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Top national journalist tells Arsenal fans to look at example of Newcastle supporters – Some classic reaction comments

3 years ago

Arsenal fans are surely the embodiment of the very worst perception of what the modern football fan is these days.

They totally believe in money justifying everything and having an entitlement to success.

Arsenal fans have seen their team win three of the last four FA Cup finals.

They are in the last eight of the Europa League and along with Atletico Madrid are favourites to win it.

This season is the first since the late 90s when Arsenal fans aren’t watching Champions League football.

Not one single living Arsenal fan has seen anything other than top flight English football, it being pre-First World War when they were last in the second tier.

Yet still they go on like they are the most unlucky/unfortunate football fans (Newcastle and Arsenal fans pictured above on Wembley Way at 1998 FA Cup Final) in the universe.

Their move to The Emirates created one of the most shameful scenarios, as apart from the most desirable matches, some five or six thousand Arsenal fans choose to not even bother to turn up, despite having paid for their tickets.

Today, Arsenal played Stoke, the stadium was an embarrassment with many more empty seats than normal.

They won 3-0 and made it four wins in a row, with 11 goals scored and only one conceded, yet just look at the plight of some of these comments below…

The Daily Mirror Chief Football Writer John Cross put this up on Twitter:

“Sad indictment of the modern fan that people think it’s OK to stay away.

“I grew up thinking you stick with your team and support them through thick and thin.

“You need proof – look at Newcastle United.”

Just look at the reaction from Arsenal fans (and others)…:

‘It is absolutely depressing at the Emirates at the moment as well …. it is no fun at all.

Even if you want to be there that day out isn’t much to be excited about right now.’

‘It’s an excruciating experience some days. I find it appalling we as fans aren’t listened to. We certainly are not appreciated any more.’

‘That’s a very poor tweet John. Criticising the modern fan of a club that charges more for a ticket than any other. If they choose to protest that way then that is their choice. Really bad choice of words on that tweet.’

‘What are they protesting against? They are the FA Cup holders, are 6th in the league and are in the Quarter Finals of the Europa League have just dumped Milan out of the competition.’

‘It’s all relative though. That’d be fantastic for a club like Newcastle (not having a dig).

Arsenal have been used to winning/competing for the league and playing in champions league every season.’

‘No club has a divine right to win trophies though. Arsenal are the current FA Cup holders and look likely to win another trophy this season in the Europa League. Not sure if that’s worthy of mass fan protests tbh.’

‘33points behind the league leaders, lost more games than Burnley and won 3 away games all season.

The least we expect is to compete for the price we’re charged and this hasn’t happened for over a decade.

Not sure what it is with Newcastle fans that attracts you to Arsenal.’

‘Whilst u won’t listen anyway , once again You don’t take into accountThe SHEER LENGTH OF TIME this has been going on for, it’s gone way beyond the rules of normal fandom, you may still want to play the Wenger respect card , for many the club is dead till he goes.’

‘Comparing us to Newcastle who have had several managerial changes in the past few years is short sighted at best. Football is nothing without hope.’

‘I think like many he doesnt  get the seriousness of the situation , the club as a unifying force know longer matters to fans , and if it destroys it so be it !!’

‘Ask Pardew and Allardyce about their loyal support, or even research football before 1992. This Newcastle thing is the biggest myth in the game.’

‘You don’t get it! People have to make a statement the clueless board will clearly get. Your reporting for personal gain the Arsenal situation has been beyond laughable on many occasions!’

‘We’re sitting adrift in 6th place after being told time & time again last year to be careful what we wish for. The fans want change & are beyond bored of this same old sh.., so fair enough if they choose to stay away.’

‘Sad indictment is a manager who clings on to power with every fiber in his body due to a selfish sense of entitlement, fans have a right to protest against this. I hate how fans are being put under the microscope when the real important questions are being ignored.’

‘Yea John …especially in the 80s when Newcastle had 13 thousand.’

‘They were getting around 9,000 when Ossie Ardiles was manager.’

‘We averaged 21,500 that season narrowly escaping relegation to the old 3rd division  at the time. Attendances all round were low compared to today.’

‘Those were different times, Arsenal have treated fans with contempt for many years and have actively cultivated a new fanbase. Loyalty is a two way street and we aren’t mugs.’

‘Difference is you can feel that Newcastle players fight, while Arsenal players “walk”. They just don’t care. Most of them at least. Ozil’s been walking since he joined.’

‘NUFC have won nothing for decades, yet still sell out Arsenal won the FA cup last season along with Europe every season and they still moan on.’

‘The rubbish Arsenal fans have put up with for years, he needs to announce he’s leaving at the end of season, so he can have a proper send off, we all know he either leaves or will be removed.’

‘Arsenal fans as flaky as their team.’

‘Yeh Arsenal fans should be rounded up by armed stewards & forced into the stadium regardless of how shit the team are playing & that there’s nothing to play for. How dare they choose to spend a holiday weekend with family.’

‘Arsenal, like others have sold out, No longer a fan base as such, the stadium is filled each week with tourists. Stoke City isn’t much of a draw, hence 1000’s of empty seats. This is the tv company’s  future for football, No longer are the fans in the stadium respected.’

‘Staying away is the protest that Arsenal fans have against the Manager & currently the only way we can be heard.’

‘I think you are forgetting them loyal fans of Newcastle where getting gates as low as 9k under Smith and Ardiles ?’

‘By comparing rich Arsenal to Newcastle, Mr Cross yet again demonstrates world class cluelessness and ignorance. If fans paid but still won’t go, it’s an indictment of that manager you adore, Wenger. Simple as. A mediocre hack doesn’t get to have a pop at them.’

‘It’s been ten years of the same errors. We have never ever addressed them year in year out issues. It’s boring, frustrating and irritating. After ten years it’s only by not going change may happen.’

‘Have to laugh at the people dredging up the attendances for nufc back in the 80’s early 90’s. Yawn.

Sh.. grounds, violence etc, footie wasn’t a “product”. We averaged 16k in 81, and all other teams had much lower figures than now. Check out CFC stats thru the 80’s.’

‘Need to start punishing ST holders who miss a lot of games waste of tickets plenty of fans would’ve taken up their seats.’

‘I’m a season ticket holder but due to work commitments can’t always go.. Today was my first game since Liverpool 3-3 before Xmas due to work and when I’ve had chance to go its been sh.. and on TV so didn’t bother.’

‘I’ve just got back from Arsenal. 1st half was poor, 2 shots. Last 20mins when he made subs we came to life. Empty seats, it’s Easter, on sky and the team are playing poorly.. Yeh support the team thro thick & thin but If they dnt care why should we.’

‘You are giving Newcastle as an example? A team where there has been v little progress since Ashley took charge, their an example of what happens if fans don’t make a stand!’


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