Mark Lawrenson says that Chelsea have underachieved with Antonio Conte this season and will be sacked, which is interesting, as the West London side finished 10th before he arrived and they won the Premier League a year ago, plus could still finish fourth this season and win the FA Cup.

It reminds me a little bit of these rubbish TV documentaries where very rich families talk about how tedious things can get, whilst they interact with somebody struggling to make ends meet.

Speaking of Rafa Benitez and Newcastle United…Mark Lawrenson says ‘he will be happy if gets some money to spend.’

That of course depends on how much of course.

Lawrenson says it is a ‘no-brainer’ for Mike Ashley to try and keep his manager but we have seen little evidence of that so far.

The BBC Sport pundit thinks it will be a comfortable 2-0 win for Chelsea and says it would be just like them to now put in ‘a silky performance’, giving the impression he is totally unaware that actually Chelsea are the Premier League team in best form at the minute.

Conte’s players have won four of their last five matches, including beating Liverpool, who are their rivals for the final Champions League spot.

Newcastle are undefeated against Chelsea at home since 2011 and of course Jose Mourinho famously has never won at St James Park in the Premier League.

This sounds as though it is likely to be Antonio Conte’s one and only chance to do so, a match that in the end may be seen as meaningless in the future, but major decisions to be made at both clubs this summer.

Mark Lawrenson talking to BBC Sport:

“Chelsea have underachieved this season and I cannot see Antonio Conte being in charge of the Blues at the start of the next campaign.

“Unfortunately for Newcastle fans, it is not clear whether Rafa Benitez will still be their manager by then either.

Benitez has done a great job and he will be happy if he gets some money to spend in the transfer market, so it is a no-brainer to try to keep him, surely.

“Newcastle have not picked up another point since they passed the 40-point mark a few weeks ago.

“They have lost four games in a row, but that doesn’t matter because it is job done – they are safe.

“I don’t see the Magpies returning to winning ways on Sunday, either.

“It would be just like Chelsea to put in a silky performance this week, but they have not done that often enough this season.

“Prediction is Newcastle 0 Chelsea 2.”

Newcastle v Chelsea Match Betting:

NUFC win 11/2Draw 16/5Chelsea win 4/7

Both teams to score in 1st half 7/2Perez to score 1st goal 19/2NUFC win 2-0 35/1

All Newcastle v Chelsea betting HERE

  • Rich Lawson

    Conte is gone at the end of the season,I don’t think he will play his best team to avoid injuries/suspensions.He has no realistic chance of making the Champ’s League and an F.A.Cup will look better on his CV and as a goodbye to the Chelsea fans.Play for pride and bonus in the last game Newcastle and it’s us 2-1 ?

  • Mike

    both be gone only CHelski wont be bothered just another manager per year as usual how many is that since the Ruski has taken over….oh and we are the fickle fans i hope raffa tells greedy guts to go forth an multiply afore the Season ticket renewals

    • Mark Davies

      Wouldnt you rather rafa received half decent funds and stayed? And as for season ticket renwals the ten tear deals renewed a couple if months ago. If you dont want your ticket chuck it then

  • Without Kenedy, Atsu or an in-form striker would take somebody to step up and deliver to get something from Chelsea.
    Overall, we have no chance in terms of quality, so luck and home motivation are our only edges in this game.
    If Rafa is to go with Murphy (as I think he has no other choice) he should definitely start Joselu to link up play, rather than Gayle,
    I expect most the rest of the team to remain as it should be – Dubravka, Dummett, Lejeune, Lascelles, Yedlin, Diame, Shelvey, Murphy, Ritchie, Perez, Joselu

    • robbersdog

      He should definitely NOT start Joselu!

  • Weyhhadaway

    Their manager is out at so he will concentrate on the cup for personal glory, the players and club will want to be in the Champions league, if the scousers loose, so there is a conflict of interest there, maybe a chance of some uncertainty on their part.
    All of that turns to dust if they turn up and decide to play. If we avoid a hammering to protect the GD, the teams directly below us have hard games, except Palace. So dropping 1 place is the most likely outcome.

  • Robin Wilson

    Who really gives a flying fluck what this clueless hasbeen thinks?