Chelsea fans with some ‘interesting’ comments ahead of playing Newcastle on Sunday afternoon.

Many of them proving it isn’t just Arsenal supporters who have such a massive sense of entitlement.

You would think when reading what many of them had to say, that they had just experienced the most disastrous season ever.

Not one in which they have competed in the Champions League, still in with a chance of top four but fifth at worst.

Then the small matter of an FA Cup final to look forward to next Saturday and the fact they are the Premier League form team, with four wins in their last five matches.

Plus the small matter of actually winning the Premier League only 12 months ago, with this same manager and most of the same players.

The comments even range as far as not even bothering watching today’s game on TV, yes they are unlikely to get that fourth Champions League place but stranger things have happened.

You just wonder what many fans of clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea would be like if they were stuck in the bottom half of the Premier League season after season, or worse. Probably end up ‘supporting’ Man Utd or whoever else was delivering regular success…

Comments taken from various Chelsea message boards (Talk Chelsea, Shed End, CFC Net):

‘I’m going to give this one a miss. The last realistic shot at finishing in the top four was at home against Spurs and we were deservedly beaten.

A fitting end to a very disappointing league campaign. Both the manager and the players should hang their heads in shame.’

‘Liverpool are not Losing at home to Brighton. This is a dead rubber, play some of the kids.’

‘I hope he rests every single player he intends to start vs [Man] United

But he wont, we know he will play the team he should of started with yesterday [v Huddersfield], you know just in case a crucial player could get injured or a red card.’

‘I have to admit that a tiny part of my brain is wondering why I even bother…’

‘I’m anticipating the 12 hour round trip in the car to be the highlight of my Sunday…’

‘Hard game to call this.

Conte could play some of the kids but, knowing how dogmatic he is with his starting line up, it wouldn’t surprise me if he went with exactly the same team that started against Huddersfield, just to prove a point.’

‘If the footballing gods are looking down on us tomorrow it’s champions league for us next season.’

‘Have to take our chance and fight till the end, it’s not inconceivable for us to make it tomorrow but chances will be even lower if we don’t take it seriously.’

‘According to Lawrenson on football focus, Pool are struggling with a lot unfit players yet Brighton might not have much to play for except pride.

Us on the other hand with players somewhat annoyed by Conte’s selection for the last match makes it hard to judge how they will play.

We do have a final next weekend yet Conte is know to make some strange selections.’

‘I’d rather play the UEL next season and have a real chance of winning our 6th european trophy (which will see us only within 2 titles from Manure in terms of european and intl success) than hoping for a win from the seagulls and have a s*****y team next season in the UCL and be eliminated after the R16 !!! Plus, a european trophy will bring talents and help us build a strong team for the UCL! look at dippers for instance … they played the UEL 2016 final and now are in the UCL final !’

‘Made the mistake of telling SWMBO I wasn’t that bothered about this game, now she wants to go out for the afternoon.

Dont think she quite understood the difference between not bothered and not watching.’

‘If I remember, we have an awful record there.

But would be sod’s law Liverpool somehow end up with a shock loss to Brighton and we stuff up at Newcastle. Ugh.’

‘Can see TFSW using the match as an application for being Conte’s replacement

Remember this is Chelsea Football Club.’

‘If it’s the hope that kills you, and it is, then I’m still going to be alive come Monday.

I have absolutely no belief tomorrow will go the way we need. I wouldn’t be surprised if Liverpool win and we lose.

I hope he plays a strong team, but it’s a game too late unfortunately.’

‘We have dropped so many stupid points this season and for it to come down to this and for us to blame anyone other than ourselves is pathetic. We will achieve precisely what we have earned this season. Comparative mediocrity.

I fully expect us to win and for Liverpool to break our hearts in the 6th minute of added on time.’

‘Play whoever… We have a FA cup to win.. Or lose…’

‘1 more game and it’s over finally.’

‘Newcastle will beat us here, we hate going to SJP.’

‘To be honest, think we’re a long way off a CL winning team atm.

I don’t see the point in qualifying for a competition you’ve no chance of winning.

Ending up in the CL just to get beaten in the first knockout stage every year like Arsenal used to, doesn’t appeal to me. Would much rather give the Europa a proper bash next season.’

‘Give some youngsters a chance from the start and put others on the bench. They deserve it after a great season.

Hudson-Odoi and Sterling in starting eleven, Chalobah, McCormick, Grant, Maddox and Redan on the bench.’

‘Sky most be gutted that the only final day drama is us and Liverpool and that’s drama with a small D because they are going to slaughter Brighton who will be so on the beach they might as well come out wearing flip flops and sunglasses.

One really worrying thing for me is that Spurs have come higher than us in 3 out of the last six seasons. I know they’ve won f… all but that could be the norm for the next few seasons .’

‘We’re rubbish at Newcastle so dropping points probably a given. Be hilllarious if did pull if off though.. Surprise!!!

Not that we deserve it and probably way better off in Europa but would be fun.’

‘When we played this lot in 2007 it was probably the most boring game I’ve ever seen, it was 0-0 and I struggled to stay awake and I was in the pub.

We really have a p… poor record up there and this has draw written all over it.’

‘After the last week’s game lets hope the lads felt suitably embarrased by their poor performance and would like to do summet to show they can actually f… up teams of this caliber.

Lets give the fat Spanish waiter a good sending off.’

Newcastle v Chelsea Match Betting:

NUFC win 11/2Draw 16/5Chelsea win 4/7

Both teams to score in 1st half 7/2Perez to score 1st goal 19/2NUFC win 2-0 35/1

All Newcastle v Chelsea betting HERE

  • Leicester Mag

    When will the penny drop that expectations relate to ambition and that fans at virtually every other club wouldn’t tolerate the [email protected] we’ve taken for 10+ years. Loyalty doesn’t have to mean meek acquiescence

    • Wezza147

      If Rafa goes and Lascelles is sold I’m wondering if that will be the catalyst for action. It really can’t get any worse at that point!

      • TheFatController

        Agreed. But then you’ll be bombarded with ‘we could be doing a Coventry* ‘

        * insert name of any club with nowhere near the stadium size, following, recent European pedigree, etc etc that has dropped down the leagues

    • Toon

      Porter is too thick to understand

  • Leazes.

    Yes but Chelsea aren’t in the pee-wee League Mr Porter! You however are!

    You certainly know United’s place in the grand scheme of things and its bordering relegation where you seem happiest.

    What leaves me shaking my head is Lowes and Anderson, Ryder and Douglas, Macdonald and Gibson, You and your myriad of nom-de-plumes, constantly bending the truth in a quest for positives to say about the club and our stupid fans! Pander to their prejudices and tell them how wonderful they are when the team loses…. even ‘Wor Flags’ are in on the rubbish…. putting out the conservative mantra….’we’ll support you even you are pants’ and support the team not the regime!….

    How does that work Porter? Sunderland empty seats result in Short’s departure….Arsenal empty seats and they are shot of Wenger…. but all we get here is the mantra ‘turn up to line Ashleys pockets’…. wave your flag and everything’s hunky-dory!

    You darn fool!

    • GC

      You’re your usual ray of sunshine.

      • Leazes.

        Wave your flag!

        • panther

          im with Leazes on this, this will be my 12th season in exile, waiting for the fat ones departure, the irony is I probably wont be able to get a season ticket when he’s gone

    • Patience Dowswell

      Mick Lowes retired last season. Its Matthew `razor` Raisbeck now…

  • Ba ba.

    Went to Chelsea away in the 80s….tip of a, ground and 18k there…. Chelsea is a tourist attraction.

    • Leazes.

      So did I but I don’t worry about them being left behind by Spuds, Spam, and the R’se!… they’ll be getting a new ground unlike us, because Chelsea’s No. 1. supporter Ashley has removed the development land.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman


    • Albert Stubbins

      We had just over 17 k for home game against them in 1981. What exactly is your point?

      • Ba ba.

        Poor fans…. Same as us pre keegan then the bandwagon boys jumped on… 👍

  • Wor Lass

    ” … still in with a chance of top four but fifth at worst.” I remember when we finished fifth and a lot of the fans were screaming for Pardew`s head and telling anyone who would listen that it was all luck.

    • TheFatController

      Do you have evidence, research etc that ‘a lot of fans were calling for his head’ when we finished 5th?

      I thought they started calling for his head when he started going on appalling runs of form and appearing to be a toothless patsy for the owner …? As in ‘Anita is all we can get over the line…’ being the start of the downward spiral.

      • Phil K

        Well, it was down the Hughton’s good work we finished 5th but Pardew got the praise

      • Wor Lass

        I don`t need any research, I can just cast my mind back to the numerous battles I had with various characters on the Chron (I didn`t come on to the Mag then). It`s why I started posting – I got sick of reading how anything good was luck while anything bad was down to Pardew`s incompetence. Even his fellow managers were somehow conned into voting him manager of the year. I never liked him as a person but I just thought he deserved to be treated fairly. I suppose this post is research in a way – just read the other two replies to my comment.

    • panther

      It was all luck, when Cisse went off the boil, Ba stepped up, Tiote and Cabaye were immense all season, and we rode a hell of a lot of others share of luck that season, some of the goals we scored came from nowhere

  • Toon

    More Porter rubbish, one/two fans out of your selected comments warrant this pap? You were probs one of the fans who turned their back on Bobby for finishing 5th and now claim to be the loyalist fan in the land, sneering at every other clubs set of fans, typical Mag

  • gallowgate26

    Why are the comments always described as ‘interesting’? They are totally predictable and boring.

  • Callum

    Graham? Do you support Newcastle or Sunderland and then after them any team up against Newcastle? Why trawl oppents pages? Very very very very sad

  • Rich Lawson

    Dear G#d,with fans this negative you would think Wenger was replacing Conte next season ? Is it just a spoilt London thing,do they watch other teams results and situations ?

    • Coach Clagnut

      It’s a Lahndin fing…entitled innit

      • Rich Lawson

        And on the down side they can still win the F.A.Cup,unbelievable !!

  • Phil K

    Usual one or two decent comments.

    And yet the Lahnden rags call US “delusional” ???????