If Spurs fans watch their team win the last two matches, they are guaranteed to finish third in the Premier League.

At home against a Newcastle side with nothing to play for and three dismal defeats in a row…

Nevertheless, the majority of Spurs fans appear to be in a permanent state of fear and dreading tonight’s match.

Reading the comments from them below, it is absolutely hilarious.

Yes, supporters of every club fear that their team will always find a way to fail but these lot need to get a grip.

Losing to West Brom on Saturday appears to have sent them into a frenzy, despite the Baggies fluking it with their only shot on target.

When reading the comments, bear in mind that since November up until last Saturday, Spurs fans had seen their side play 19 Premier League matches and only lose to Manchester City.

Spurs fans comments via their top Fighting Cock message board:

‘Newcastle will bait us and urge us to attack, then hit us on the break when we are committed.

It’s our weakness and Benitez strength – executed perfectly when they tonked us two seasons ago, with Poch suckered into a high press. I hope he’s learned from that game…’

‘This is going to be very difficult, a good defensively drilled team sitting back at Wembley, not looking forward to this week tbh.’

‘Spurs will win this . Newcastle are safe so won’t throw the kitchen sink at getting a result.’

‘Like when they were already relegated with nothing to play for?’

‘No, then they were p….. off, didn’t necessarily know when they’d be back… and wanted to take it out on someone and go out on a relative high… this time they’re just bored!’

‘We didn’t lose that game because Newcastle were angry, upset or more ‘up for it’ – we lost that game because we pressed Newcastle high – and they responded by defending deep and then hitting us with long balls to runners in the channels who could take advantage of the space.

It’s not passion, or mentality – it’s tactics. Poch needs to out-manage Benitez so that our superior playing personel can take advantage. It’s no easy task, but if Poch has learned nothing from two seasons ago I’d be surprised.’

‘Leicester and Newcastle fans getting it up for Chelsea’s sake only confirms their beta-bitch status for all time.

They can all f… off.’

‘We still owe them for that…And the 7 nil when Keegan was in charge..And knocking us out of the League cup in 77.’

‘Not quite sure how we’ve managed to turn this game into a must-win, but here we are…. desperately looking to take 3 points from Newcastle as the season comes to a close.

Anything but a win here will be a disaster.’

‘interesting to get a “non standard” email from the club this evening asking for the fans support at the game.

Think they’ve actually realized the fans have gone flat and need some bucking up… and the importance of the next two fixtures financially?’

‘Most teams seem to take some delight in f…… our s… up, count on Newcastle blending peak ’70s Brazil with a mastery of tripple bus parking and dark arts that would make Mourinho jealous.’

‘First time I’ve woke up properly nervous for a match in a while. Usually I’m excited for it.’

‘There is possibility Poch will start Sissoko tomorrow against his old club.’

‘Shelvey is their threat, we need to nullify him. More difficult now that both Dembele and Dier are out. I’d stick Wanyama on him or something.’

‘Hopefully Newcastle perform a heel turn in that ‘alliance’ and screw Chelsea over in the last game revealing they were with us all along.’

‘I know Leicester are desperate to be our rivals, but Newcastle fans don’t give a f… either way do they? Obviously they’re going to want to beat us, but not so Chelsea can get in the top 4 instead.

By far the most new pathetic of the new fan alliance is Chelsea, Woolwich and West Ham all cheering each other on to win against us. I mean, I take it as a compliment that they’re so bothered about us. But it’s just sad to watch, especially West Ham getting chummy with far bigger teams who think they’re a joke.’

‘It’s falling apart. The football is slow and unimaginative. Don’t see us winning. See Newcastle hitting us on the break .’

‘This is f…… newcastle we are talking about here- we shouldn’t be afraid of them, respect them yes, but fear them, no.’

‘It’s now time to see what this team is made of. They keep telling us they are stronger and close to winning a trophy, if they blow this they will be known as nothing other than the biggest bottlers in history.

Shouldn’t be feeling like this but it is what it is.’

‘If we don’t get CL, I’m done with this team.’

‘Our record against Newcastle in games near the end of the season has not been great to say the least..That needs to change drastically.’

‘Both New Utd and LC are looking as bad as us at the moment so if we can dig deep, which isn’t too much to ask for given the prize, we should get the desired results. We must beat Newcastle and take some pressure off going into the last day.’

‘No Kane please.

Rather see Sissoko playing CF than him at the moment.’

‘We have lost all our last 3 league games at home against Newcastle.

Another meltdown is upon us.’

‘Home games I think Kane looks well off it. Dembele looks tired, Eriksen and Alli running their socks off, Son out of form, and the defence generally steady if not awesome.

Be nice to get a fuller house than last Monday night and try and push this team over the line. All we can do as fans isn’t it?’

‘We are in a trough. It is pure and simple.

The manager and players are struggling badly to find the answers.

Not one player is rising high and part of that will be down to our over reliance on Kane to dig us out of the mire.’

‘It will set us back years if we do not get a top 4 place.

Anyone who does not recognise that (I think most do) is completely in denial.’

‘Listen the only good thing about this game is that Newcastle look like they’re on the beach and they lost three games, but if they park the bus, we’ll struggle again.

We’ve always struggled against these organized defensive sides and I can’t see it changing out of a sudden.’

‘We were on a winning run when Kane was injured, he was rushed back far too early for no good reason which is called mismanagement and hence the results. Stupid. Could cost the club millions if we miss on CL and fans will be fans and melt.’

  • ghostrider

    Those fans are no different to any other fans in their position over time.
    When we were hitting on the top 4 a bit regular it was great but soon went sour when Bobby had us 5th and the doom chants started and fans wanting him out.

    Many fans will get amnesia about that but the point I’m making is very simple.
    Give fans something to cheer on and they will spend their time happy and boastful with the finger pointing at the less fortunate fans coming thick and fast.

    The joys of regularity………until………until that feel good factor is threatened.
    And this is what you get.
    It’s the nature of the beast in football fans or any sports fan or just in general.

    Hope is an excited joy and fear mixed.
    When hope is replaced by expectation, it’s still exciting, but a sort of entitled exciting.
    It’s when expectations are not matched. This is when the hero’s become the abused.
    Look at Kane and Tottenham in the position they’re in.
    If they lose their last two games, Pochettino’s head will be called for.

    It’s a funny old game.

    • Paul Smith

      Indeed. 1 of the few times i’ve agreed with you. They’ve had their expectations massively raised in recent seasons. Still find it a bit odd that anyone would call for Kane to be dropped though even if he isn’t in peak form.

      Everyone is happy with 10th here at the moment due to where weve been in recent seasons. Go back to the early 2000s and nobody would be happy with 10th.

      • ghostrider

        Yep, too right.

        • Pablo

          Same at Man Utd I suppose even now In the Fergie years they were ( unfortunately) the best team around Now and probably for a while to come they’re going to have to “settle” for f a cup finals or the scraps that their noisy neighbors leave them …. must be terrible for the prawn sandwich brigade these days. I think it’s great. If only a multi billionaire oil laden country wanted to buy NUFC 🤔

    • Ram Kishore

      Yeah the same for Arsenal fans .. Entitled.. or that’s what they think..
      Next season when the results go wrong they will blame Wenger saying Wenger left a weakened team or the new manager taking abuses..
      Remembered the same thing that happened at United but few fans were backing Moyes

      • ghostrider

        Absolutely right.

    • Wor Lass

      Fair point, well made! Who said that? Someone`s taken over my keyboard …

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    my only predictions are that Dele will spend 90 minutes crying and Spuds will win a ridiculous penalty for flinging themselves to the turf untouched

    • Dillon Tovak

      Sissoko will score, that’s my prediction for a depressing evening.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Is there summit in the north London air?……..and us up here in the north are supposed to be the deluded lot demanding unwarranted success…..Arsenal and spuds fans are a breed apart…..

    • Leazes.

      Pretty much par for the course with successful clubs to have demanding fans…. It keeps the club on its toes, whereas here there no demand for success…… so no ambition…. so no cups.

      We have docile sheep for fans who have had eleven years of Ashley …… Spurs fans would have had him out in two!

      • Kneebotherm8

        Fair comment…………..

        • glassjawsh-got-banned

          well, which is it? Are we docile sheep or are we deluded? most likely whichever is currently most convenient.

          • Kneebotherm8

            We are seen as deluded,are we not?……..that seems to be the common consensus of other clubs………not my opinion……just the general derogatory supposition of other clubs’ fans……

          • glassjawsh-got-banned

            there is so much negative spin, thanks for helping me keep track!

      • Leicester Mag

        Or split in 2

  • robbersdog

    Well, the awful run we’re on has to end at some point, but I can’t see us getting anything out of this game.

    I have no idea what the team will be, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Rafa threw in a surprise like he did away at West Ham when Saivet was named in the team, we all groaned…and he scored!

  • Jate Legend

    Article titles getting dafter. Just put “this week’s opposition fan comments”.

    • Leazes.

      They don’t usually have anything to do with the articles, because the Editor adds the title without reading it.

  • Weyhhadaway

    The remarks about Chelski are interesting conspiracy theory. They obviously haven’t looked at our results against Cheslki, we usually raise our game for them too, none more so than a certain Mr Sissoko over the years. Of the 6 outstanding games he had for us, 4 of them were against Chelski.

    It is a fan thing to be paranoid.

  • Dillon Tovak

    beta-bi*ch status is my new favourite.

    I hate to break it to the spurs fans digging at Leicester but winning the PL is something they’ve not managed to do, so I’d pipe down.

  • Andy Mac

    There it is buried deep within all the comments “If we don’t get CL, I’m done with this team” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jeessssusss just thank your lucky stars you havent had the Fat Pieman in charge of your club for 11 miserable years

  • Albert Stubbins

    spuds should win this game easily to be honest- we’re on the beach and theyve got it all to play for. Id be astonished if we kept it to any less than 2-0.

    • Leazes.

      So would the bookies.

  • gallowgate26

    ‘It will set us back years if we do not get a top 4 place’… Bloody hell, I can remember when we used to beat Spuds every season and usually twice. Now we are glancing up at them making statements like that. Almost brings a tear to my eye what that FCB has done to our club. Forget the London bias, we were always bigger than Spurs..

  • Toon

    Not really, NUFC fans turned their back on Bobby’s team for finishing 5th, selective memory. Also how’s this ‘absolutely hilarious’? You not the brightest or what?

    • Vincent Gigante

      Really? Please explain

  • Vincent Gigante

    Really ? Explain.