The Newcastle United accounts are now five weeks late in being filed.

With only 11 days to go until the end of the 2017/18 NUFC season, these delayed accounts are actually for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017, covering the promotion season.

For whatever reason, Newcastle are always one of the very last to make their accounts public but this time they are taking it to extremes.

The Newcastle United accounts should have been filed by 31 March 2018 but now five weeks later there is still no sign of them.

A quick look on the Companies House website, which gives free access to accounts once they are filed, confirms the NUFC ones are still awaited:

newcastle united accounts

Wednesday has though seen the publication of the latest Newcastle United Fans Forum minutes, which themselves have taken a week for the edited ‘highlights’ to be made public.

They included acknowledgement that Peter Fanning of NUST (Newcastle United Supporters Trust), had asked about the late accounts, but was given this brush off:

Newcastle United Official Fans Forum minutes:

‘PF asked when the club’s next set of accounts will be published.

The club explained that a date has not yet been set for publication but that the next set of accounts would detail the considerable financial impact of the club’s relegation to the Championship for the 2016/17 season.’

I think Newcastle fans have every right to be given a proper answer and explanation as to the delay.

It was 13 months ago when the last Newcastle United accounts were published and for whatever reason, the club chose to make public the following as a n additional note, the summer 2016 transfer window falling outside that (up to 30 June 2016) accounting period:

The Mag – 11 April 2017:

Extract from Newcastle United accounts for period up to 30 June 2016:

‘Subsequent to the balance sheet date the club has generated a net surplus of around £40m in respect of changes to the playing squad, a substantial proportion of the player sales are on deferred terms and will be received over the next 3-4 years, with the result that in the year ending 30 June 2017 there will be a net cash outlay with respect to these transfers.’

What this basically means, is that in summer 2016 Rafa Benitez made the club a £40m profit on transfers in and out BUT that a lot of that money they agreed/wanted to bank over a period of time from the buying clubs.

What the actual accounts for 31 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 actually contain is now awaited with interest, especially what they suggest to us about Mike Ashley’s future plans.

The Fans Forum minutes also failed to address exactly what is happening with the ‘board’ at Newcastle United, which at the moment only consists of Lee Charnley, who happens to be the also the only senior person that is publicly named as working at NUFC, although both Justin Barnes and Keith Bishop from Ashley’s inner circle are widely reported to wield the real power on behalf of Ashley at St James Park.

  • Paul Patterson

    I smell a fiddle ..

    • Cockneytrev


    • Wezza147

      Absolutely correct.
      Does anyone find a distinct pattern of whenever financial details are mentioned the Ashley’s apologists (paid disinformation clowns) appear like magic.
      Where is the TV money? They don’t even try and answer that one!

  • Lord

    NUFC will have incurred a £100 fine for filing late. There goes that budget for a new striker.

    • Leicester Mag

      Did we pay that much for the Hos? 😲😲

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Another curious case is this,
    is there a canny bit of cash lying around whilst the Pie Man was pleading poverty & telling Rafa he could have every penny.
    you`ve got to smell a Rat with a bunch of knaves running the club

  • Alex

    Must be taking a long time to add up the “Transfer Fees Paid Out” column.

  • Peaky

    Do the bunch of fuc*ing imbeciles who run this club never learn….there’s a massive rabbit off here….The HMRC will be poised,mark my words….🤬🤬🤬

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    I remember the accounts being late under the Halls and Shepherds so not a new thing. The will be some logical explanation behind it so no need to worry. However the figures will not make pretty reading as T.V. money will be well down. Again Ashley has put in loans to keep the club a float and to buy players. However that is seen as a bad thing on the Mag loans by Ashley to get us promoted.

    • Guest 2

      Ashley put in nowt. St James Holdings loaned £29 million in Dec 2016, £18 million went straight back to fatty. The remaining £15 million was to assist with operating costs due to the relegation.

      The whole £29 million was added to the club debt, now at £144 million.

      Not a single penny went on players. Not a single player was signed in the January ’17 window.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        With all due respect if Ashley ( Mash Holdings) had not put the extra money in to meet operating costs the money for players would have gone else where so hope you appreciate Ashley’ s efforts.

        • Guest 2

          St James Holdings / MASH. A PLC is not a person, dumb [email protected]@. NUFC owes a PLC £144 million as Ashley has ensured any ‘personal’ loans were repaid to him.

          No players were bought until July, dumb [email protected]@. No loans were made that bought players and ensured promotion.

          We all know how much you appreciate the parasite. The rest of us see him for what and who he is.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            It does not matter if it’s a person, a robot or a bank the principal is the same. If the loans had not been put in there would have been less money for players simple as. I find it very sad that you and others on here do not appreciate the good work which Mike Ashley has done. Yes he has made mistakes but so have other owners.

          • Guest 2

            The loan was made in Dec 2016, you Muppet. It paid for no players before then and paid for none afterwards.

            £15 million was for operating expenses, not players. I find it very sad that you have the mental capacity of a rocking horse.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            It does not matter if the loan was made before the war. There would still be thirteen million less in the bank at the time we bought the players. Do you get that the thirteen million extra was used for say operating costs or at a later date to buy players. If it had not been there in the bank other money would have been used for operating costs so well done Mr Ashley.

          • Guest 2

            Fella, you are as mad as a f’ing cuckoo! You said the loan helped secure promotion!

            Amazing. Money loaned 6 months into the season, which wasn’t spent on a single player – but it helped win promotion?

            And, £15 miilion, not 13. Of course, had the owner been as generous as you keep suggesting, he wouldn’t have ensured he repaid himself £18 million first.

            Every single penny owed to his companies is secured on club assets, yet the club got nothing off him for him taking the Gallowgate land. Generosity has sweet FA to do with anything connected to Ashley.

          • Paul Patterson

            Parachute payments and flogging high earning first team players got us promoted BOTH times. Nowt to do with Ashley generosity.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            In 2009/10 (promotion year) we lost £17m regardless of parachute payments. We also had a VAT case to settle which IRC was provided for in a previous year but still needed to be settled out of cashflow, someone had to finance that. We’d also lost £33m in 2007, £20m in 2008, £15m in 2009 someone had to finance that. It may or may not be the owners generosity to finance his company but it needed more money to operate / survive and that money had to come from somewhere.

          • Wezza147


          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Guest 2, I’m sorry, you are wrong. For a start, the loans are split, £111m owed to Mike Ashley personally, £33m to St James holdings.

            The additional £15m lent to the club in December helped gain promotion. Had it not been lent, the club could not afford to pay it’s operating costs so would have to finance that or sell players in January to finance it.

            I can’t see why you are getting in a pickle about the £33m replacing the £18m loan. The club needed up to £15m, not £33m. It’s an interest free loan, nobody wants to tie up money on an interest-free basis if they don;t have to, get real.

            Of course, money lent is secured on club assets, although he’s the owner, he needs to protect himself, he’s out for £144m!!!!

            You say “the club got nothing off him for him taking the Gallowgate land.” That’s simply not true. He (his company) paid over-value for the land / leases. The club received £6.3m for the car park lands / leases and MGM share holding. That’s more than the club received for any player in that season or the season before and made a whopping profit on what was a white elephant and had in reality £2.5m of realisable asset.

            As Monkseaton points out, Ashley made mistakes and by all means criticise him for them but don’t make rubbish up and pass it off as fact.

          • Toon Arnie

            Monkwearmouth Mackem – come on, this is just silliness. Your arguments are totally inconsistent and must surely be tongue in cheek as you simply can’t know as little about football or the club as your posts indicate ? Come on, time to give it up and reveal your true allegiance.

          • HarryHype59

            Monkwearmouth Mackem!


          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Will be there Saturday at Watford, Spurs Saturday only got five hundred and four away loyalty points wonder how many you and Jezza and Guest 2 have answers on one hand probably.

          • Toon Arnie

            504 loyalty points ! That’s ’sewper’ Monkwearmouth – i’m happy for you. I’ve got 258 points and will also be at Watford and Spurs and i’m even going on the right days !! You almost got away with that one.

          • Paul Patterson

            ‘Mistakes?’ Viagra couldn’t claim to have caused more self inflicted c**k ups than this owner . .

      • Leazes.

        Just block the tory Idiot

        • Guest 2

          He’s my pet idiot on here. Got to keep shooting down his moronic ramblings.
          Sold his soul for a few kids mascot appearances which he seems to think means Ashley personally appreciates him.

  • Fireman Sam

    The cost of relegation should be borne by Mike Ashley.

    He sees fit to pocket everything else, so he should pay when his idiocy leads to relegation

    • HarryHype59

      Ashley reminds me of someone who borrows your car and then crashes it and then offers to lend you the money for the repairs.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Which is what happened when his company lent the club £15m to get promoted.

  • Leicester Mag

    It’s the amortization of the Greggs Pasty debt that’s taking the time