Alan Shearer has reacted to the England squad announced by Gareth Southgate on Wednesday.

The England boss revealing his 23 players (see below) who will be on the plane to Russia, barring injury etc.

If there are any injuries that prevent players taking up the opportunity, Southgate also named five standby players – Tom Heaton, James Tarkowski, Lewis Cook, Jake Livermore and Adam Lallana.

One name that was missing and became the focus of national debate, not just a ‘local’ one, is Jonjo Shelvey.

The Newcastle midfielder much talked about but missing from the list.

Whilst he had garnered a lot of public support, just like Jamaal Lascelles, Shelvey hadn’t been called up for a single previous Southgate squad. Those squads including one only two months ago when Jonjo Shelvey wasn’t included even though 27 players were brought together, whilst in November there were numerous withdrawals from a Southgate England squad and the manager chose to bring in all kinds of alternatives, whilst still ignoring Shelvey.

Asked about Wednesday’s squad announcement, Alan Shearer says that he would have picked Shelvey ‘just to add something a little different’, which I think was the consensus amongst many neutrals also, as well as Newcastle fans.

However, Shearer says that the squad was ‘pretty much as expected’, which very much sums it up – the public might have chosen a few different players but Gareth Southgate had made clear with his previous squads just who he was going to pick.

Alan Shearer speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live:

“If it was me picking the squad, I perhaps would have had Shelvey, just to add something a little different.

“He would bring a calmness on the ball.

“He would be someone whose first thought would be a forward pass.

“But I think it’s pretty much as expected.”

Gareth Southgate’s 23 man squad:





















Loftus Cheek







  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Can`t have players passing the ball forward in an England team managed by an idiot like Southgate.
    I gave up on England years ago, the FA`s run by a myriad of Penfold`s who haven`t got a clue about football & i`ve said many times that as soon as they meet a competent team England will be on the plane home only for Southgate to be planning the next disaster.

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Aye I wont be bothering much to tune in.

      Shelvey should have been on the plane. Feel for the lad as he wanted it and in my opinion plus many others deserved it.

      His temprement is too conveninent an excuse that fans watching him all the time will see through.

      Anycase for NUFC its great news. The most entertaining part now will be when Southgate falls on his sword with media sharpening knives with should have took Shelvey…

  • Peaco

    I find world cups highly depressing; that the manager of the national team has had next to no experience of successful club management sums it up. I’ll probably pick a ‘fun’ South American or African team to follow-watching England will be the usual dour tripe, followed by an ‘inquest’ asking all the same questions, coming up with the same answers but with nothing changing.

  • 1ewis

    Imagine on the final group match, Vardy and Shelvey coming on together on the 70th mins with fresh legs.

    • Fireman Sam

      Those two should be first names on the team sheet

  • Paul Patterson

    Two players that should be going that aren’t are Shelvey and former Toon player Andros Townsend. But heaven forbid picking someone creative and the anti Newcastle bias continues. A boring, safe squad.

    • Fireman Sam

      Team should be 442 diamond

      Gk Butland
      Rb walker
      Cb McGuire
      CB Lascelles
      LB Young
      Dm Dier
      Cm Shelvey
      RW Townsend
      Lw Sterling
      Cf Vardy
      Cf Kane

  • Fireman Sam

    Southgate will be a catastrophe in Russia, he will no doubt leave Vardy on the bench and the usual FA favourites in the team. Shelvey and Lascelles are best enjoying the month off with their families and getting their minds focuses on next season.

    Hopefully they will be supported in this by Rafa actually being allowed to spend ‘our clubs’ money and not the usual Mike Ashley farce.

  • FatParosite

    People really need to grow up about this. I don’t care. Going to the WC means fatty gets those sell-able assets in the window to punt on at the highest price. Ultimately the money goes to him & we still lose…. No Newcastle bias, no southern media hatred. Nobody wants to treat the cancer, just want to complain about the symptoms.

  • John D Williams

    I would sign Vardy for Newcastle. Imagine we are under pressure one long pass from Shelvey for vardy to run onto, one up. He will have a relaxing summer because he will only get 3 x 15 minute run outs.

  • Toon

    Could not care less about England, I’d rather Shelvey puts his feet up for 6 weeks and puts in some quality for NUFC next season. What does England success mean to Geordies? It will just bring back patting and money for already over paid FF employees and bigger contracts and extra hype for Southgate and are “heros”

  • robbersdog

    Cahill has had a poor season, but he’s in the squad and Lascelles hasn’t even had a sniff of a call-up. In my opinion, Jamaal is even more deserving of a squad place than Shelvey, and the fact that Southgate continues to ignore him is a bit odd.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Southgate is a bit odd….full stop..

    • Jezza

      Cahill plays for the right team, Shelvey and Lascelles don’t. Simple as that.

      • robbersdog

        Yep, you’re quite right Jezza.

  • Dingus

    Excluding keepers (none of whom are particularly good), the England squad represents just 7 teams. Manchester Blue/Red, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, and Leicester. It is clearly a squad picked by agents and the FA, with no input the manager.

    Gareth Southgate, you little puppet.

    • Jezza

      I would say that over the past 50 years the media have had just as much say as successive England managers in who gets picked for the national team. Nowadays, as you say, it could well be that agents have also got a lot of influence. One thing is certian, the England team has never been picked on merit.

  • LEE

    Another squad picked by the FA for their puppet.
    I fail to see what Loftus cheek brings to the table, Zaha (ivory coast) does everything at Palace where as Shelvey makes us tick.
    we dont have one playmaker in MF