privileged to have a so called world class manager at the club that they allow him to feed them with this garbage and happily lap it up whilst back patting him.

      Not me…….not me.

      The man deserves credit for when he shows he can do something with the team, which is few and far between in terms of entertaining the fans.

      Oh and I know….it’s not about entertainment, it’s about winning matches by any means…….right?

      NO it isn’t. No it is not…….It absolutely is not.
      It’s a sporting business of entertainment paid for by fans who expect to be given value for money.
      We don’t get value for money but fans are brainwashed into thinking it doesn’t matter as long as we finish higher than 18th and what not.

      The reality is……………………..and any honest fan will nod at this but maybe won’t acknowledge it on here………………… that most other managers producing this football that Rafa’s produced for most of the season, would have been calling for his head, just like Everton fans are calling for Allardyce’s head even though he has them in 8th place.

      Weirdly though, I’ll bet that the Everton fans would not be calling for the head of Mourinho or the likes if he had them in this position after the start and change they had.
      Because they would be the same as our fans. Humbled in his presence and would not have a word said. Plus, would make all excuses for the same type of football Allardyce is getting slated for even though they’re 8th.

      That’s the reality.
      Newcastle fans have one other thing in their armoury. They can blame any bad on Ashley and only attribute any portion of good to Rafa.

      This is why Rafa is walking tall. Blagging his way along.
      If he stays till the end of next season, even if he gets a good wedge of money, plus player sales and the team does garbage or less than this season….you can bet that Ashley will be to blame, with some hardened Ashley haters.

      However, you can also bet that if he plays the same football as he has, the fans, in the main, will forget about feeling privileged and humble in his presence and he’ll feel the discontent.

      • Lakeland Mag

        LOL !

      • Toon Arnie

        You’ve exceeded yourself this time – proof that you are NOT a Newcastle fan. I’ve heard the rumours and now i’m convinced. You really need to stop posting on our site. I thought Monkseaton talked rubbish but every now and again he comes up with something resembling sensible. You’ve gone too far and you’re just embarrassing yourself now.

        • ghostrider

          Your site?
          I don’t give a flying falook what you think of me or whether you think I’m not a Newcastle fan.
          All I have to be sure of is that I am, for me.
          So don’t waste anymore of your time with nonsense.

          • Toon Arnie
          • ghostrider

            That’s absolutely fine.

          • Toon Arnie

            Yawn… more ‘hard hitting’ stuff there Ghost Rider. What a drainer

          • ghostrider

            You do have the option of blanking my name so you don’t see my posts. Try it and make your life a happier experience.

  • ghostrider

    There won’t be any queue wanting to take Rafa on the wages we gave him.
    Not many fans would be happy with his brand of football and very few clubs can afford to pay those type of wages, except the money bag clubs and chancer clubs.

    Of course you’ll get the odd club sounding him out but it won’t be a stampede and he certainly hasn’t done any incredible job. I’d say he’s done a decent job and that’s about it.

    • KRS1

      Well done, you are pr*ck of the week. An award you have won on numerous occasions.

      • ghostrider

        Great stuff. Are you handing out the trophies?

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Rafa will get what money is available simple as that. Cannot see why people making a fuss . The money in the bank will go on players. Let’s hope he decides to play them this season.

    • Foggy

      You really don’t see what all the fuss is about? Really?