Saturday finished Newcastle 3 Chelsea 0.

Rafa’s team dominated this match from start to finish.

The visitors never really got going, whilst the home side never really stopped.

It wasn’t just effort but some great football as well, a brilliant way to end the season.

The Editor asked me beforehand to write about 3 positives and 3 negatives from the game.

Here goes…


Ending the 4 game losing streak

Obviously it is always a positive if you win a game of football, but to finish the season with a win against last seasons champions, rather than on what would have been a five game losing streak, is massive. What we have learnt from this team, and especially a few of the players (Shelvey, Diame, Perez), is that confidence is key.

On a separate note, both Perez and Shelvey received the accolades on Sky after the game (rightly so because they both were brilliant) but Lejeune and Diame were head and shoulders the best two players on the pitch for me.

Had anyone told me at the start of the season that we would finish 10th and beat Arsenal, Chelsea and Man United along the way at SJP, then I honestly don’t think any realistic fan could have asked for much more.

Great to finish the season on a high.

A goal for Gayle

It might have been a tap-in from one yard out but a goal is a goal.

I actually think that will be his last goal for Newcastle. Everyone knows Rafa is after a new striker, and if there are any Championship clubs out there looking for a striker to push them to promotion next season, then they could do a lot worse than Dwight Gayle for £10-£12 million. He hasn’t been good this season, but lets not forget that his goals were critical in bringing us up from the Championship, should always be welcomed back on Tyneside if he does go.

Likewise, Ayoze Perez was brilliant again yesterday. A player in his position would still be one of my top priorities this summer though.

I wrote around Christmas time that I didn’t rate Perez at all. Since then, he has done well and scored massive goals, and provided some key assists. Has he been one of our best players since Christmas? Yes. Do I now think he is a world beater? No, not really. Lets not get too ahead of ourselves. If the likes of Perez, Ritchie, Gayle, Diame, Shelvey is where fans are setting the standard, then I would worry a lot for next season.

Those guys should be the absolute minimum standard of player in our squad. Any players being brought in this summer that are even the slightest below the standard of the aforementioned players, shouldn’t be signed at all.

The Fans

The support from the fans has been brilliant all season. There isn’t another group of supporters I have come across in this country that seem to get louder and louder the more they get kicked.

Also, well done to the guys behind the flags, the Gallowgate corner, and block V. I think they have been instrumental in keeping everyone going at times. Without those, I fear many of the boo boys would have taken over at several points of the season.

I didn’t hear the Chelsea fans at all from the Gallowgate. They will probably complain that their team didn’t try, which is true, but really, do Chelsea fans try anyway? One of the few groups of supporters that I get some pleasure out of seeing do badly.

Best of luck to Kenedy going back to Stamford Bridge next season… I am sure he will never receive half of the adulation there than he would at SJP.


Mike Ashley made it a whole season without attending one game at SJP since Spurs on opening day

Ah, the pantomime villain. Who on earth wrote that? Keith Bishop is the most likely culprit, but dare I say it, I find it hard to believe that Keith Bishop would be daft enough to come out with rubbish like that. Either way, there is obviously no way that Mike Ashley wrote that statement, suggested it, or even saw it with his own eyes.

The statement was nothing other than an act of PR. I think you would be naïve to hope that that Ashley or Charnley will change their behaviour this summer. One thing is for sure, is that Mike Ashley could not care less about Newcastle United finishing in a European place or winning a trophy.

For me, this publicity stunt wasn’t something that was written before the game. My money would be on Keith Bishop taking in the game, seeing us win 3-0, seeing the fans get behind the team, seeing Benitez take in the adulation from the fans after the game and saying to himself “I’ll be having none of that – we’re in charge – don’t get too excited.”

For 45 minutes after the final whistle, Rafa was again untouchable, in a fantastic position to demand what he wants with the backing of the fans… that statement goes a long way to telling Rafa who is really in charge here (That is Keith Bishop and Justin Barnes most likely).

Did Chelsea make us look good?

Most of those Chelsea players have a cup final next week and a World Cup this summer. Given what we have seen in recent weeks with the likes of Neymar, Dani Alves and Oxlade Chamberlain getting injured and probably missing the World Cup, it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of those Chelsea players weren’t putting it in to avoid injury.

Chelsea are a big team with a lot of good players, but I would suggest to most fans, not to let the result go to their heads. This was a Chelsea team playing for nothing (remember they probably came out for the second half knowing the Liverpool game was wrapped up), and although you can only play what is in front of you, I would urge on the side of caution in terms of getting too excited based on this result.

The lack of depth is still alarming

Rafa constantly making comments over the past few weeks about the need to make changes towards the end of the season. However, Jacob Murphy is the only player who has been given a chance in recent weeks. On the other hand, the likes of Joselu, Haidara, Manquillo show that Rafa really doesn’t have much to play with.

Obviously we need a striker this summer but I would argue we need two! Let’s be honest, if we do sign a decent striker, and he gets injured, then we are still screwed!

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 3 Chelsea 0


Newcastle: Gayle 23, Perez 59, 63

Possession was Chelsea 58% Newcastle 42%

Total shots were  Chelsea 6 Newcastle 16

Shots on target were Chelsea 2 Newcastle 6

Corners were  Chelsea 2 Newcastle 4

Referee: Martin Atkinson

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Lejeune, Dummett, Ritchie (Hayden 72), Shelvey, Diame (Haidara 87), Murphy, Perez, Gayle (Joselu 48)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Manquillo, Gamez, Merino

Crowd: 52,294 (3,000 Chelsea)

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  • Oval85

    Those negatives are NOT new and NOT something you’ve found out by watching the Chelsea game… rubbish.

    • Wor Lass

      Why so down on the lad? Ashley MADE IT a whole season ….. Made it with THIS game. He couldn`t have said that BEFORE the game. Did Chelsea make us look good? – ie on the day. He`s reflecting on THAT game. “The lack of depth is still alarming” – note the use of the word STILL. Anyway, who says the observations have to be “new”?

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Merino is another who gets little game time. Yes the fans were excellent this season apart from a couple of away games during the bad spell when the idiots started the anti Ashley chants which really helps the confidence of the team. You cannot blame Ashley for not attending the games with the abuse the idiots give him. He has put £279m into the club and all he gets is stick. I think the Halls and Shepherd put in a million that’s all. Times have changed and the fans must realise we have not got a pot of gold.

    • Oval85

      There’s a reason for Merino not playing more, and that is Diame and Shelvey… easy as that.
      He struggled with recovery with his back in december and the pain didn’t go away for a while.
      When he did get fit enough though, Shelvey and Diame was firing on all cylinders, and consistency is key when you are in a relegationbattle.

      • mentalman

        that doesn’t explain why you bring on a left back in midfield over an actual midfielder

    • Andy Mac

      “He has put £279m into the club” since when the share price/value of Shlte Direct has rocketed. In 2007 you could buy a share for 93p by March 2014 that same share would cost £8.36p. Even now they’re trading at over £4 each. Who knows how much he’s raked in via NUFC Direct plus there’s all the out sourcing via Sodexo and the like. I’ve always assumed there have to have been kickbacks somewhere along the line ?

      The Fat Oaf has done very well out of his association with this club !

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Yes but no one else has put a million pound into Newcastle and it does not look like they will either.

      • Come&TakeIt1836

        A business outsources to a company such as Sodexo because of Sodexo’s purchasing power, economies of scale within their field, specialized niche management capabilities, and they get the blame if something goes wrong. The purchasing power of the whole of Sodexo gets them food and paper-good prices that cover their fees and still saves their client’s, in this case NUFC, money versus having handled that niche of the business themselves. It is in the financial efficiencies gained that save NUFC money, not kickbacks – Sodexo would stringently defend their business/legal ethics I’m pretty sure. Whether they deliver on the game day experience adequately is subjective. If someone got sick off food they managed/served, then they have to be responsible for the repercussions and not generally the club directly.

        • Andy Mac

          To borrow from the mighty Bard “Methinks the lady doth protest too much” ?

          So the loansharks sponsorship ? No kickbacks there either ?

  • Leazes.

    Why is anyone surprised that Mike Ashley made it a whole season without attending one game at SJP?…… he doesn’t care for the club….he said so!…. he likes the fans even less.

    You know a lot of people still think he’s plundering the accounts, he’s not!….. he’s taking about the same out as the Hall and Shepherd families at about £5m per season via unpaid advertising and whatever he’s squeezing out of merchandising…. its still too much because it means we can’t punch our true weight…. thats is the wage of a top striker!

    So why is he holding on to the club? is it just for free advertising for his online SD outlet, no I don ‘t think so, I think he enjoys the power of being able to kick the dog whenever he feels like it.

    ….Here Rafa…. here boy, sit!

    • Oval85

      I’m not!

      • Leazes.

        Good for you.

        • Oval85

          I’m not so sure… I might actually enjoy delusional more right now.

  • Leazes.

    I don’t get some of the flags either…. maybe its the idea of being preached at by some adolescent doing a fabric design course at College, some of them have been a little bit less than punchy and Flags for the sake of flags with a sugared spoonful of a home-spun ethos…. ‘where there is Unity there is a Always Victory’…. is a bit daft really as its not true…. ‘might’ is usually the victor in most things.

  • panther

    Plenty of positives, and we all know what the one negative is, it loves white shirts and money

    • Leazes.


      • panther

        I know but every photo you see, he’s always in a white shirt

  • Peaky

    Lascelles been sold yet ???? Just checking….I’ll ask again Thursday once the window has opened….

  • Damon Horner

    Chelsea probably knew it was not going to happen at half time but to suggest that they made us look good when in the first half when CL was very much there for them is a bit unfair on our lads, how many Chelsea shots First half?