The latest article to be highlighted in our new Debate of the day feature is: ‘Rafa Benitez confirms meetings with Newcastle United on new contract – Hopes it is resolved quickly…’

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There are some great conversations between supporters commenting on what has been written, not always agreeing with the author…

We are now regularly/irregularly picking out an article that has produced interesting debate afterwards.

Sometimes the comments can be more interesting that the initial article…but not everybody reads the comments, so we thought some of the conversations deserved a bigger audience.

The article highlighted today has already had 91 comments and the basis of the article, is covering Rafa’s comments regarding his contract situation and that he hopes to have a satisfactory outcome to talks soon.

Some lively comments coming from Mag readers…

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Some of the comments after ‘Rafa Benitez confirms meetings with Newcastle United on new contract – Hopes it is resolved quickly…’:


‘I’ll be amazed if Rafa stays – mind you I’m surprised he’s put up with Ashley so far!

Ashley is a leopard and he’ll never change his spots – so I only see one outcome.’

Rabid Dog:

‘Rafa is here for both money and reputation. He is both a professional and a football manager. If you are lucky enough to be as successful as Rafa Benetez over his career then you CAN pick and choose.

I really want him to stay, not with a bunch of Mash/Penfold promises but on a real deal. I do not think we have the commitment to keep him’


‘Nothing is resolved quickly when Penfold`s handling it.’


‘Let’s hope the monkey can relay the organ grinder’s instructions correctly.’


‘I trust Rafa’s integrity and I think he will get what he wants and by the way I dislike Ashley with a vengeance, and whatever anybody says, Rafa stands between us and oblivion.’


‘if you think that Ashley is going to lash out the cash you must have been asleep for 11 years.’


‘Yes maybe I’ve been asleep for the last 60 year’s wake me up when you have something positive to say.’


‘Do you realy think that no other club will be prepared to match Rafa’s current salary AND give him the substantial transfer budget he has always been denied at Newcastle?’


‘Spot on Jezz. The longer nufc p*** about with Rafas contract talks trying to save a couple of quid, the more vultures will be gathering.’


‘If Rafa wanted money, he wouldn’t be here! He had a buyout clause in his contract which he could easily trigger himself and he hasn’t, he could have gone elsewhere and made more money, the fact he hasn’t shows he is in it for the long hall in spite of the best efforts of the Anti Ashley lot to undermine Ashley at every step,

Ashley is showing that he wants to run the club on a sustainable footing and Rafa seems to accept that as common sense, build a project and over 10 years create something long term that can go on and do great things.’


‘LOL! The owner has had two 5 years plans, FFS! We got relegated twice, missed it closely another two times.

The academy still hasn’t been developed (that was in the plan also) but guess what – the Gallowgate land IS being developed. By Ashley, for Ashley. Nowt sustainable about asset stripping and under investment, bonny lad.’


‘He`s been here 11 years and relegated us twice you moron.’


‘Ashley picked the wrong men to be running things, it’s football it happens a lot!

On each occasion we were relegated it wasn’t for a lack of spending, he employed Keegan when he first came and backed him with money however Keegan was undermined by Wise and his mate.

That as we know led to Keegan leaving, but Ashley wasn’t necessarily at fault as by their admission he wasn’t aware it was simply something Wise and his buddy agreed to do in order to undermine Keegan and make a power grab.

And the 2nd time after a dreadful season prior where a dismal Pardew ran off to Palace and his mate (familiar theme here) Carver took control of the the first team then nearly took us down…. the following season McClarren was bought in to steady the ship as it were…. an experienced manager with a proven track record albeit not an amazing one.

At the time many fans expected a lot including me but nothing happened, I think a lot of it had to do with the mentality of the team even then, something McClarren seemed incapable of repairing and now Rafa has now thankfully fixed.

On neither instance actually do I blame Ashley one bit, it’s football and these things happen, it’s like making a recipe for something from scratch you get a lot of attempts wrong.

Furthermore Ashley’s response on both occasions has meant the team has gone straight back up.

Sorry but you can’t really fault that….

That he has become a little worried about the amounts being spend in the game and doesn’t want to dip into his own pockets for the club is his choice. He has after all had death threats made to himself and his family by certain sections of so called fans and no longer feels safe to attend matches or even visit without a security presence.

If anything would have hardened his resolve not to invest from his own pockets this would.

If the real fans want to get him to invest stop the anti Ashley brigade in their tracks, get behind him and show him appreciation, dare I say it even a little love and respect.

Make him fall in love once again with the city, it’s fans and it’s club as he once was!’

Guest 2:

‘Err, fatso employed Wise, and Jimenez, and Llambias, and Kinnear, and Pardew, and Carver, and McClaren. That’s some run of utterly useless appointments

You are either a Troll or brain dead, as you seem to not recall that KK sued fatty and won in court where Ashley was labeled a liar by the Judge.

Crawl back into a hole.’


‘Wonder if Charnley will delay talks until the day before the transfer window shuts.’


‘Very likely because Charnley will have his hands full during the window flogging Lascelles and Mitrovic to the highest bidders.’


‘They want Rafa signed and sealed before the window opens so that his hands are tied when we spend less than promised, because Ashley will play hardball if Rafa wants out in the near future.

It will also ensure he is in place if in the unlikely event a buyer does show up.’

  • TheNutJob

    Rafael shouldn`t sign a new contract until the summer window closes, why the hurry he has a year left and Jabba`s hardly likely to sack him & bring Pards back.
    or is he

    • FatParosite

      I think Bishop is using his ar$£ tunnel the Chronicle to issue the goodwill stories. This is part of the charm offensive. Either way, be it Benitez not to sign or the go slow on buying recruits the PR battle is likely to contain Benitez approval due to an increased contract.

  • Leazes.

    Leazes: Porter is ‘cutting and pasting’ from his own bloody articles now!

    • Dillon Tovak

      This “debate” BS is just embarrassing from The Mag.

  • Rabid Dog

    Please help me understand in my naivety, what is the point in these digest articles are posted on the very same site that they were copied from? Do they get picked up in other blogs? It’s not like there are any BetVictor adverts.

  • paul mclaughlan

    Hey I just seen what the blocked Gtoon said.

    • Leazes.

      What?…and why?

      • paul mclaughlan

        He said one of our players should’ve deliberately injured Jordan Pickford when we played Everton. I called him an idiot and it escalated a bit from there. So I blocked him.

        • FatParosite

          Blocking is so much easier than bothering to read the ramblings of Monkseaton / Clarko et al….. They are minimum wage work experience spods at camp Bishop….

  • FatParosite

    Benitez only interested in getting more than £6M contract. He has no real interest in turning around our ambitions. He will be happy with a bigger wage & will accept a tighter player budget to get it.

    • TheNutJob

      that`s not nice

      • FatParosite

        Is there not even a kernel of truth in it?

        • Albert Stubbins

          Regretfully there could be.

    • Jezza

      Utter nonsense. Rafa could walk into any number of jobs tomorrow and get paid at least the same salary he’s currently on at Newcastle.

      • FatParosite

        The only club I can see doing that is Everton. It is an outside chance that could happen but Rafa would not have the fans support from the off.

        Rafa is clearly negotiating a better contract. He also had that opportunity when we went down in 2016. Benitez supposedly had the clout to call the shots back then, however what transpired was a litany of backroom decisions that showed that Benitez had no power whatsoever. Even though he was proven right Ashley sought to maintain his position in the last window and only get loans. If you’re looking for Benitez to somehow change Ashley’s approach to our club be prepared to be disappointed.

        • Jezza

          After what Rafa has achieved this season clubs will be fighting over him this summer. There will be plenty clubs ready to at least match his current salary and give him the transfer funds he has always being denied at Newcastle. Better clubs than Everton too.

          I don’t expect for a second that Rafa can change Ashley’s approach. Ashley will never change, in fact I can see him becoming even more greedy and tight fisted in his running of the club. I fully expect Rafa to finally reach his breaking point with Ashley and leave this summer.

          • FatParosite

            You’re right there will be other clubs interested in Rafa but in order to prize him away from NUFC they will have to improve his wages. Benitez is in the top 5 in the premiership managers wage bracket. There are not many willing to break that threshold in order to get Benitez in. That fact coupled with his unbreakable admiration in the region means he is unlikely to go to any club below top 6 also. Arsenal and Chelsea won’t want him. the top 4 clubs are solid. Burnley are extremely unlikely to move Dyche. Let’s say Leicester want to move on the whisperer Puel. They never spend big on managers. Everton seem to be the most likely. West Ham would love to have Rafa but Rafa will know that is an extremely short term job. The list is narrowing. Rafa is more likely to have serious suitors abroad but that brings another set of circumstances that he might not want, namely his family are anchored in the Wirral.

            Ashley knows he can’t win a PR battle unless Rafa is snatched away or he pays Benitez more. Ashley has to look like he is doing his best to court Rafa. Bishop is making that known in no uncertain terms in the Chronic. If Rafa does stand on principle expect the Bishop PR wagon to go into overdrive within minutes to push the message that Ashley is selling the club again.

          • Jezza

            I don’t think Rafa will be short of offers to be truthfull and all of them will be much more appealing than anything on offer from Ashley.

          • FatParosite

            I agree anything would be better than us. For the most part I do agree with what you say, but money kept him at NUFC & it could do again. I see there is a new “This club is still up for sale” tale…. Bishop on point because negotiations are not going well me thinks.

    • Mr wobert

      £ 6 m ,no your out of your gourd,he wants to be able to do his job in a professional manner like pick players he thinks would do a good job for the toon, you say turn around our ambition!! What ambition are you on about .under fatty there is none.

    • Albert Stubbins

      I hope you’re wrong but I’m starting to have that thought myself. Surely if he doesn’t get his way with transfers this season he will be off. If not he’s just playing fatty for a higher wage and were the fools after all. Surely not?

  • Dillon Tovak

    Who gives a flying FUKC!!!
    We read the articles.
    We don’t need the comments repeated.
    This site is really is scraping the F’ing barrell!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Last time he had contract talks the Obese One really did a job on him, let`s hope Rafa`s agent is on the ball this time, as you need to be when dealing with
    the King of Knaves

  • Mike

    when are the season ticket renewals due? ha ha