Will Kenedy be a Newcastle United player come August?

That is the major question at the minute for Newcastle fans regarding potential signings this summer.

The player has already stated (see below) that he is open to the idea of being at St James Park long-term, so surely this is a deal that will happen…

Apparently not, when you read what various media and pundits are saying, as well as many of the club’s own supporters.

The question for me though, is if Newcastle can’t/won’t do this deal, what does it say about where we are heading as a club?

Kenedy has done well for Newcastle, no doubt.

However, I think a lot of people are getting carried away with him, most of it driven by the media, with claims of interest from many of the major European clubs, as well as allegedly those in the Premier League top six.

The Brazilian clearly has got ability and definitely improved Newcastle’s team in terms of creativity and the ability to make something happen – but you have to keep things in proportion.

I think supposed interest from Bayern Munich or whoever of a similar status, is 100% invented.

There is no way that he is going from being a player who can’t even getting in Chelsea’s squad, to one who who would suddenly be playing for top Champions League clubs, it isn’t happening.

In the three years since arriving from Brazil, Kenedy has started only 18 Premier League matches, with 13 of them on loan at Newcastle.

Looking at those 13 for NUFC, I would say he has been good or better in maybe seven of them, excellent in a couple, including when scoring twice against Southampton, one of them showing superb ability and technique. In the other half dozen he hasn’t been terrible, just a little anonymous.

This doesn’t mean he is a poor player but it does for me equal the fact that he is a player with some ability and potential but still a long way to go before clubs who have their pick of just about any player, making him a priority signing at this point in time.

Yes, plenty top clubs would no doubt be happy to give Chelsea the £8m or so they paid to bring him from Brazil, then stick him in their reserves/very fringes of their squad and then see if he does make the necessary rapid progress in the next year or two, that could potentially see him end up in the first team.

However, this is exactly the point. This is where he is still at with Chelsea, why go somewhere else of a similar level and be left on the sidelines there?

Plus as well, no way would Chelsea be giving him away for £10m or so, to me the situation is pretty clear.

The West London club will either end up loaning him out again next season, with a very sizeable loan fee payable…, or they will sell Kenedy if they get an offer that tempts them.

Newcastle have to be the club that makes that offer.

As I say, Kenedy is no world beater yet but he is far above the quality in most of the rest of the Newcastle team, his value to us is far higher than it would be at any other club at this moment in time.

Rafa Benitez says Newcastle need to bring in better quality this summer and this is what the left footer is, if we can’t land someone who has already played for Newcastle and likes it here, then how on earth would we be able to sign alternative better quality players?

If Newcastle don’t show ambition, and quickly, then the kind of club Kenedy WILL end up at will be the likes of a Leicester, Everton, Southampton or Bournemouth, not Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Manchester United.

All of those clubs have paid £20m or more for a player(s) in the past 12 months and they will do it again this summer, Newcastle need to join them.

Great if we could get Kenedy (and others) for far less than £20m but if that is what it takes to land one or two key summer signings then Rafa Benitez has to be allowed to do it. After all, there appears to be plenty of expectation that Newcastle will be demanding at least £20m for Aleksandar Mitrovic this summer.

Kenedy speaking to UOL in Brazil – 30 March 2018:

“This new phase [of my career] in Newcastle’s shirt makes me very happy.

“It is very difficult for a player to stay out of action for a long time [as has happened at Chelsea], even more difficult to get back into the rhythm of the Premier League.”

Make the loan deal at Newcastle a permanent one?:

“If it’s good for everyone, it would be a pleasure to continue wearing the shirt of this great team.”

Rafa Benitez influence:

“He insists that I learn to speak English.

“He acts towards me like a father and I learn a lot from him.”

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  • Paul Patterson

    The owner of the club can’t demand £20m+ for Mitrovic, then play stingy when signing Kenedy. Both players are comparable in the fact that one has gone out and done well for someone and is not hot property and not needed by us, the other has come in and revitalised a flagging team. Both are roughly the dame value in my opinion. It would actually cost the club practically nothing in net spend. But that doesn’t get the owner a profit, so it won’t happen. Expect Mitrovic to go for £20m+ and Kenedy’s replacement to be a loan or around £10m maximum.

    • Guards

      We need to stop moaning and work together to get our club back. Would you let someone walk up to you in the street and keep abusing you, probably not yet we let our owner do what he wants.

      We can get our club back we just have to unite and target our owners one love Sports DIrect. We can do this within the law however we need to start a movement first

      • Wezza147

        If Rafa goes and Lascelles is sold then if there isn’t a movement at that lowest point then there may never will be. I dread to think of this worst case scenario!

        • nufcslf

          Worrying and when will this sh*t run club have anything to do with football ever again, never while Cashley remains.

      • Steven05

        YES. I’ve wrote a couple of comments similar to this in the past. I’ll admit I don’t know what the answer is, but somebody more intelligent than me MUST be able to think of SOMETHING that might make him [email protected] off. He’s just a man, a very wealthy man – but he’s NOT invincible

        • nufcslf

          Hope it happens and soon. I know tomorrow is more about letting Rafa know he has the fans support to hopefully stay…….again…….but all Cashley out protests need to start asap and televised matches are the ideal platform. Nothing will be changing then, sadly enough.

    • gallowgate26

      Ashley will not buy for over £16m, club record, it’s his badge of honour. He’ll gladly sell for £35m though…

  • Lord

    I reckon Kenedy will be loaned out again next season in the same way Lukaku was before getting the big money permanent move to Everton.

  • Rich Lawson

    Unlike other potential signings,Dubravka and Kenedy have already shown the difference they can make to the team and have to be priority,that’s £20mil spent,we need a proven prem’ goal scorer as well,so let’s say a minimum outlay of at least £50mil is required to progress.If it doesn’t happen then we are indeed lacking ambition and will probably be looking for a new manager as well.

    • Paul Patterson

      Probably not far off the mark. I personally think Rafa needs £50m plus the Mitrovic fee, I fear the reality will be less than half that . .

      • Rich Lawson

        Well,I’m not daft enough to get excited but the £80mil quoted in today’s papers actually seems pretty good.

  • Albert Stubbins

    The author poses the question of what does it say about the club if we don’t get the Kennedy deal done. The answer to this is simple and it’s the same reaction to the headline article in the chronicle that fateful day eleven years ago when the new blueprint for Newcastle United was proposed by Lambeeeeezze to supposedly take the club forward. After reading it it could of course be condensed from five full pages into two simple words. Those words of course are NO AMBITION!! The seeds were sewn that day and eleven years later we all see exactly where this policy of austerity has got us. Two relegations, two near misses a string of terrible managerial decisions and a crowd that now accepts finishing mid table as success. Thanks Mike, you’ve achieved exactly what you intended for us all those long miserable years ago!! With that in mind I think we all know the answer to whether or not we’ll get the Kennedy deal done. Over ten million then NO CHANCE!!

    • Wezza147

      Spot on!

  • ghostrider

    The deal to take Kenedy will rest on a few things.
    1. His price tag in what Chelsea set it as.
    2.Whether we’re prepared to pay it.

    Assuming we are, then:
    3. His wage demands.
    4. Are we prepared to pay them.

    Assuming we are, then we will buy him.
    I’d certainly like to have him as part of a build, same as I’d take Dubravka for 4 million.

    However, in the case of Kenedy, we have to wonder if he’s been talking the talk whilst on loan, about staying…but we don’t know if he’ll even contemplate a permanent move even if all parties were in agreement for him to do so.

    My bet is, he will not commit to us under Rafa of anyone else and has used his loan as a shop window for himself, which, if so, then fair enough because he’s one loan signing (as well as Dubraka) that’s earned his corn….unlike Slimani.

    • Ram Kishore

      Hope he signs.. if he wants to make the move but the club doesnt.. then we are just a feeder club

      • ghostrider

        To be honest most clubs are feeder clubs to the elites.

    • paul mclaughlan

      And if he’ll move up to snowy Nuuk permanently.

  • Lhc

    If Kennedy ends up elsewhere like a Leicester Everton etc then that tells rafa everything he needs to know in terms of the future and level of our club, then it’s upto him.

    • gallowgate26

      Everton want Lascelles for £25m allegedly , they can gan #’@# themselves. Everton! Who do they think they are! Bloody second class scousers

      • Lhc

        Don’t want to sell him but if he does go no less than 40 in today’s market, we should be building our team and future around lascelles tho but we won’t cause we are what we are these days.

  • Geordiegiants

    I think it’s pretty safe to say, Kenedy won’t be signing, Rafa won’t be staying and Jabba will continue down the same path for as long as he can keep getting bums on seats.

  • GlasgowMag

    Sell big buy small this is how he runs his business empire!! Only way forward for our club is for him to sell up, but he has no intention of selling up to much of a cash cow and a bill board for SD. Sad really but this is the reality forget big money signings it will be more of the same: sell any player with potential, 5-10mil budget signings and low value loan deals. Enjoy Rafa while we can as I think he will be off soon unless the fat boy has a Kim Jong-il change of heart moment which I very much doubt!!

  • Rob

    Unless we have buy clause Mike won’t pull out his wallet. A few teams who spend money have seen Kenedy can perform now and one of those teams will buy him.

    Really hope a takeover happens in next two months so we can have pre season investment. Think I’m dreaming there though.

  • robbersdog

    If it’s good for everyone, it would be a pleasure to continue wearing the shirt of this great team.

    The feeling’s mutual; for f*ck sake Mike, sign the boy.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Penfold will dither and dither and he’ll end up somewhere else,I’ve no doubt about that……another in the catalog of “couldn’t get it over the line”………..🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

      • MadMag83

        It will be a combination of “targets were away on World Cup duty”, “market prices were over the odds” (again probably due to the WC), etc .

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    We signed Murphy for twelve million will not take much more than that so get real.
    Be less than twenty. No one is going to buy us so all down to Ashley now.

  • MadMag83

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, where Kenedy ends up next season will be down to Chelsea. They may well want to send him out on loan again to see how he fares over a full PL season. Conte could be replaced in the summer and a new manager may decide he wants him in the Chelsea squad. I think our best chance of signing him will be to either offer the money now or loan him again and try to insert an option to buy. We need to be proactive and sadly Charnley is anything but.