Only this morning I wrote (see below) that two days after the deadline ran out on making an appeal, we had no news of the Islam Slimani violent conduct charge by The FA.

I suggested that surely this meant the player and NUFC were contesting it.

Sure enough, on Thursday morning we have now had it confirmed that Islam Slimani did contest part of the charge.

He accepted he had been out of line but argued that a three match ban was ‘excessive’.

The FA rejected this and so Islam Slimani will now miss the rest of the season and almost certainly won’t play for Newcastle again.

Official Newcastle United Announcement:

‘Islam Slimani will miss Newcastle United’s next three matches after he was charged with violent conduct.

He accepted the charge but argued the suspension was excessive. This was rejected by an Independent Regulatory Commission.

The forward was involved in an off-the-ball incident during Saturday’s game against West Bromwich Albion at St. James’ Park.’

The Mag – Earlier today (Thursday 3 May 2018):

On Monday, The FA revealed that after reviewing video footage, three former elite match officials decided retrospectively that Islam Slimani should have been sent off for Newcastle against West Brom.

It was a unanimous decision by them and so that triggered the FA charge for violent conduct.

With Newcastle now safe from relegation and fans assuming that after an overwhelmingly disappointing loan spell there would almost certainly no desire in making a move permanent, it looked a formality that the charge would be accepted and the striker head back to Leicester.

Especially so on these type of charges, with video footage appearing to confirm that Islam Slimani did kick out, even though it was never ever going to harm anybody

However, despite a deadline of 6pm on 1 May [Tuesday] for the player and Newcastle to respond to/challenge the charge and imminent ban, there has been no news at all.

No confirmation as to the charge being accepted or challenged.

However, with it being two days on and the official FA website still not showing any suspension for Islam Slimani, it appears that at the very least, the violent conduct charge has been challenged, in an attempt to allow the player to be available for these three remaining games of the season.

As to whether the appeal will be/has been successful, I guess we will surely find out sometime today [Thursday].

The Mag – 30 April 2018:

Islam Slimani should have been sent off.

That is the decision of an FA panel of ‘elite officials’, asked to look at the footage from Saturday retrospectively.

Craig Dawson made contact with the loan striker in the penalty area and then as he walked away, Slimani aimed a feeble kick at him.

It was never going to hurt anyone, although Dawson could have been injured when throwing himself to the ground, but it now looks nailed on that Islam Slimani will be banned for the rest of the season.

He has until 6pm tomorrow [Tuesday] to respond to the charge.

However, any appeal/defence is surely futile, as the TV footage speaks for itself.

No harm done but he definitely petulantly kicks out.

FA Official Statement:

Newcastle United’s Islam Slimani has been charged with violent conduct following an incident during the game against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday [28 April 2018].

It happened in the 80th minute and was not seen by the match officials but caught on video.

He has until 6pm on 1 May 2018 to respond to the charge.

Off the ball incidents which are not seen at the time are referred by The FA to a panel of three former elite match officials.

Each panel member will review the video footage independently of one another to determine whether they consider it a sending-off offence.

For retrospective action to be taken, and an FA charge to follow, the decision of the panel must be unanimous.’

  • Paul Busby

    I’d rather he didnt play, frankly. Daft bu663r brought it upon himself.

    • Pablo

      Agree totally Busby. Makes you wonder if he wants to get away on his holiday earlier than the others

  • Leazes.

    I would love to see the geographic make up of The FA’s committee members, maybe represented on a map to show where they are from, I don’t believe we have a very strong voice inside, unlike London and Lancashire.

  • mactoon

    He accepted the charge but argued the suspension was excessive. This was rejected by an Independent Regulatory Commission. 3 match ban

    • Leazes.

      That’s odd isn’t it?…. He hasn’t contested it at all.

      • mactoon

        Newcastle today revealed that Slimani had “argued the suspension was excessive”. He accepted the charge but argued the suspension was excessive.

        • Wor Lass

          If I ask you a question will you repeat what the article said again?

          • mactoon

            The article says he was charged and he had until 6 pm on the 1st. May to respond. My comment gives what happened next and the outcome which didn’t happen until today.

  • Sid James

    another day, another right Carry On at Newcastle

    • Leazes.

      Carry on FA

  • robbersdog

    Two of our three loan signings worked out really well; unfortunately, Slimani turned into a bit of a clown show. These things happen, but I don’t think we should sign him on a permanent basis.

    • Jate Legend

      Agree here. But if you sign someone who is already injured and can’t play his parent club its no surprise we haven’t had a decent look at him. Agree with people who say why don’t we just keep mitro over signing someone like slim

  • Weyhhadaway

    Your average Felaini elbow, I mean tackle in any given game is more harsh than what he did.

    Everybody seems to be writing him off but the question now is, did Rafa want him in the first place? and did he run around enough in training, not like that bloke who can’t score who we loaned out, to make himself useful to us next season?

  • Desree

    We won’t be signing anyone unless they are loan players so no loss. BUT fatty has probably made an extra 10m on Mitrovic so he wins again.

    Gotta admit the blokes a genius at making money.

    Shame he won’t follow the Chelsea model.

    • Leazes.

      He lost the club millions in his penny pinching relegations….’genius’ I think not!

  • Natturner26

    Great more Gayle and Joselu. Love watching those two.

  • gallowgate26

    Is this a new article, or a re-run of previous episodes? Is the Mag turning into ‘Dave’? 😎

    • Leazes.

      Well there are a lot of posters called Dave.

  • thewildchimp

    I’m 100% sorry for Slimani, as the 3-weeks ban is a bit too much (even if by the rules). But for the fans saying that we’re better off without Mitro because he has a “bad” disciplinary record, when his replacement picks up the ban while he’s out there with the impeccable behaviour and performance – I cannot but laugh. Not praising Mitro, just having a slight go at some fans – you know who you are. Yeah, I’m a petty hoop like that.