Donis Avdijaj is a summer target for Newcastle United, according to reports on Wednesday morning.

The attacking midfielder now only has one year left on his contract and Schalke are looking to sell him.

He will turn 22 in August and as a teenager he looked like he was going to be a real star of the future, set to follow the likes of Mesut Ozil as a first team regular.

For the Schalke Under 17 and Under 19 teams, Donis Avdijaj scored 76 goals in 77 matches.

However, the 5ft 8 tall midfielder has so far been unable to break through into the Schalke first team and so they are willing to let him go.

He scored nine goals in 27 league starts for Sturm Graz in Austria in an 18 month loan spell and then spent the second half of the 2017/18 season with Roda in Holland.

Avdijaj scored three goals in 10 starts but couldn’t stop the Dutch club being relegated.

Everton, Newcastle and Huddersfield are also considering a move for the player according to The Mail.

He played at various youth levels for Germany but decided to take up the offer and has become a full international for Kosovo.

It is claimed he is available for only £2.5million as Schalke look to sell him and move on. If there is any genuine interest from Newcastle, with his overall profile it would be difficult to see him being able to come in and play in the Premier League immediately, at best a squad member initially.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Every time i read about a Newcastle target my 1st thought isn`t Rafa Benitez it`s Carr.
    my 2nd thought is, who is this person & off i go to Google.
    The whole set up at Nufc still stinks the house out

    • FatParosite

      I see our player recruitment & I think of McClaren’s hair island. Too little of it and the owner of it pathetically thinks it looks good.

      • Rich Lawson

        He should of got some conditioner tips from Thauvin while he was there.

    • Down Under Mag

      Yeah these sorts of stories have Carr written all over them…wouldnt surprise me if he was still pulling strings behind the scenes…

      • Jezza

        I don’t think Carr has ever gone away. I think his “sacking” was just a PR excercise in the wake of the tax investigation and that he is still the one scouting players for the club.

  • I hate the press

    Dunno why i even bothered reading this sh!! One thing weve learnt with rafa involved is we will not have a clue who we sign until its done i dont think a single rumour has been right since he came lejune was sort of an exception to that but there was no rumours until the actual bid was made

    • 1ewis

      The news of a new contract for Rafa will be considered news of our transfer budget. Nothing so far.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Potential transfer of the day………..who will it be tomorrow…………then Friday………….💤💤💤💤

  • So far only bargain buys but I’d much rather get those from the Bundesliga than France or Italy. Until we at least announce that Dubravka has signed I won’t believe we’ve even started calling agents and stuff.
    I still think we won’t sign anybody until the end of the World Cup.

  • Desree

    The sad thing is, fans will get excited by the rumour and start bigging up this lad. Then arguing wether we should by him or not.

    2.5 mill is 250,000 a decade ago.

    So the 10m spend Ashley allowed Benitez in the summer, thats akin to the 1.25m Keegan was given by SJH to rescue the club from 3rd division.

    Puts it into context. To buy a Les Ferdinand player these days 60m easy.

    So I am logging off until August lads. Have a great summer, all two weeks of it.

    I will be freezing my nuts off as the temp drops to 16 degrees in Sunny Sydney.