When Alan Pardew moved to Selhurst Park, Newcastle fans warned Crystal Palace supporters what would happen.

The Palace fans dismissed it and convinced themselves he was the right choice…

When Alan Pardew moved in at The Hawthorns, Newcastle and Crystal Palace fans warned West Brom supporters of what would happen.

However, the Baggies wouldn’t have it, claiming anything had to be an improvement on Tony Pulis…

After Alan Pardew managed just one Premier League win in his entire time there this season, the West Brom fans eventually realised their mistake.

The West Brom players are now also making clear how bad things were under Pardew, especially compared to now having Darren Moore in as caretaker boss.

Ben Foster was arguably man of the match on Saturday and having played in 35 of the 36 Premier League matches this season, he should have a pretty decent idea of what has and hasn’t gone on at the club this season.

Speaking after beating Newcastle, Foster damned Alan Pardew without even actually mentioning him by name.

The West Brom keeper extolling the virtues of Darren Moore, saying he has ‘brought unity back to the club’, that the new boss has ‘got us working for each other…to respect your fellow team-mate.’

Ben Foster going on: ‘He’s a real good guy and you can’t help but want to work for him’…’you’re more than happy to lay your life on the line for him.’

Foster says that what was clearly missing under Alan Pardew has been brought back by the new boss, that there is now ‘a real sense of belief back about the place’ and Moore has retored some ‘confidence’, which the keeper says is half the battle.

Newcastle fans know a good and bad manager when they see one, having had plenty of experience of both, which is why they are desperate that Rafa Benitez stays, as the last thing anybody wants is another Pardew/Carver/McClaren to be brought in by Mike Ashley.

Ben Foster talking to the official West Brom site:

“Mooro has brought unity back to the club.

“He has been around the team for a long time and he knows what works with the team.

“It’s a very simple recipe to be honest and it’s a very similar team to the one that’s been playing all year that’s starting.

“He’s got us working for each other.

“The principle is to respect your fellow team-mate – and it’s not like we didn’t before. It’s just more a realisation that we are all in this together.

“It’s about sticking together and getting behind each other.

“He’s a real good guy and you can’t help but want to work for him and wish the best for him.

“In the last five or ten minutes of the game on Saturday – when they were swinging all sorts of balls into the box – you’re more than happy to lay your life on the line for him. You know it means so much to him as well.

“Me and all the lads must pay a lot of credit to Mooro, Jimmy Shan and Neil Cutler – they’ve brought us together at a really difficult time.

“We have a real sense of belief back about the place. Our confidence had taken a huge knock and confidence is a huge part of the game. I would say more than half of being a footballer is about confidence.”

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  • Alan Pardew

    I’m not making excuses for me or the team…
    … they looked like a team who had worked all week on us
    … they had an energy level above us.
    … a couple of wonder strikes
    … we looked tired in the mind and tired in the body.
    … if the linesman had given that goal
    … sometimes your levels are such that you just can’t match the opposition.

    • Leazes.

      ‘95% of the fans are right behind you Pards’…. Lee Ryder 2013

      • wheyayeman


  • ghostrider

    They don’t like Pardew and didn’t like Pulis.
    They love Moore because he’s a good guy.
    Anyone would love it because when you’ve got a weak squad of players in terms of work when it suits and only if the boss is always nice, will love a caretaker like Moore……for now.

    How many times do we see this nonsense?
    It happened so many times with our club and it generally does with 99.9% of clubs that change managers like underpants.

    Dinnis, Roeder, Hughton to name 3.
    Teams love their potential caretakers, because they’re the daddies or the mammies that quietly go about their business under the boss and who the players relate to when the boss is being mean to them. lol

    Pardew isn’t the major problem and nor is Pulis.
    The problem generally comes from certain players who manage to take the higher pedestal among their fellow professional and who have an attitude that doesn’t fit with the real harmony of a dressing room, of which a manager can quite easily lose control of.

    Of course they want to play for Darren Moore and the minute he takes the managers job, he’ll have to deal with those slimey no good wastes of space that call themselves professional footballers, because what they’re doing right now is simply looking after their own skin….not his.

  • Guest 2

    ’you’re more than happy to lay your life on the line for him.’

    Oi, Foster, you’re a Goalie not an SAS Trooper! Get some perspective.

  • Wor Lass

    Pardew has had one very good season and his whole reputation was built around that but he`s actually pretty poor. We all know that, Sam, ffs, so why do you and other writers on the Mag feel the need to constantly create new angles to beat us with it? He`s cr*p and he`s gone – can`t we just leave it at that? Anyway, Aston Villa could well be coming up so you`ll need to dust off your bedsheet stories and plastic geordie insults.

    • Leazes.

      Because they are without an idea for inquiry or an alternative which isn’t backward looking and malevolent towards ex players or managers who we are trying to forget.

    • ghostrider

      But he hasn’t only had one good season. That’s how he’s being portrayed because people love to carry a hate for someone when they actually have no real clue as to why. Pardew is one such manager that is hated by fans that have basically jumped on a bandwagon.

      He’s had some bad seasons with clubs but he’s also had a lot of good seasons. It balances out.
      He’s on par with most managers, worse than some and better than others.

      • Billmag

        His record is terrible and you know it, how many times has he got to get sacked before people realise he’s hopeless. And please enlighten me where his successes have been.

        • Weyhhadaway

          How many times has Fat Sham been sacked and they made him England coach, LOL. This is football, did you expect logic?

          • Billmag

            Wether you like him or loathe him Hippo Heed has never been relegated, I think his record in football stands up much better than Pardspew’s, dislike both I may add.

        • Ram Kishore

          You maybe right but this sort of hate and desperation to ridicule him at every article at Mag makes me feel ” In Order to earn money Mag has to write articles hating Pardew, Big Sam , Mclaren…
          I am willing to see articles criticism of Ashley or anyone who presently has anything to do with NUFC because they are part of it..
          But filling pages with Sam , Pardew is like Clinging on to hatred for one person who actually left NuFc long time before feels very bad.
          It also creates a big bad opinion or brain washing of fans who read Mag for the first time..

          • Billmag

            Click’s I’m afraid, if people didn’t fight his corner I for one wouldn’t respond.

        • ghostrider

          What do you mean by success?
          Trophies? Titles?
          If so then let’s go through all managers and see who are the successful one’s.

          • Billmag

            Your words he’s had some good seasons, what equates to success for him is good seasons can you name them and who with.

          • ghostrider

            Look up his managerial CV and you’ll see he’s had some good season. Once he got manager of the year but somehow that appears to have been by luck according to hateful fans. Lol….I laugh when I see stuff like that.

    • Ram Kishore

      Ben foster was just praising Moore and I couldn’t find nothing Savaging about Pardew…
      Desperate headlines

  • Billmag

    So they down tools because they don’t like the manager, they are supposed to be professional and payed big bucks for doing so. They should be ashamed of themselves whoever the manager was.

  • ghostrider

    Look at what Pulis is doing with Middlesbrough. Potentially could have them promoted…but regardless he’s done a sterling job since being appointed.

    So was it Pulis’ fault at first with W.B.A?
    There’s a lot more deep rooted shenanigans going on than just bad managers, regardless of what’s portrayed.

    • Weyhhadaway

      Pulis plays ugly, effective football which gets you promoted and keeps you there. What he doesn’t seem to have is the ability to up that game to be entertaining and ambitious. That is why WBA canned him, the fact they were dumb enough to think P45due was the answer is beyond all of us who watched the Toon.

      • ghostrider

        Rafa isn’t exactly entertaining but his football can be effective at times.
        Is there much difference between Pulis and Rafa in terms of the football they play and if so can you enlighten me on what it is?

  • Weyhhadaway

    The argument about a good manager and professionalism by the players is always going to raise questions. The facts speak for themselves, a good manager can raise a players game above what they were thought capable of, Keegan and Rafa are prime examples. Conversely a poor manager takes the fight and confidence away, Dinnis, Pardew and Carver to name a few.

    I used to love it, just love it, when Keegan sold on a very average player for a huge fee who had played out of his skin, but then faded at another club. Sorry about the love it pun, couldn’t resist.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Comes a close 2nd in the Scumbag list, you know who`s 1st