Jack Colback was completely sidelined by Rafa Benitez last summer.

The Newcastle boss included the midfielder in his 25 man official Premier League squad after the summer 2017 transfer window but it was simply a case of making up the numbers, as there was nobody else to take the remaining space(s).

Rafa Bentez making clear he was never going to use Colback and sent him to play and train with the kids.

There were widespread media claims that the player had refused to go out on loan, angering the manager further.

It took the entire length of the January transfer window for Jack Colback to agree to a loan, heading off to Nottingham Forest until the end of the season.

On Monday, the Nottingham Post are now reporting that their information is that Forest are going to now try and sign Jack Colback on a permanent deal.

Forest only survived on goal difference last season in 21st place and they have improved that to 17th…however, in reality any improvement has been minimal as Forest have only improved from 51 points last season to 53 this time.

Nottingham Forest were actually 15th when Jack Colback arrived at the club, signed along with a number of others in January.

At that stage they had averaged 1.21 points per game, whilst in Colback’s 16 matches for Forest they have averaged only 0.94 points.

A goal against Bolton in yesterday’s 3-2 defeat at Bolton was his first of the season, Jack Colback picking up six bookings though.

In the 16 starts, Forest have won only three, with six drawn and seven lost.

Newcastle would clearly love to get him off the wage bill, the 28 year old still having a year left on his contract.

Hopefully Forest will come in for him but these comments from Forest fans below, sum up the problems.

He is a player not good enough for the Premier League but on too high wages for the Championship.

If Newcastle are to shift him, then it definitely looks as though he will be another they have to pretty much give away, to get him off the wage bill, as Rafa tries to build the squad.

Comments from Forest fans in reply to the Nottingham Post article:

‘Complete clear out I reckon. Colback is too expensive.

I hope we don’t consider even thinking about paying him half what he’s on at Newcastle United.’

Colback is a quality player who would have a big say in a promotion push.’

‘We need consistency not more players who blow hot and cold, I just don’t think we need Colback & Watson.’

‘Anyone who doesn’t rate Colback at this level doesn’t know football.’Jack Colback on high wages, no thanks.’

‘Tomlin and Jack Colback on high wages, no thanks.’

‘Been told Colback and Panto will not be signing their wage demands are way too high.’

‘Colback and Pant are must signings, they are prem class.’

‘With Yates and Grant coming back for next season I’m not sure we need Colback and Tomlin.

Tbh I’ve never rated Colback, passenger who always wants to shift it to someone else and is scared to go forward.’

‘Colback is a very good player. A lot of supporters don’t actually understand what he does so well but when you spot it you realise.’

  • Mayor Vaughn

    If we we get £4-5 million for him i’d be happy enough. Local lad and did ok for us but a class of player we need to move away from.
    If we could also get £15-20 million for for Mitro that would be good business all round.

    • Albert Stubbins

      No chance of a fee like that to forest and that’s his only realistic destination. It’ll be a million tops or a free to cover his wage demands.

      • Ram Kishore

        He’s 28.. are u really saying he’s just worth 1 million..
        If Murphy at 34 was worth 2 million last summer when we sold him.. he’s worth somewhere between 2 and 5..
        Be real pal..We won’t ask for very high transfer fee because we know his value..

        • Albert Stubbins

          The two situations are totally different. Hell go for peanuts. For a championship club to pay his current wages would be almost impossible on top of a large transfer fee. He’s on a reported 40 k a week. No one rates him and forest are his only suitors. A team with no real financial clout. Rafa had him training with the reserves and clearly doesn’t rate him. One year of contract left. You do the maths.

          • Paul Patterson

            I think his Newcastle contract is closer to £70k a week.

          • Albert Stubbins

            Jeez. He’s going on a free then. 4-5 mill? Not a chance in hell.

          • Ram Kishore

            I read it in chronicle when he.signed.for us
            It quoted 50k
            Because only Tim Krul and Coloccini had 70k wages

          • Albert Stubbins

            Forest paper are quoting 40 k today.

          • Football fan

            On more than Rodwell now and one year left on his deal

          • Albert Stubbins

            The same Rodwell who played one game for you and is on 70 k a week and was spotted at the man city game at weekend? That rodwell?

          • Football fan

            For me?….his wages have been cut !!!!!

          • Albert Stubbins

            Aye for next season. He will still be taking a reported 35 k a week whilst not playing at a third division club. That’ll soon get the debt back up eh?

          • Ram Kishore

            Obviously he will take a paycut and he knows that

          • Albert Stubbins

            It’s totally different because Murphy was wanted desperately by a club who could pay comparison big wages and were desperate for a back up striker. Forest haven’t got a lot to p in man. He’s not going for 4-5 million or anywhere close to that figure. If he does I will send a letter of apology to you. It’ll only be because the forest chairman has won the euro millions though. Lol

          • Damon Horner

            Was it not Forest that Murphy signed for?

            I think his worth and his final fee aren’t quite the same thing though and both transfer fee and wages will be a compromise to make it happen.

          • Albert Stubbins

            A players worth as with any commodity is only what someone is prepared to pay. Without any competition for Colback signature I personally can’t see this being very high given the circumstances.

          • Ram Kishore

            Where did Daryl Murphy go?
            He was signed by Nottingham forest..Check it
            Ig u r wrong in few info

          • Albert Stubbins

            He was a striker that scored goals wherever he went. Colback is a midfield journeyman on a fortune who contributed considerably less to a team. He’s worth buttons!!

          • Ram Kishore

            I said Between 2 and 5.. because if we could pay joselu 5 he’s worth something

        • skarabrae

          Murphy was a striker , Hence inflated price…I’m not sure what colback is … but it’s not a footballer 😉

          • Ram Kishore

            Lol yeah..
            Murphy was good in championship
            But u gotta factor in age..
            Experience in PL
            Contract situation and his ability..

          • Nut

            Colback is a striker too, just he strikes it backwards into his own net…

  • Paul Patterson

    Didn’t cost a fee so give him away to save wages.

    • Nut

      Would have to pay off his contract most likely to get him out the club as he is a bit bitter. I doubt they will unless it saves the club more money than they would have to spend on his wages…. or than they could make by selling, they would rather see money coming in.

  • ghostrider

    We got Colback for nothing so it’s not that we need to over price him to get him off the wage bill.
    The reason he’s on the wage he’s on is due to West ham willing to pay him it because he was a free agent….then we jumped in and snatched him and he did ok….but Rafael doesn’t like him, so it’s got to be a cheap sale for any club to offset against his wages.

    I hardly think Colback will take a reduction when he can simply do another loan or sit out his contract and be a free agent.
    He was easily a squad player for us but that’ll teach him to burgle Rafa’s house and steal his hair restoring cream and hiding it in Rafa’s wig cupboard.

    • Paul Patterson

      You really are a nasty, spiteful piece of work.

      • ghostrider

        A nasty spiteful piece of work? What the hell are you going on about?
        Are you some kind of cyborg or something?
        What are your parameters?

        • Ram Kishore

          Yep he’s right.. the last part was kinda nasty
          Just felt like how others would mock Ashley and charnley

          • ghostrider

            Well, people will just have to take it as they see fit.

          • Ram Kishore

            Yeah and ig Paul Patterson felt that way..
            So he just typed nasty piece

          • ghostrider

            Fair enough, you’re entitled to think what you want.

          • Ram Kishore

            Yeah and most of them will have the same way

      • Football fan

        Well said …..

      • Jezza

        He’s 100% NOT a Newcastle fan. Simple as that. He is a troll who supports Manchester, works in a S****s D****t shop, votes Tory and is heavily into the world of fantasy warcraft games. Don’t give him the reaction he craves. Just block him.

  • GC

    I doubt that he’s very high up in Rafa’s “To Do list”

  • robbersdog

    Colback is a very good player. A lot of supporters don’t actually understand what he does so well but when you spot it you realise.

    I never spotted it, so I wish someone would explain it to me.

  • Nut

    Isnt that part and parcel of the problem and if we are completely honest has been the case since even before Rafa or for that matter Ashley, there have always been players we wanted off the clubs wages and tbh one of the best opportunities for doing that came under McLarren when he was backed for the very reason that numerous players were coming off the wage bill, the following season in the championship for the same reason Rafa was again.

    If you look at investment in the playing squad in this era it corresponds sharply with the ending of contracts/mov’t on of players (although not always).

    The issue as I see it at the minute is the number of players at the club (undesired) who still sit on lucrative contracts given previously and who just cant cut it at this level now, the problem is we need them off the wage bill to free up money to be used to bring in new players to replace them, however thats only going to happen if they move on (e.g get sold on or get released) and under this regime the instances of players being released from their contracts especially those on lucrative contracts (where it costs the club alot to release) has been virtually non existant.

    Simply put to get committed investment in the playing squad Rafa will most likely have to be able to move on a substancial number of unfancied / unwanted players, ideally at a profit (to add to his kitty), unfortunately the vast majority of said players going out the door are in many cases championship at best and on premier league wages.

    Clubs are unlikely to be that interested unless those players are let go cheap, or take significant wage drops (most wont).

    Greed unfortunately in thus game is rife with all parties at all levels.

    I would love to see Rafa backed, I dearly hope it happens but I honestly dont think it will without some commitment to getting players off the bill.