Islam Slimani is going to get a retrospective ban which will see him ruled out of the last three games of the season.

Does he deserve it?

Well the rules (see below) say that his petulant ‘kick’ out at Craig Dawson does equal a red card these days.

However, it is laughable really in these days of the super cheats that somebody ends up banned for something that was never going to cause any damage. Well, the only possible damage was if Dawson had got concussion when theatrically throwing himself to the ground, which was all a bit of a waste as the referee didn’t even notice it at the time.

You get old timers going over the top at times when complaining about what players get booked and sent off for – but in the pre-Sky Sports era you would never ever have had a player sent off for what Slimani did, in fact I would be amazed if it had even been more than a talking to back in the day.

Rafa Benitez obviously saw something in the Leicester striker, even if it was a last minute deal after the one-legged Daniel Sturridge turned down Newcastle, and the Leicester owner blocking a move for Slimani that was wall arranged to West Ham.

The Leicester owner finding out about the deal and refusing to allow it, due to Karren Brady having previously having a laugh at his expense in her column in The Sun.

Only Rafa knows whether he saw anything in Islam Slimani that interested him beyond a short-term loan to try and help Newcastle survive this season.

If he did believe there was some longer-term potential then I wouldn’t be so quick to rule anything out so quickly.

Slimani showed in his sub appearances against Huddersfield and especially Arsenal, that he is clearly better than anything Newcastle have had in the Premier League this season.

His wages would be high but Leicester are desperate to offload a striker who hits 30 this summer and they have no use for, with Vardy the undisputed first choice.

If Islam Slimani could be landed for something close to £10m and stay fit, then Newcastle might have a real steal.

There are going to be doubts in some way about any new striker that is brought in this summer, whether it is age (older), experience (not enough), or injuries (too many).

The last reason why anybody should be put off Slimani though is his disciplinary record, which has been the case ever since Saturday and the expected ban.

The Algerian striker is normally an easy going character and has never been sent off for club or country before.

Until he was booked for Newcastle against Arsenal, he had picked up only one other yellow card in league football since January 2016. His overall record showing he averages no more than three or four bookings per season in league football.

This is not another Mitrovic with a regular default daft button which keeps getting activated.

The Mag – Monday 30 April 2018:

Islam Slimani should have been sent off.

That is the decision of an FA panel of ‘elite officials’, asked to look at the footage from Saturday retrospectively.

Craig Dawson made contact with the loan striker in the penalty area and then as he walked away, Slimani aimed a feeble kick at him.

It was never going to hurt anyone, although Dawson could have been injured when throwing himself to the ground, but it now looks nailed on that Islam Slimani will be banned for the rest of the season.

He has until 6pm tomorrow [Tuesday] to respond to the charge.

However, any appeal/defence is surely futile, as the TV footage speaks for itself.

No harm done but he definitely petulantly kicks out.

FA Official Statement:

‘Newcastle United’s Islam Slimani has been charged with violent conduct following an incident during the game against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday [28 April 2018].

It happened in the 80th minute and was not seen by the match officials but caught on video.

He has until 6pm on 1 May 2018 to respond to the charge.

Off the ball incidents which are not seen at the time are referred by The FA to a panel of three former elite match officials.

Each panel member will review the video footage independently of one another to determine whether they consider it a sending-off offence.

For retrospective action to be taken, and an FA charge to follow, the decision of the panel must be unanimous.’

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  • Dutch

    Oh I see. Different rules apply against Mitro FFS.

  • Paul Patterson

    “If Islam Slimani could be landed for something close to £10m and stay fit, then Newcastle might have a real steal.”
    “If” “could” “Something close to” “and” “Might”.- Five problems that rule the deal out and that’s before discipline and ability come into it.

  • Alex

    36 EPL apprearances over 2 seasons, and a grand total of 8 goals. Let me think about that one for a while.

  • Dillon Tovak

    No thank you!
    I’d much, much rather Mitrovic come back than take up this guy.
    The kick out wasn’t a big deal in the scheme of things, but it was still stupid.
    More so, he’s rarely fit, not in his twenties and hardly a proven PL goal scorer.

    • Rich Lawson

      Your right,and Mitro’ is still our player and would cost nothing.

  • Rich Lawson

    A moment of petulance rules him out of the remaining games where he had the chance to show he is worth buying.Not played a full game,why would we risk a permanent deal,unless they would do a straight swap for Joselu ?

  • Tweed Mag

    He has probably blown his chance of being signed.

  • Weyhhadaway

    I am with the Mitro crowd on this one. Slimani showed some good touches in the Huddersfield and Arsenal games, but does that make him good enough? He has had two years at Leicester at the peak time of a players career and not done much.

    Mitro has years ahead of him, his discipline record at Fulham has been good and he is knocking in goals for fun. Exactly what Rafa told him to do, I think the target of 25 goals was a bit tongue in cheek from him so If he comes back from the world cup with some goals and performances under his belt we will have a winner. Whether we sell or keep him.

    • Wor Lass

      The key point is, though, that Rafa seems to have completely ruled Mitro out of his plans.

      • Weyhhadaway

        Rafa is not infallible and I have disagreed with his treatment of Mitro for a while. Gayle has had a full season to pull things around and not done it. The loan might have been the perfect fix for Mitro, so I would give him a go.

  • Paul Patterson

    There’s a video on YouTube of him doing a Kung Fu kick while playing for his country. I can’t tell if it’s him to be honest but it seems like he’s a bit nuts.

  • Wor Lass

    I think it`s shameful that the focus of officialdom`s attention (not to mention those muppets on Sky Sports) is on the guy who, when snidely fouled himself, gives someone a tiny tap on the leg in return rather than on the despicable attempt by Dawson to get a fellow pro sent off. The way he went down was absolutely pathetic. That`s the sort of schite the FA should be weeding out of the game rather than someone“s determination to stand up for himself. Having said all that, Slimani is an idiot. If Mitro had done that many people on here would be burning effigies of him.

    • Haitchdee

      If Mitro did that for us he’d get 5 or 6 games as a repeat offender. For Fulham, Telling off .

  • Ram Kishore

    Who’s this idiot called John Martin

    • Wor Lass

      He`s a Swedish singer/songwriter and best known for his work with the Swedish House Mafia. He writes for the mag between albums.

      • Leazes.

        …or the 18th century romantic painter from Hayden Bridge. Isn’t google great, I wish I had it when I was at University, I could have spent more time in the bar.

        • Mark Davies

          You were at university studying what? How to be a bell end? Settee ender

        • Wor Lass

          I used to drink in Hayden Bridge a lot at one time – one of the friendliest villages you could come across and full of nice nutters. My mate, who came from there, used to say that they trained and exported village idiots. Having a pub called the “Havelock Inn” helps, of course. Tom Buist, a good football photographer, had one of the pubs there (the Bridge Inn?).

    • Leazes.

      Dunno but its another with a name rare in Northumberland and Durham…. best guess is its Mark Jensen ….. the same as the other names which hail from the south. There is no ‘bio’ or facebook page so I’d guess a lot of them are his nom de plumes, pseudonyms.

    • Philippines

      Wasn’t he the farmer that shot the burglar?

    • Haitchdee

      Is he related to Mick Martin? Or even the famous Dr.

  • Clarko

    Mitrovic > Slimani

  • Paul Busby

    He’s a striker coming to the end of his career anyway. I find it bizarre that we lack so much imagination that we would be willing to offer a player who, once signed on loan, offered almost nothing.

    Are we still not fed up of signing strikers that don’t actually deliver the goods?

    • Leazes.

      With Newcastle reportedly paying a £2m loan fee for Slimani, plus the 29-year-old’s circa £80,000-a-week wages, he has cost the Toon approximately £25,000 per minute of action…

      Leicester Mercury.

      • Albert Stubbins

        We’ve been had (again)!!

  • Leazes.

    Is everyone who writes for the Mag a bin dipping accountant or are there any football fans amongst you?

  • 1957

    John Martin probably advocated we sign Stephen Ireland permanently after his stellar loan spell… even Ryder and Porter haven’t advocated this lunacy.

  • Leicester Mag

    Just listened to Jeremy Vine interview someone convinced the Earth is flat. There is a 300 foot ice wall at both poles and land beyond this. Also moon landings are a hoax. My mind turned to Clarko.

    The pivotal moment came when he asked him if he believed Mike Ashley would spend this summer. To which he replied do you think I’m some kind of nutta?

    • Leazes.

      Very good….

      • Leicester Mag

        First bit is true!

        • Leazes.

          What … just listened to Jeremy Vine…. yes that’s believable.

          I’ll tell you what I don’t believe….. that Mark Jensen doesn’t write under ‘nom de plumes’.

          • Leicester Mag

            As is the interview!

          • Leazes.

            What interview? He used to do the Editorial comment a sort of ‘state of the Nation’ in the printed version….that is missing from the website.

    • Paul Patterson

      I heard that in the car half an hour ago. Definitely nuts.

    • ghostrider

      It’s certainly not a spinning ball mate. That’s the biggest nonsense that has been brainwashed into most people from childhood to adult.

      • Albert Stubbins

        No all those pictures from space are all make believe arnt they? The coriolis effect is all mumbo jumbo to confuse our simple minds!!

        • ghostrider

          There are no pictures from space. And there is no coriolis effect, either.
          So the answer to your question is, yes they are all fake, in my opinion.

          • Albert Stubbins

            You do know how they are able to take pictures at fast moving pace from a gyroscopic camera don’t you? That’s the coriolis effect. I knew my o level in physics would come in handy one day and today is that day. Hooray for me!!

          • ghostrider

            I’m not sure what you’re trying to describe. Maybe you can enlighten me but if not, you are welcome to your belief of what you think Earth is and also space and everything that’s been and supposedly in it.

            I simply don’t accept it after careful consideration in later life as opposed to simply accepting what was told as a kid.

            Each to their own though.

          • Albert Stubbins

            Careful consideration in later life. Lol. Wow. Jezza was right about you mind!!

          • ghostrider

            I’m not interested in what anyone thinks about me, but feel free to think what you want.

    • paul mclaughlan

      I’ve a mate who actually believes in the flat earth. As you can imagine I have hours of merriment at his expense.

    • Albert Stubbins

      I thought it was flat. Well apart from that little slope running from the Gallowgate to the leazes. Or is the other way round?

  • ghostrider

    Slimani’s toe was deliberately trod on so a heat of the moment red rage can happen to anyone and I mean anyone.
    Does he deserve the ban…..yes if it applies to every other player….but it doesn’t, does it.
    And also I saw many many Newcastle fans calling Mitrovic an idiot for brushing his arm over Lanzini’s face but it was called an elbowing…

    Plenty of players get away with worse than this because some are FA darlings.
    Kane and Alli are two that regularly get away with deliberate stuff.

    It depends on Rafa as to whether he things Slimani is worth a shot.
    From what I’ve seen, I wouldn’t have him. I don’t like his attitude towards players when they don’t get everything perfect for him or if he doesn’t get things right he blames others for not being where his fluffed ball went to.
    Also his fitness is in doubt.
    We’ve had him on a niggling injury since January and he’s still unfit.

  • Malcolm Rynn

    He is a donkey and an old one at that who on earth writes these articles? ,Mitro a better option in my opinion.

    • TheNutJob

      all we need now is a Mule

    • Albert Stubbins

      Two donkeys. Blackpool beach awaits!!

  • Weyhhadaway

    If Fulham get auto promotion this weekend we could get Mitro back for the last two games? Just asking for a friend.

    • mactoon

      Chronicle report there is no recall clause in the loan deal

      • TheNutJob

        it`s the last game, he would come back the only way he stays is if they`re in the playoffs

      • Weyhhadaway

        I thought His loan would be over if they are automatically promoted with no more games to play freeing him up to play for us against Spurs and Chelski.

        • mactoon

          As nut said this weekend is the last game so he is free to return unless they end up in the play offs. I didn’t realise that. But rafa won’t play him anyway.

  • Desree

    I am no fan of Mitrovic or Slimani. They both remind me of Niall Quinn.

    Can we just get some fast, pacey forwards with a bit of skill?

    It would be great to see players like Demba Ba and Remy up front again.

    I am sick of seeing static forwards we hump the ball up to.

    Mitrovic and slimani its like watching a cruise ship turn.