Newcastle loan striker Aleksandar Mitrovic has won the Championship player of the month award for the second month running.

After nine months with very little football, the Serbian striker eased his way into the Fulham team in February, making three league starts and scoring two goals.

After five goals in five matches in March, Mitro was named best player in the Championship.

Now after a further five goals in six starts, Aleksandar Mitrovic has once again picked up the official Championship player of the month award.

The Newcastle loan striker was up against Daniel Ayala (Middlesbrough), Lewis Grabban (Aston Villa) and Harry Wilson (Hull City).

This was the EFL Official website write-up when nominated:

Aleksandar Mitrovic (Fulham)

“A second successive nomination for March’s winner.

“Scored in five of his six games, including the winners against Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland.

“As well as his all-round contribution, his passion for the club as a loan player is striking.”

After picking up the award, Aleksandar Mitrovic:

“It feels great.

“I’m glad for the award but I’m even happier that the team is doing well and keep winning games.

“We have one game to go before the end of the regular season, so we have to focus on this game to try and win and see what happens with Cardiff.

“Coming to Fulham has gone much better than I could have ever expected and I hope it can continue.”

His Fulham loan boss also picked up the Championship Manager of the month award for April, having done an outstanding job.

Slavisa Jokanovic:

“April was a great month for us.

“It wasn’t an easy month, facing teams like Millwall who were still fighting for an important target and trying to win full points against Sunderland when they’re playing with no pressure.

“At the end of the month, it’s a great job, huge credit for my players and we’re looking at the next steps immediately ahead of us.

“We’re thinking only about the next challenge, which is getting three points against Birmingham and getting to 91 points for the season.”

  • TheNutJob

    more dosh for Fatty, it comes as no surprise that he`s doing the biz for Fulham,
    anyway i am bothered not, we have the Hoss & Slimani
    🐎 🐎

    • Leazes.

      I wish we has Shola back instead.

  • ghostrider

    There’s no doubting his value to a Fulham team and manager who knew how to use him.
    People say he’s found his level.
    Two months in a row player of the month, so if he’s found his level then every player outside of the premier league must have also found their level because they didn’t get player of the month consecutively….which means, no more players ever being bought by premier league clubs from the championship and all players from clubs who get promoted are simply championship standard.

    That’s how it works isn’t it?
    Or is it just when you have a gaffer like Rafa?

    Can anyone imagine…….seriously imagine what the uproar would have been if we had a non messiah manager who allowed Mitrovic to go on loan under the circumstances we were under with Joselu and what Mitrovic is doing now?

    There would have been lit torches and baying crowds walking the streets wanting the managers head on a stick, or cries of “lynch him, lynch him” echoing around the city.

    But because Rafa let him go, he’s found his level and is deemed not good enough. lmao.

    • Desree

      Itter rubbish. There would be no protests, just more [email protected] and moaning on the mag and chron message boards.

      • ghostrider

        People would be going off it and you know it.

        • Desree

          Yeh they would. On this message board.

          • ghostrider

            No, not just on this messageboard. In general.

          • Desree

            What? Like the Pardew out campaign that lasted until we won 5 on the bounce?

            Or the one time for the spurs game when maybe 15,000 fans didn’t go.

            10 years of dross has been endured, including Joe Kinnear twice, who incidentally never got the treatment you are suggesting Rafa deserves.

          • ghostrider

            I think you’re way way way over exaggerating with the 10 years of dross. Wy way out, but your bitterness of Ashley shines through.

            Oh, and what treatment am I saying Rafa deserves?

          • Desree

            It is closer to 14 years of dross. And absolutely no fan of Ashley. Are you employed by Cambridge Analytica?

          • ghostrider

            No, I’m employing my own thoughts into what I’ve seen over the years and how I perceive issues as they’ve happened over the years, under Ashley and those before him.
            And like I say, you over exaggerate (even further now) the dross.

          • Desree

            Maybe I just expect more and have higher standards?

          • ghostrider

            I expect more. I think we all do.
            It just depends on how far that expectation goes in terms of over achieving one season and getting over zealous for the next, only to see that over expectation wither away, which is when the bitterness comes out and the digs on the manager and players and owner start to go deeper and deeper.

    • Wor Lass

      Rafa`s the best manager we`ve had since SBR and the best person we`ve had at the helm since Chris Hughton. The only reason the fans have had any optimism for the future over the last two and a bit seasons is because of his presence and that`s also the only reason we`re not going to be nail-biting on the last Saturday. I don`t agree with everything he does – rejecting Mitro and Mbemba, for example, plus his negative set-up – but over all he is the man for the job, as far as Im concerned. If he stays then we have a chance of progressing, even under the current ownership. He seems to genuinely love the club, he has integrity, vast experience, a winning mentality and he`s a tactical genius.

      • ghostrider

        He’s doing ok as of late and hopefully he’ll do much better with a few signings where he can’t be put on a genius pedestal for keeping a supposed championship squad in the premier league.
        Chris Hughton is a better genius.

        • Wor Lass

          Chris Hughton came second to Rafa in the Championship.

          • ghostrider

            Yep he did, but he did it with a championship squad.

    • Billmag

      As usual more utter rubbish from the Rafa hater and non NUFC supporter, said it before and I will say to you if Rafa goes this club will implode make no mistake about that.

      • ghostrider

        You place too much god like idolisation on Rafa.
        He’s decent but no better than that, until he proves it.

        • Billmag

          You put him down too much, he isn’t God like he’s the the life line between success and oblivion, if only your God like owner whom you praise so much had the same ambition as Rafa.

          • ghostrider

            It’s easy for a manager to have ambition when it’s not his own money.
            How much ambition would Rafa have if he had to fund everything out of his own pocket?
            The problem with football clubs is, they are a sporting set up for fan entertainment but also a business that has to be managed correctly to thrive or simply stay afloat in the environment in which it’s capable of achieving.

            This club manages it and it could be argued that it economises too much at times but also it can spend when safe to do so.
            Call it greed or naivety or simply malice, but the reality is, it’s a club that has to be built up with every managerial change and based on the trust of it.

            I don’t generally put Rafa down, I put his tactics down and his dealings with certain players, down, at times when I believe he deserved it.

            I’ve praised him when he’s deserved it, as well but I’m not going to blow smoke up his aris just for the sake of it.

          • Billmag

            What an absolute load of vomit you never ever praise Rafa you come on this message board with your usual diarrhoea, this club manages what exactly ie how to get relegated twice in 11 years and 2 or 3 near misses all for the sake of being self sufficient I would call it miss management. You say Rafas sides don’t entertain, now you tell me what’s entertaining about your God not wanting to be in any cup competition’s and making sure various managers just getting enough money to survive.

          • ghostrider

            Not wanting to be in any cup competitions?
            An easy thing to say but it’s not strictly true, is it?
            Maybe cup competitions are secondary to the real bread and butter but that goes with all teams depending on circumstances.

            This club is better managed than a lot of clubs in the premier league.
            Many of the clubs that appear better managed, are running on handouts.

          • Billmag

            Not strictly true about cup competition’s, Brighton away on national TV springs to mind.

          • ghostrider

            What about it?

      • Popnbgd

        If someone criticizes Rafa’s decisions that doesn’t necessarily imply hate for Rafa…Rafa did ok…nothing miraculous…First half of the season his team selection and substitutions were questionable and experimenting with 4-4-2 formation seemed ineffective…His cardinal sin was not using Mitro and Rafa has no valid reason to mistreat the lad…Rafa’s work in NU has been blown out of proportion and reason he gets away with it is his name and the fact he has coached top teams and has been successful in the past…With all due respect,you are out of touch…

    • Kneebotherm8

      He’s not the messiah…………he’s a very naughty boy….

  • Mrkgw

    Bring him back to Newcastle. Ever more shocking this ridiculous situation.

    • Billmag

      No way we need to move on and use the money we get from him to hopefully get an upgrade.

      • Mrkgw

        Thing is, what would be an upgrade? Given a run of games, look at what Mitro can do. He was never, ever afforded that by Rafa. And this theory of him being Championship standard is well wide of the mark. He scored Premiership goals vs top sides when he joined us. Even if Rafa wanted him back, we would be lucky if he were to return. For me, a massive own goal by the club this. Absolutely massive.

        Plus, don’t ever believe that we will see benefits of the cash generated by a sale. Lose for us all round.

        • Billmag

          You have to put your trust in the manager, now who would you rather have at the club a hit and miss Mitro or a top manager like Rafa making difficult decision’s.

          • Mrkgw

            A top Manager would be top of everyones list – no doubt there. But, hard to get my head round this Mitro thing. Jezza has explained the training theory and Ashley wanting to cut the wage bill. Strange and unacceptable situation though.

  • Leazes.

    Hello Mark

  • Mike

    Cashing! Ashley be lovin this ££££££

  • Mxpx

    Rafa doesn’t know what to do with mitrovic that’s the real problem I think since he’s clearly a goal machine when properly utilised he should redesign the team to accommodate a number 9 as well gayle and joselu are getting us nowhere