The latest article to be highlighted in our new Debate of the day feature is: ‘Mauricio Pochettino “Reality is that Newcastle are not a big club anymore”

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The article highlighted today has already had 132 comments and the basis of the article, is covering comments made by Mauricio Pochettino before the Tottenham v Newcastle match.

The Spurs boss saying that Rafa Benitez was doing a great job because these days under Mike Ashley ‘Reality is that Newcastle are not a big club anymore.’

Some lively comments coming from Mag readers…

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Some of the comments after ‘Rafa Benitez confirms meetings with Newcastle United on new contract – Hopes it is resolved quickly…’:

Scott Wood:

‘Can someone remind me when Spurs last won something.’


‘Definitely since we won something…’

MadMag83 :

‘Everyone has won something since then.’


‘Big club’ used to could be defined by game attendance as this was the biggest part of club revenues and the game was predominately a domestic venture.

TV money and inflated transfer costs have leveled the playing field where the difference in the annual amount of game day revenues between a NUFC and a Huddersfield won’t buy even one more player for the larger club’s starting XI.

The ‘big’ clubs are the ones with the extra revenues of various non-League competitions and the larger worldwide fan bases buying their quantities of licensed merchandise.

As Rafa has stated, NUFC has potential. As MP states, we currently are not that club.’

Fireman Sam:

‘Newcastle are a massive club. But, are the only club in the world that is being used to subsidise a FTSE 100 company.’


‘The simple fact is Spurs have moved forward and we have gone backwards under this regime, we can name them but the reality is it could be anyone of half a dozen clubs that have overtaken us.’


‘The very fact that so many articles on this website, and rants by fans on social media etc, are about NUFC finances tells you all you need to know about the way Ashley has run this club. More interested in the figures than the team!’

Guest 2:

‘Modric was offered to KK for £12 million! Hyppia for £1 million.’


‘Peter Harrison was the agent brokering the Modric deal.

On the Friday he talked to Dennis Wise and was told that the chairman was sending his plane for Modric to sign on the Monday at Newcastle…he signed For Spurs the next day.

Harrison was furious as he had been stitched up by wise and Ashley,,,,, we had Modric if we wanted him,,

Harrison was obviously annoyed at losing out on his 10% commission on a £15 mil fee.

This is just one example of the kind of behind back deals that has been going on at NUFC for years…..’


‘I’m really looking forward to NUFC being outspent by Cardiff and Wolves (and Bolton and Blackburn for that matter) over the summer.

And then the inevitable backlash from clueless journalists admonishing the fans for setting their expectations too high.’


‘Too true. Ashley has reduced us to also rans and that will always quite rightly, be unacceptable to us. No ambition, pure mediocrity from which the regime milk their reward. ASHLEY OUT!’


‘Unfortunately it is acceptable to the 50k+ who walk through the turnstiles and keep it all going.’

Andy Mac:

‘Big club small club ? Bottom line is before Fat R’s arrived we were ahead of Spuds in terms of turnover, European co efficient, crowds blah blah blah

However agent Ashley has done all he can to hold NUFC back while his pals at WHL built their club to the level where we should have been by now.

Whichever way you look at the last 11 years, apart from one season, it’s been a woefully underachieving decade in this proud club’s history..’


‘And it doesn’t look like things are going to improve any time soon. It is the total lack of ambition that is so depressing.’

Paul Patterson:

‘We’re not currently a big club, but if you look at the ambition that Spurs have shown since Ashley bought Newcastle, then our ownership can be quite rightly labelled as grossly negligent.

Spurs have grown and we haven’t. All Spurs had to do was stand still and they would have been better off over ten years than us. That’s shameful.

New stadium, champions league qualifications v land sell off and multiple relegations.

That is no one’s fault but our owner.’


‘Player recruitment at Spurs has been far better than at Newcastle​.

We could have signed Delle Alli from MK Dons but chose not to!

Spurs bought new players with the Gareth Bale money. Meanwhile we’re all still wondering where the money for Andy Carroll and Sissoko went.’


‘Yes £65 million banked from Carroll and Sissoko and the club pulled out of the Delle Alli deal for the sake of 300 grand.’

Fireman Sam:

‘Ashley wouldn’t cough up £12m for Lacazzette or £10m for aubameyang. Wouldn’t cough up the money for Deli Ali and thought Modric was overpriced at £15m.

He has missed out on a fortune through not trusting someone like Rafa or Keegan.’


‘There’s no way Delle Alli would still have been a Newcatle player now.

Fatso would have cashed in on him at the first given opportunity but at least we’d have had the enjoyment of seeing him play for our team for 18 months or so.

If it’s any consolation we can take some comfort in the fact that by not signing him Fatso missed out on another £30 million or so profit that would never have been reinvested in the team.’


‘He probably wouldn’t have developed like he has at Spurs. We have a history of ruining careers.’


‘Fair point. Carver and McClaren wouldn’t have done him much good would they.’

  • Callum

    Do you not have a job graham? All you seem to do is trawl other fan websites or this ones comments, far too much time you have spare.

    • Clarko

      Says the person commenting on article put together by Graham about comments from fan websites.


  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    I’m just going to start copying and pasting your copy and paste posts into the comments section of your copy and paste posts to see if anyone comments on them. Then you can make a copy and paste post about the comments in the comments section of your copy and paste post (about the comments section).

  • Coach Clagnut

    Stadium capacity 60,000+, waiting list a supposed 50,000+ and Wembley almost half empty for a crucial game. Aye, your a big club Maurice, a really big club.

    We’re supposed to be the delusionals aren’t we?

  • Danimal

    Barrel duly scraped.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Absolutely terrible article. This is the worst idea for an article of all time.
    Really really embarrassing stuff.

  • robbersdog

    This ‘big club’ debate is all purely subjective. I mean, Leicester are recent Premier League champions, but are they a ‘big club’, or did they just happen to have one spectacular season which hasn’t changed their status in any meaningful way?

    Newcastle have a massive fan-base, a huge stadium which is regularly sold out and an impressive history. We don’t win stuff these days, but we’re still a big deal.

    • Lewi

      Good point, but we aren’t a big club. We’re a well supported club with passionate fan base. Liverpool & Man Utd are big clubs.

    • Lhc

      We are a ‘big deal’ in our own heads. We haven’t had an ambitious mentality since sbr left. That is were the slide started initially then when ashley arrived fast tracked massively.

  • mentalman

    its funny reading fans rewriting history

  • Lewi

    Didn’t even read the article to be honest. How can anyone say we are a ‘big club’ anymore? 2 relegation’s in 8/9 years, I can’t even be bothered to continue my explanation.

  • Mike

    we have never been a big club. only thing about is is the support.