There were claims in recent days that Fulham are determined to land Aleksandar Mitrovic before he heads off to the World Cup in Russia with Serbia.

Now the London Evening Standard are reporting that this is definitely the case, according to what they have been told via their Fulham sources.

However, they say that is also 100% dependent on them beating Aston Villa on Saturday in the play-off final.

The need is twofold, for Fulham to be able to afford to buy Mitro off Newcastle, plus of course for the Cottagers to be a Premier League club to satisfy the player’s ambitions. Plus of course from Newcastle’s point of view, money to be added to Rafa Benitez’ transfer budget this summer.

The report says they expect to pay at least £15m for the striker but Slavisa Jokanovic has been reinforcing just how all-consuming Wembley will be to the club on Saturday.

The Fulham boss summing up the importance: ‘It is one game where we have an opportunity to cross this magic line.’

The result will be integral to not only the future of Aleksandar Mitrovic but to a number of others as well, including Jokanovic himself.

The Fulham boss has one year to run on his contract and irrelevant of what happens against Villa, he has plenty of admirers. With the Standard saying even Chelsea are interested in him as a possible replacement for Antonio Conte, Jokanovic was a player there for a couple of seasons back in the early 2000s.

It is easy to forget just what a great job Slavisa Jokanovic did at Watford and how badly he was treated.

Watford started the 2014/15 season with Beppe Sannino in charge until 31 August 2014, Óscar García 2–29 September, Billy McKinlay 29 September-7 October and then finally Slavisa Jokanovic from 7 October until summer 2015.

At a chaotic club he did a remarkable job in getting them promoted to the Premier League, only for their eccentric owners to replace Jokanovic.

So he is basically a Premier League manager already, in all but name.

You have to feel that this all or nothing for Fulham this weekend.

A win and promotion would/could see them keep the manager, sign Aleksandar Mitrovic (and others), plus keep exciting talents such as teenager Ryan Sessegnon. A defeat and easy to see it all falling apart.

Slavisa Jokanovic talking to the Standard:

“I am only thinking about the (play-off) final and I do not have time to think about different things (such as what happens after that).

“I have enough important jobs at the moment to think about these kinds of situations.

“I have a contract and that is it. I am not thinking about my future or about players’ futures.

“What is important is the game against Villa and after this game we are going to see.

“A huge job is ahead of my team and myself.

“It is an opportunity to be part of the best football league in the world….one game where we have an opportunity to cross this magic line.”

  • Alex

    Despite them waving a bunch of pound notes in our direction, they can fekk off. There are enough London / southern clubs in the EPL already. No lover of Villa, but would rather have a big northern / midland club in the Premiership than li’l ol’ Fulham.

    • Paul Patterson

      Don’t like the way Villa fans go on with us. They seem to dislike us for some reason. I’d pick Fulham and we have a buyer for Mitrovic if they come up. It’s a win/win.

  • Paul Patterson

    It would be nice if we saw all of that supposed £15m pumped back into transfers. Sadly I fear Ashley and Charnley will do what they always do and fiddle with the decimal point . .

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    If they don`t come up i can see them selling Sessegnon with the bidding starting at
    £50m so they could afford Mitro,
    but will the manager stay & would Mitrovich go to a championship club on a permanent basis

  • Mxpx

    Britt asombalonga went for 15m last summer (a good but not prolific player) so by my estimates mitrovic has to be at least 25m Fulham can’t pay this without promotion surely?

  • Rich Lawson

    Fulham deserve to go up just for finishing 3rd by a good margin and just off 2nd.They have played good football nearly all season and if a win helps them buy Mitro’ and gets the topic off here then good luck to them. Quite apart from that,don’t want the cynical Bruce/Terry axis to go up.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    The Premier League is in danger of becoming a Southern league with ten teams all a long way from Newcastle we do not want another one.

  • MadMag83

    If they get promoted, surely they’ll have enough money to pay more than a pathetic £15m? It’s not like the Fulham owner is short of a few quid anyway.

    • Lord

      Our owner isn’t short of a few quid either….💸

      • thewildchimp

        Well, our owner is penny-pinching and theirs is bidding for Wembley, so… I think he’ll pay if the deal is fair.

  • Gianfranco Shola

    We should wait till after the World Cup to sell him, all it takes is for him to score 3 or 4 goals and take Serbia to the quarter finals and we’ll be looking at 30m plus such is the crazy market nowadays

    • Paul Patterson

      The trouble is, we will be waiting for him to leave before incoming deals are made ..

  • thewildchimp

    I think that the main job Fulham needs to do is securing Sessegnon staying. Hypothetically speaking, if they fail on Saturday, but keep their squad, they should buy Mitro nonetheless. They’ve lost a single game in the second half of the season – with this team they’d blast the Championship competition away next year. But they’ll probably go up this year, anyway.

  • Mrkgw

    Forget the previous with supporters – I want Villa to beat Fulham.