Aleksandar Mitrovic is only focused on Saturday and Wembley stadium.

Then after the play-off final he says he will be only focused on the World Cup with Serbia.

Only at the conclusion of his adventure in Russia, does Aleksandar Mitrovic say he will think about where he plays his club football next season.

Events of course will surely overtake that, as with his recent form of the last three months there will be no shortage of interested clubs. If Fulham beat Villa then they will surely look to strike early and their rich ambitious owner look to tie up the striker on a permanent deal.

Ironically, despite his recent goalscoring form, one of the few clubs you can surely rule Mitro out of playing for next season, is Newcastle.

Supporting NUFC from being a kid, Alan Shearer was a major influence, as well as the black and white stripes that matched Partizan Belgrade’s.

Only this week, Roy Hodgson gave Aleksandar Mitrovic the highest praise when saying he thought the Serbian’s play reminded him of Shearer.

Roy Hodgson:

“Fulham also have Mitrovic, who probably produced the best display of target play I have seen for a long while the other night.

“He used his body well to hold the ball up and either turn the defender, or bring others into the play, a bit like Alan Shearer really.”

Interviewed ahead of Saturday’s game, Mitrovic reaffirms how he always studied how the legendary Newcastle number nine played, admitting he still studies his goals now on YouTube.

Maybe on Saturday after getting the better of John Terry and scoring the winner, we will see Aleksandar Mitrovic doing the one arm raised Shearer celebration at Wembley.

Aleksandar Mitrovic talking to Sky Sports:

“The way I play here (at Fulham) is the way I like to play… it’s perfect for me here and the gaffer (Slavisa Jokanovic) uses me in the best way he can.

“I always looked at how Alan Shearer and Didier Drogba played  – it was almost magic that way they used their body to score goals.

“Even now I watch some of their goals on YouTube to try and learn from them.

“I needed the game time and to be on the pitch to score goals, I feel good and haven’t been in better shape in my career.

“The gaffer is tough, he never shows love(!), but he has helped me a lot and gave me my confidence back – he trusts my abilities and I need to feel that from my manager.

“He trusts the whole team and that’s the reason why we play good football.

“I just want to win and it doesn’t matter what it takes,I don’t like to lose and all Serbians are pretty much the same.

“I don’t even like to lose when I’m playing video games with my brother, when I do lose I get really mad.

“I had some problems in the past when I made some stupid mistakes and got some stupid cards, but I learned a lot from this, and now I know how to calm myself down.

“Since I came to England I think I have settled and made my body a lot stronger, now I think I have learned how to use my strength in the right way.

“I have loved my time here (at Fulham) and I don’t know what will happen after, right now I’m just focused on Saturday (for the play-off final) and then the World Cup.”

Fulham v Aston Villa Match Betting:

Mitro to score first goal 19/5Fulham to win in 90 minutes 13/10Mitro to score in both halves 18/1

All Fulham v Aston Villa betting HERE

  • Dillon Tovak

    Ah that’s how Newcastle scout players too, there’ll be a job for Mitro when he retires.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Wears his heart on his sleeve & gives his all, watched him a few times playing for Fulham & he looks fit & sharp & i`m hoping they win tomorrow as they play football as it should be played & they`ll buy him

  • Wor Lass

    Good luck tomorrow, Mitro. You`re not Big Al and you won`t ever be but you`re a decent target man and a good kid. Put a few mill on your price tag – it`s the fat fookah`s round on Sunday!

  • Leazes.

    Good luck to Villa tomorrow we need proper football clubs in the Prem not London Pub teams.

    • Mrkgw

      Very well said Leazes. Likewise, I’d prefer a Villa win.

      • Paul Patterson

        Not after they danced on our grave in 2009. We also have a buyer for Mitrovic if Fulham go up . .

        • TheNutJob


        • Leazes.

          That was just the newspapers kicking off …. including our own Ryder. I’ve nothing at all against Villa fans

      • TheNutJob


    • Andy Mac

      Sarcasm is hard to recognise on social media. I’m guessing you know how much defeat would mean to those of a claret and blue persuasion ? Another year in the EFL, another season with almost zero budget and the chance they’d go bust ?

      • TheNutJob


    • TheNutJob

      👎 👎

    • Peaky

      I’ve hated Fulham since Damien Duff goaded our supporters after he’d left us….bitter taste….plus I hate that pryck from Pointless who’s a Fulham fan…..

  • Mxpx

    Its interesting I wonder how many he could score if he replaced shearer in the entertainers clearly he’s not a geordie but I think given the chance he could have been just as much of a geordie as pavel was would dearly love to see him scoring 20 for us next season but I knew its a fantasy this being said hope he pops up with a winner tommorow I don’t mind who wins as long as they earn it

    • Mrkgw

      Yes, would rather he returned to St James than left. All down to the regime and Rafa I guess.

    • GlasgowMag

      Shearer scored goals at every club he was at!!! If Keegan was looking at replacing him at the time this lad would not of been anywhere near being considered!! The only comparison Mitro has with Shearer could be made today but then again Shearers well into his 40’s and I bet you he’s still quicker!!!😂😂 Good luck to the lad but the only striker I would keep for next season would be Perez the rest can go!!!

      • Rich Lawson

        liked that,reminds me of the Bill Shankly quote when some journo’ said to him ”Tony Curries performance today is like Tom Finney’s ? ”Yes,but Tom’s 57 now”

  • Andy Mac

    The two things Mitro’s got going for him are
    1. His love for NUFC/fans
    2. His prolific scoring rate when played in an attacking three

    We brought him in as a young promising player and the poor bgr got shoved straight in at the deep end while Cabs and Thauvin were allowed to slink off back to France.

    OK Rafa doesnt like him but if we’re about to splash out on a proven striker wouldnt we be better off with a goal scoring sub instead of Joselu (wash my mouth out :) ?

    • TheNutJob

      🐎 🐎 🐎

  • TheNutJob

    Fulham & Mitro to pagger Brucie`s Villa today, then watch them SOB, lovely jubbly.
    then onto the big one and i can`t see the scousers beating the Mighty Real Madrid
    support your player instead of a bunch of weirdo`s with dodgy accents.
    Viva Fulham, viva Real Madrid.
    👍 👍

    • Wor Lass

      I love Real but I`m supporting the Brits tomorrow. Well, a couple of them are – plus a mackem! My scouse mates have painted their skip red for the occasion.

      • TheNutJob

        Michael will be wearing his Real shirt all day, there`s no chance of him supporting Liverpool he`s been Madrid mad since we were kid`s. we`re supporting Mitro & watching both games

        • Wor Lass

          I`m still going 8-all after extra time.

      • Leazes.

        No… Liverpool are too good at cup finals, sod em….I don’t wish them any success at all, not that I like the Castilians any better…… Barca are the peoples club! Surprised at you SE France is Catalunya territory!

        • Wor Lass

          No – I`m near the other end of the Pyrenees – Basque country. We don`t like anyone else!

      • JonMag

        what about their bins ?

        • Wor Lass

          They can`t paint the bins `cos they eat out of them.

      • panther

        painted their house red?

        • Wor Lass

          That`s what I said.

  • JonMag

    Attitude problem can`t be trusted, 1 booking in 3 months & a boat load of goals albeit in the championship says otherwise, he`s the best striker at Newcastle although that`s hardly a ringing endorsement considering what we have.
    20 odd games Joselu had, end product 4 goals. Rafa makes some very dubious decisions & loaning this guy out was one of them.
    get him sold & let Penfold buy another chump to replace him, talk of £20m plus strikers is pure fantasy expect a loan job or some obscure guy nobody but his mam has ever heard of

  • ghostrider

    Good luck to Mitro today. I hope he scores a hat trick and then goes to the world cup and has a good world cup.
    I hope Fulham sign him if they go up, because it would be a massive step back for him if he comes back to Newcastle under Rafa.

    If he does all the things mentioned above I think there could be a bidding war on him.
    I hope he destroys Villa.

    • TheNutJob


  • Jonathan Gibson

    Mitro is in the limelight at the moment and having a golden streak in the championship with a very attack minded team, however i for one have no doubts rafa made the right choice with mitro, he is not a premier league centre forward, hes a carthorse who is always second best against top centre halves, if we get anything north of £15m for him would be unbelievable buisness to put towards a top rate prospect such as tammy abraham in the £30m+ bracket who i hope rafa goes back in for with his solid chelsea connections.

    • JonMag

      he scored 9 goals in his first season at Newcastle in the premiership, he also scores on a regular basis on the international stage,
      Tammy Abraham`s scored 5 league goals in 31 games last season,
      slightly better than Joselu

      • Jonathan Gibson

        Im just not and never will be a fan of mitro, i follow newcastle on the road away and in pre seasons as well and with my own eyes just dont rate the man, to compare him with shearer is a complete joke. Swansea were diabolical last season, one of the best european young footballers from portugal looked garbage in that team, i say tammy because thats who rafa wants and rafa knows best.

        • JonMag

          i have in no way compared him with Shearer & by the way until Kenedy & Dubravka arrived we were garbage all i`m doing is giving you the facts

          • Jonathan Gibson

            I didnt say you did, im refering to the article, totally agree with the loan lads, turned the season on its head, jojo and diame came to life at the turn of the year when kenedy was a great outlet

    • panther

      Abrahams doesnt do it for me like

  • MagpieG

    Nowt against the lad and I hope he does well v Villa but while 12 goals in 17 games is a good return for Fulham it’s actually a worse minutes per goal ratio than Gayle got for us in the Championship. The fact is he let himself down at NUFC with poor discipline and poor effort in training. Rafa doesn’t trust him and I’ll take his word for it.

    • JonMag

      you shouldn`t believe what you read in the media, he has had no problems at Fulham, as for training some of the best players out there are not good trainers, maybe you think Joselu`s better than Mitrovich because he trains hard. his season went well did it not

      • MagpieG

        Never said Joselu was better, I actually don’t think there’s a class striker at the club at the minute. My point was Mitro fans are raving about him scoring in the Championship while forgetting that strikers such as Gayle have even better records but can’t cut it in the Prem. Like I said Rafa has done pretty well with an average (at best) squad, he makes mistakes like anyone but I’ll trust his judgement on this one.

        • Mike Adam

          Not offensively, we were shut out 15 times!!!

      • Vodkamagpie

        Rafa would say joselu is better than mitrovic. Because he follows instructions and plays for the team

  • kingfisher

    Mitro knows if Fulham win then they will sign him,but if they lose then it’s back to the Newcastle nightmare so he will be hyped up and looking for blood.What are the odds of him being booked or sent off early doors? 😁

    • JonMag

      i would say his incentive would be to stay on the pitch & his current manager seems to know how to handle him.

    • TheNutJob

      i think he`ll deck JT

      • kingfisher

        So not all bad news then Nutty ?

  • TheNutJob

    pay your taxes Michael Tabor do not use betvictor

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Do they not pay out? A bit like Bet Jezza

  • panther

    Get yourself a medal Mitro lad, you deserved better here, he’ll end up a suerstar and another one slipped through our fingers

  • robbersdog

    Well done to Mitro – he played a massive part in Fulham’s promotion season and I think he’ll end up there next season.