Only 23 months ago, Sunderland fans were finding it hilarious.

Paying for a plane to fly over St James Park, putting banners on the Tyne Bridge and saying ‘Enjoy Burton’.

As it happens, Newcastle fans did ‘Enjoy Burton’.

Hard fought wins home and away brought six points, that contributed to NUFC bouncing straight back to the Premier League as champions of the second tier.

Moving back to the present day, if Sunderland enjoy yet another defeat this Saturday, at home to Burton, it will almost certainly confirm their relegation to League One.

Even a win for the Mackems would still see them needing a miracle, bookies have Sunderland as short as 1/100 to be relegated, as they are six points off safety (seven if Barnsley win their game in hand) and only three games to play.

Meanwhile, Tuesday night was a momentous moment for Accrington Stanley.

For the first time in their history they are set to play in the third tier of English football, against Sunderland.

Gaining promotion with a 2-0 win over Yeovil, incredible to think that only as far back as May 2017, Sunderland were 61 places higher in the 92 club league set-up.

BBC Sport:

‘Accrington Stanley clinched promotion to League One for the first time in their history as striker Billy Kee’s double saw them beat Yeovil Town.

Next season’s third-tier football will be the highest level Stanley have played at since their reformation in 1968, having resigned from the English Football League for financial reasons in 1962.’

Of the other clubs Sunderland fans are set to enjoy once relegation is confirmed:

Peterborough United – Reunion with their old friend Steven Taylor

Fleetwood Town

Shrewsbury (unless they get promoted)

AFC Wimbledon

Bristol Rovers

Southend United

Gillingam (31 years since THAT play-off game)



Wycombe Wanderers (If promoted)

Lincoln (If promoted)

Notts County (If promoted – and a potential reunion with Shola Ameobi if he decides to give it another season – he turns 37 in October)

So Sunderland fans, enjoy your summer, and don’t forget to send us a postcard from Accrington Stanley next season.

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  • Peaky

    Sick of seeing that photo up top with those 3 inbreds….

    • Leazes.

      Its only two inbreds…one of them has two heads!

      • TheNutJob


      • TheFatController

        It does look like there’s some Zaphod Beeblebrox or Jonny Knoxville Men In Black mutation going on there yes….

        • Peaky

          I’m sure him in the middle is The Phantom Schitter of The SOL…..

          • Leicester Mag

            looks like he’s cracking one out

    • TheFatController

      Does anyone know them?

      If so, would anyone admit it?

    • wheyayeman

      Prefer the weeping mackems photo

      • Peaky

        The Weeping Mackems…….there’s a case for Dr Who if there ever was one….

        • Leicester Mag

          despite all his travels across the Galaxy and time bet he’s never visited a big $hit tip

          • Rich Lawson

            Have to have his voice translator strapped on when he steps out The Tardis. Actually now I’ve said that isn’t the stadium of light a reverse Tardis,a huge building with very few people in it ?

        • Rich Lawson

          Only chance they have of scoring is if they turn the opposition into stone ?

        • TheFatController

          That wouldn’t work I’m afraid, the TARDIS is bigger on the inside, whereas the SOL is empty on the inside…

          • Peaky

            👏👏 That is very good…

  • Alex

    Accrington Stanley, who are they??

  • wheyayeman

    Accrington Stanley who are they?

    • TheFatController

      Ian Rush sez if you don’t drink milk you’ll end up playing for the mackems ….

      • Alex

        The Mackems, who are they??

      • wheyayeman

        Ha ha please do a remake of the ad with a couple of Geordie lads! Alan Shearer / Shola says if you don’t drink milk you’ll end up playing for 5under1and

  • Peaky

    Accrington Stanley…..keep going at this rate mackems and it’ll be Stanley,Co Durham….that’ll be a nice derby for you…

    • wheyayeman

      Sunderland Vs Birtley is going to be a great derby

      • Peaky

        A classic…a sell out…

  • Tweed Mag

    Sunderland only have themselves to blame, but it is all a bit boring now.

    • paul mclaughlan

      No it’s still hilarious.

      • Peter Graham

        Funnier by the day.

  • Waxi

    They don’t worry about dropping like a stone through the divisions as they had six in a row remember. That is the comfort blanket they hang on to as a come back to the banter they now have to take from us. It would hurt like hell if that was NUFC so no amount of comfort blanket can take away the pain for the great unwashed from the dark side. They will have half the stadium of plight shut next season and no income so it will be a long time before we meet again. Keep on paying for players you no longer have mackems administration is just around the corner enjoy.

    • TheFatController

      They need a wealthy benefactor. Someone wealthy like Jack Rodwell perhaps….?

      • Peaky


        • TheFatController

          He’s made £11m over 5 years for doing nothing, a far better profitability then Ellis Short has managed ….

  • TheNutJob

    they`ll never recover unless they get Pard`s & Geordie John

    • Peaky

      With Stoke & Southampton and this lot above…it proves one thing….red/white stripes and the PL just don’t go……..

      • TheFatController


  • wheyayeman

    Can’t wait to see Sunderland Vs Birtley !

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    My mate got nicked at Accrington Stanley our only visit. Unless we get them in the cup probably never play them again. Can honestly see their gates dipping to eighteen thousand next season unless they get off to a bumper start. Many players will leave and they will be left with the youth set up and a few loan signings. A strong possibility they could even go into administration if a buyer cannot be found.

    • Peaky

      Talking about a new buyer…..what about their other great tradition….Vaux Breweries…..oh wait a minute…..sorry….

      • Leicester Mag

        As the saying goes – the watter in the Wear is better than Vaux’s beer.

        • Peaky

          Great marketing opportunities missed…..
          “For Double Relegation….Drink….Double Maxim”……

  • robbersdog

    I wonder how many Sunderland ‘fans’ will bother to go and watch them next season. Perhaps they’ll just board up the Stadium of Sh*te and play their home games at Gateshead.

    • Peaky

      Pallion might have a local rec they can have a kick about on….

    • Alreet

      Theyll get lynched if they play at gateshead. 3rd tier and a lynching. Then again feel free you SMBs

  • BeefyK

    Can we all just take a moment to congratulate the Mackems!!!
    When the toon were relegated, it was considered a monumental ask to get out of the Championship at the first time of asking.
    Sunderland have managed to get out of the Championship too at the first opportunity, so I’m sure they are all excited and thrilled just like we were……..
    Oh , wait …… Hang on …….😂🤣😂

  • Mr wobert

    What goes round comes round,be careful what you wish for ,can’t stop laughing the tears are rolling down my back,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😝😉

  • Kneebotherm8

    The mackems have enjoyed Burton this season……and they’ll enjoy them next season too cos it looks like they’re getting relegated with them……enjoy……you SMBs…..

  • Neslon

    I’ve got £10 at 14/1 on the Mackems going down.