Mark Lawrenson has turned his expert analysis to Watford v Newcastle.

A win for Newcastle would almost certainly guarantee a top half finish, whilst victory for Watford would make them mathematically safe from relegation.

Watford haven’t won a game in the last nine weeks and haven’t scored a goal in over five hours of football.

Despite this, Mark Lawrenson has forecast an easy 2-0 win for Watford.

Lawrenson’s reasoning for this is that the Newcastle players are all already ‘on the beach’ after reaching safety.

The consecutive defeats to Everton and West Brom were poor but in the two games, Newcastle could just as easily have won, or at least drawn both games.

Matches with very few clear chances either way, Everton and West Brom only managed three shots on target between them and yet scored two goals and picked up six points.

Newcastle haven’t beaten Watford since 2010 and indeed have lost every game since, although that only numbers four in all competitions, as the pair have rarely been in the same division.

However, before that quartet of defeats, Newcastle actually had five wins and a draw in the previous half dozen matches.

Newcastle had also previously only failed to score in one Premier League match since the turn of the year, so in reality it wouldn’t take much for the Magpies to bounce back to winning form.

Mark Lawrenson talking to BBC Sport:

“Watford actually played quite well in their defeat by Tottenham last week but they have now gone seven games without a win.

“Newcastle lost at home to West Brom and it is a bit like they are on the beach since they hit the 40-point mark.

“Very difficult for Magpies manager Rafael Benitez to change that because, deep down, he will know they are safe and it is job done.

“The players will know it too and the thing about the Premier League is that, if you are not quite at it, you get turned over.

“That is why I am backing Watford here.

“Prediction – Watford 2 Newcastle 0.”

Singer-songwriter, and Newcastle fan, James Bay has also given a prediction for all Premier League matches, including Watford v Newcastle:

“In many respects I am very happy with the way the season has gone – we have stayed in the Premier League.

“But there are definitely some other changes that I want to see at the club, which is what the rest of our fans are saying as well.

“Rafa Benitez has done a fantastic job with a club owner who will not give him a chance financially.

“He is the bright light, the hope, for the club at the moment but he needs more money to spend.”

“Prediction is Watford 0 Newcastle 2.”

Watford v Newcastle v Match Betting:

Watford win 29/10Draw 23/10NUFC win 21/10

Both teams to score in 1st half 7/2Ritchie to score first goal 13/1NUFC win 1-0 8/1

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  • Wor Lass

    The lads DID look like they were on the beach last week, to be fair. Yedlin seemed to be trying to get something going and Diame wasn`t too bad but just about everyone else was pretty poor. I cant`t see that attitude continuing and expect a close game. We will just have to solve the usual problem and try to find a way to score goals.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      The lads are on the beach Ok, lost the last 2. i don`t expect them to win again this season

      • Wor Lass

        You`ll be rubbing shoulders with them at Club Tropicana!

      • Wor Lass

        We`ll sting the hornets!!

  • Rich Lawson

    Not because your a bitter man who just can’t smile or give us a break then ?

  • Philippines

    Beach? Isn’t Whitley Bay still cold at this time of year?

  • Big Hairy Man

    Who cares what Lawrenson predicts? He talks out of his @rsecrack and his predictions are usually wrong. Why do the Mag always publish his biased views? Because it gets clicks on the BetVictor affiliate links.

  • Wor Monga

    Both the last 2 games could have ended up with a better result for us, and probably would have if we’d needed another point or 2 for safety…that’s the difference when complacency takes over, but tomorrow will be a different matter, and we’ll get back too our well drilled style of being hard to beat, and rely on occasional forays out…Gayle usually does well in the ‘smoke’ vicinities, and I’d take him to get at least one to help our cause…Dubravka is playing to impress, and I think he will do just that, down there…1 nil the Toon HWtL…

    …Spurs are still up for it, and they’ll probably shade it, but Chelsea won’t beat us up here…it’ll be the Lad’s way of capping off a good first full season under Rafa!!!

  • Simon Ritter

    How can anybody take Lawrenson seriously when he refuses to predict Liverpool will ever lose a match? And to think he is paid handsomely by you and me (via the BBC licence fee) to utter his “words of wisdom”. Watford v Newcastle United is a typical mid-table, end-of-season fixture with neither team needing the points. The biggest factor will be “who wants it most”. That’s where Benitez should have the advantage in motivational skills. We were bullied out of this fixture in the Premier League two years ago, with Lascelles being a rare exception. I’m hoping for better tomorrow

  • Peaco

    Nothing drives me madder than pundits coming out with the same cliched shyte. God, I wish they’d at least try to expand their vocabulary, rather than droning on using the same idiotic expressions. “Already on the beach” – nice one Mark, just proves you’ve no more understanding of a team’s psyche than the rest of us (and we’re not getting paid for it). Surely the whole point in being a pundit is to provide unique, considered insight? Just proves how intellectually deficient these morons are – how on earth does rehashing football cliches command a salary?

  • MadMag83

    I think Rafa needs to change a few faces just to freshen it up. Perhaps give Atsu a game, and Hayden as well, give Shelvey a rest.

    Watford turned us over embarrassingly at SJP, be nice to have some revenge.

  • Lord

    End of season form often carries over into the following season; Leicester’s great escape being the most spectacular example.

    Important we keep up some momentum to go into next season with the confidence we had going into the Arsenal game.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Disrespect to Westbrom who have played well under Darren Moore……good results against Manure and Liverpool…… why are we on the beach when they get a good result against us?