Who are the worst Premier League teams of these past 26 years?

A table of the top 20 worst ever performing PL teams has now been compiled.

Despite Mike Ashley’s best efforts, Newcastle don’t manage to make the list.

NUFC had 34 points in 2008/09 and 37 points in 2015/16 but 29 is the most any of these 20 teams managed when making the list.

Aston Villa do make the top 20 though, when they went down with Newcastle in 2015/16 they totalled only 17 points to earn third place.

The very worst is Derby County back in 2007/08.

As we have mentioned before on The Mag, anybody who tries to tell you Sam Allardyce wasn’t a disaster, just look at what really happened in his half season at St James Park.

The football was terrible and after some early decent results, the form was getting ever worse. Allardyce managed to gift Derby their only win of that season, plus only managed a draw at home to them as well, so the worst ever Premier League team won 4 of their 11 points against Fat Sam’s Newcastle United.

Looking at this list overall though Sunderland must be crowned the provider of the worst ever Premier League teams overall, three entries in the top six is a superb effort!

List compiled by Four For Two – Number of points and then goal difference (read full article here):

11 Derby County (2007/08) GD -69

15 Sunderland (2005/06) -43

17 Aston Villa (2015/16) -49

19 Sunderland (2002/03) -44

24 Watford (1999/2000) -42

24 Sunderland (2016/17) -40

24 Ipswich (1994/95) -57 (27 points in 42 game season, adjusted to 24 for 38 games)

24 (projected) West Brom (2017/18) -25

25 Wolves (2011/12) -42

25 QPR (2012/13) -30

26 Bradford (2000/01) -40

26 West Brom (2002/03) -36

26 Leicester (1994/95) -35 (29 points in 42 game season, adjusted to 26 for 38 games)

27 Swindon (1993/94) -53 (30 points in 42 game season, adjusted to 27 for 38 games)

28 Leicester (2001/02) -34

28 Portsmouth (2009/10) -32 (28 points and then had 9 point deduction)

28 Watford (2007/07) -30

28 Reading (2012/13) -28

28 Middlesbrough (2015/16) -26

29 Bolton (1995/96) -32

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