On Sunday, Kenedy posted an emotional message on his Instagram account.

The player thanking everybody at Newcastle United and declared ‘I will never forget it.’

That statement (read it below) not sounding like there was any chance of him being at Newcastle next season.

Then today, an interview has been published with the left sided player.

However, the message is hardly any more positive.

Kenedy does say ‘Maybe one day I will be back’ but it isn’t exactly ‘see you in August’.

With Mike Ashley seemingly pushing Rafa Benitez towards the door and the club trying to crush fans hopes of ambition in the transfer window this summer, we really are hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

Kenedy speaking to official club site:

“I was glad to come here to Newcastle, one of the biggest clubs in England, and I really appreciated the chance to play.

“I’d like to thank Rafa Benítez because he trusted in me.

“I really enjoyed my time here – it was very good.

“All the players, all the staff, they made me feel at home. I felt good.

“I gained confidence from the amazing support and I really enjoyed it.

“Maybe one day I will be back.

“The first game – my debut – was really, really good because I didn’t expect something like this.

“And the game against Leicester was amazing because I’d never seen support like that.

“The supporters were really amazing.

“I really appreciate that because I didn’t expect anything like this.

“The fans were something different.

“I felt honoured to be here; it was something really special and I’m a fan of Newcastle’s fans.”

Kenedy via his Instagram account – Sunday 13 May:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Newcastle United.

“Thank you to all the players, every single person of the great staff.

“The coach Rafa Benitez who trusted me and gave me chance to play for this great club, which I very much enjoyed.

“And of course to all the fans for the magnificent support.

“It was an amazing chapter in my life and I will never forget it.

“Howay the Toon.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Hopefully before the end of July. Cracking player . .

  • Peaky

    You’ll be back at SJP one day bonny lad…..playing for Huddersfield or Wolves….

    • Jezza

      Yes he’ll be back sooner than he thinks.

  • Weyhhadaway

    Very much a goodbye and thanks very much statement.

    Thank you mate for livening up our front line.

  • ghostrider

    Good luck to the lad. I love watching him and his work rate impressed me as well as his confident ability on the ball.

    • Rabid Dog

      Lol. Ghostrider’s mum just got hold of his phone…

      • ghostrider

        She’s been dead for 15 years mate.

  • Rich

    Wicked left foot and a wonderful ingenious talent the likes of which we haven’t had in quite some time, he has shown real influence going forward and never shirked his duties tracking back.
    I really hope we see him sign permanently for us as that little bit of inspiration from him helped to turn our season from one of stagnating in the bottom 5 to pushing us right up into a stable premier league outfit and there is not many wingers who we could sign who could achieve that in less than 5 months like he did…and to think, in January lots of people said we didn’t need another winger!

  • Cockneytrev

    Unfortunately after today’s accounts,, there is very little chance of us signing him,,
    I wonder if there is another team in world football who has the chance to sign a talented young player, with bags of potential, who is adored by the fans, loves the fans , makes a difference on the pitch, could be bought for a reasonable price in today’s market, but would rather let him sign for a lesser team?

    • Rich

      He’s a rare asset in today’s market and ultimately very affordable. Shame we have a skinflint for an owner. And very obvious that Cashley doesn’t think he can sell him at 100% markup in a years time.

      • Cockneytrev

        Markup is your key phrase, not what he can bring to the table on the pitch,, but what he can bring to the accounts,,,,,

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    What seems to be escaping the attention is the actions of Jabba The Gut and his band of sycophants.
    All of a sudden there seems to be no talk of take overs and a return to their farcical way of running a football club.
    It all points to last years talk with Staveley and everything else being a right load of old cobblers, And nothing more than an Ashley ruse.
    Now that they have survived the season without spending it is back to their so called Blue print, Which never went away in all honesty.

    Rafa has now served his purpose, So it is back to Ashley and Co more or less picking the players and foisting them onto a more than malleable manager who probably hasn’t worked since The Days Of Methuselah !

  • Nut

    He will be back, in a Chelsea shirt to stick the ball in the back of our net!