At a time when Sunderland surely need every bit of support they can possibly get, they have taken a drastic move to prevent Newcastle fans getting into the Stadium of Light – but which also significantly hinders their own supporters.

The Mackems have five games remaining and play Norwich tonight.

If Sunderland lost and Bolton and Birmingham win, then the Wearsiders would effectively be relegated, as they’d be left 10 points from safety and only four games remaining.

Crowds at the Stadium of Light have plummeted with a drop from forty thousand in the Premier League, to only around fifteen thousand in the ground as fans desert their club.

Sunderland have desperately tried to attract any additional support by charging as little as £1 per ticket for Under 16s, as well as having cash turnstiles available every match.

To top it off, tonight sees their vital home game clash with a potentially epic Champions League rematch of Man City v Liverpool on TV, so even harder to attract floating voters/fans to tonight’s game at the Stadium of Light.

Sunderland’s response?

They have taken the shock move of closing all the cash turnstiles, making all fans without season tickets having to queue at the ticket office (which on a night game is always a bigger pain with more people arriving late after work etc) AND even Sunderland fans can only buy tickets if they can prove they have been to previous matches.

Their club insisting on fans having a previous purchase history.

So can you imagine the scenario…over 30,000 empty pink seats inside the stadium and an unsuspecting Sunderland fan turns up with his kids after deciding to give the club their backing, then gets turned away because they can’t prove they are Sunderland fans!

This clearly is in response to recent claims that Newcastle fans were looking to go to the Stadium of Light for the final Sunderland home match against Wolves, in an attempt to repeat the Gillingham match of 1987. Up to 2,000 Newcastle fans went to Roker Park to see Sunderland fall into the third tier, with fans allowed to pay in on the day.

So Sunderland getting in early and taking these drastic steps.

I couldn’t have imagined any Newcastle fans bothering to go down to Sunderland tonight for a laugh but they have only two home games left after this one.

On Sunday 6 May the Mackems are home to Wolves, Newcastle having no game that day as it is Watford away on the Saturday.

Whilst the other Sunderland home game is Burton on Saturday 21 April, Newcastle away at Everton on the Monday night.

Sunderland fans have reacted on their main Ready To Go message board, clearly believing that this move is purely to do with the ‘threat’ of Newcastle supporters wanting to donate cash to their relegation fund, by paying to get into matches.

‘Is this to stop mags?’

‘I’d imagine it is.’

‘Possibly don’t want any cash on the premises for when we go into liquidation later this week.’

‘Queues were really bad at ticket office last time, imagine with no turnstiles on it’ll be worse so allow plenty of time!’

‘This is definitely mag related.’

Sunderland Official Statement:

‘Sunderland AFC face Norwich City in the Sky Bet Championship on Tuesday evening, 7.45pm kick-off, with no cash turnstiles open to home or away supporters.

The Stadium of Light ticket office will be open from 9am until kick-off for on the day sales to home fans only, but those purchasing tickets must have a purchase history from before the Sheffield Wednesday game.

Supporters are asked to arrive as early as possible to ensure they are no delays in purchasing tickets and accessing the stadium.’

  • DubaiExpat

    And? And who in their right mind would make the trip to the dark side on a Tuesday night to see that shower play Norwich.

    • Graham Chapman

      Agreed, Tuesday night, probably raining cats and dogs, and if any toon fans decide that it would be hilarious to turn up and help their financial plight, I’ll be embarrassed.

    • Wor Monga

      nobody will…we’ll all most likely get the same enjoyment just from seeing the result tonight…hopefully Norwich will dig the mackem’s hole a bit deeper!!!

  • Paul Patterson

    I heard Chris Coleman was doing his shopping last weekend, he came across an elderly lady who appeared to be struggling. He went across and said ‘Hello my dear, can you manage? The old lady replied ‘Go away, you got yourself into that mess, you can get yourself out . .

    • Wor Monga

      …a golden oldie…the joke I meant not the auld lady!!!

    • Patience Dowswell

      Seriously though, I spotted Chris Coleman in the MetroCentre on Sunday lunchtime, slumped in an armchair near the bairns soft play area upstairs. Wanted to go over and ask “any regrets Chris?” but the bloke looked fed up so I let him be. True story…

  • Jezza

    What absolute nonsense. There is only one Newcastle supporter who is obsessed enough to want to go along and watch Sunderland being relegated and that is Graham Porter.

  • TheFatController

    They should have the ability to keep our fans out of their stadium no problem, given the success they’ve had keeping their own fans from going in ….

  • Toon

    The Mag should be encouraging fans not to attend, not making a joke about potential football hooliganism which will have an adverse effect on the club and fans image, what if families are caught up in violence in the ground? Porter you are a fool, wonder what Northumbria police would make of this?

    • Jezza

      Excellent comment.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Have to echo with what everyone else is saying on here in regards to attending Sunderland’s remaining fixtures.
    Other than the obvious reasons stated here like “Why On Earth Would A Newcastle Fan Want To Wilfully Attend A Sunderland Game”, It would be extremely dangerous also !

    Who wants to be daft enough to enter into a stadium against your bitter rivals when they have their backs against the wall with emotions running high ?
    It would be a futile undertaking even if Sunderland were top of The Premiership, (I Know Nigh On Impossible), But you can see what I am getting at.

    Lets be honest, The only people who will have the presence of mind to attend the S.O.L, (Using The Term Very Loosely), Are Hooligans intent on causing trouble !
    I’m sorry but you can only be of that persuasion or suffering from mental illness to go to any of Sunderland’s remaining games.

    Not to mention you are putting money in the coffers of your rivals in doing so…

    • Jezza

      I agree entirely. No Newcastle fans should be going. Personally I am taking no pleasure in Sunderland’s current plight. It is in nobody’s interest to see the North East becoming a footballing wilderness. Any Newcastle fan going to Sunderland matches now is at best making a ghoulish voyeuristic intrusion into the private grief of the home fans or at worst, as you say, a hooligan looking for trouble. Stay away for God’s sake.

      I have to admit I did go to the Gillingham game back in 87 but that was different. I certainly wasn’t there to gloat and then as now, I got no satisfaction from Sunderland’s demise. Back then I had the bug for going to football matches every week. When Newcastle weren’t playing I went somewhere else as a neutral and for me the Sunderland v Gillingham play off was just a way of squeezing out an extra match to go to after our season had ended.

  • Peaky

    Dont want to go anywhere where they 💩 on their own seats thanks very much……….

  • thewildchimp

    I sorta have to admit I’m curious to see how bad are they exactly, but I’d never actually pay for it… And I don’t think this is Newcastle related at all. They want to make sure there won’t be some p’ssed off supporters who’d come to went their anger and possibly trash the stadium or cause a fracas. The last thing you want is some moron hurting a spectator or a player because he is frustrated due to the “double drop”. So they want to make sure there are only proper supporters in the stands. In a very stupid way, though.

    • Jonathan Drape-Comyn

      if you want a free ticket then just enroll at any primary school anywhere in the north east and there’ll be a few knocking around for you

      • thewildchimp

        Do you think blokes from Sunderland would catch on if I didn’t shave?

  • East Durham Mag

    Wouldn’t set foot in the dump anyway. Let alone give them a few quid of my money.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    I am a member of Sunderland so could get tickets anyway. Even know of some supporters who have been in the away end this season. However I think you are right you will have to have a previous booking history to get in for the Wolves game.

    • Paul Patterson

      That doesn’t surprise me . .

      • TheFatController

        At first I was agreeing with him for once – ‘I am a member’

        Then I read the rest and it reverted to type

        • Jamie Lumley


        • Peaky


    • East Durham Mag

      Always had my suspicions.

    • Mike

      so why u on this site as a mag? bggr off troll.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        A member of about twenty clubs just in case it’s hard to get tickets for big games eg Hull, Preston, Derby, Everton. In short their was one season when Newcastle fans were banned full stop. One season I went to the stadium of light three times to see our first team, the reserves and under eighteens.

  • Dillon Tovak

    That’s fair enough. The West Ham game against Burnley proved things can still get nasty with their own support let alone if losers from our support go down to gloat.

    • Jezza

      To be fair things hardly got nasty at that West Ham game a few weeks ago. There was no violence. It was just fans vehemently but peacefully protesting at the way the club was being run. Similar protests were commonplace at St James’s Park in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

      • Dillon Tovak

        I thought I heard something about a female steward being shoved to the ground.
        I might have been laughing too hard at that guys pants coming down when Nobel shoved him off the pitch though.

      • Geordiegiants

        It’s what the owners want everyone to think, so it can be contained, Jabba uses similar tactics with us and the media.

  • Steven05

    Please let’s not bother going. It makes us look as bad as them. Check the score at the end, watch the Liverpool match, have your tea, have a cup of coffee (or tea, it’s up to you), let your lass watch Coronation Street (or is it Eastenders tonight?), put the fire on, have an early night and stay nice and warm 🙂

  • Grahame Johnson

    May I just say over 30000 at a rugby game puts the makems to shame

  • Leicester Mag

    Don’t give a rat’s chuff.

  • Grahame Johnson

    Wolves fans went a bit and a few seasons ago when relegated from championship

  • Alreet

    Really couldnt care about going and watching such dross. Kick back watch the pool match and check the result. If it happens tonight we can all have a laugh at scumderland.

  • Joseph Burton

    Why do people seem to constantly think there’s under 20k in the ground? We get over 27k week in week out which is unbelievable support considering the circumstances… and don’t even start with the ‘theres never 27k in the ground, even your own fans admit it’ because there clearly is most weeks. Its a lot more than half full.

    • Jamie Lumley

      It must be because it always looks empty on the local news, right after they’ve showed the highlights from Carlisle, Darlington and Hartlepool ….


      theres never 27.000 in the ground and YOU know it!

    • Geordiegiants

      Ha ha ha ha ha lol.

    • Mike

      yea but so wot there has never been a quibble about how many “fill” the ground but the core of support have had enuff

  • Jamie Lumley

    Has there been any more news on O’Brian refuse disposal buying it? The Jones from that would run and run…

    • Geordiegiants

      The Shepherd’s have something to do with O’briens.

  • Georgia Peter

    And juSt for good measire, I hope it’s pi55ing down.

  • Dave Pattinson

    I’d rather spend me cash on a light aircraft towing a banner over the SOS.

  • Upset Mackem :(

    I say let them in…
    We’ve been shocking, in fact that’s the biggest understatement of the year!!
    Let them come and laugh, let them point… Let them revel in the mess that our beautiful club is in and maybe, just maybe Mr Short will see and have a think about what he’s doing…
    It hurts like hell but we deserve it.

    • Mike

      no chance if he cant sell the club for a quid then wot…go into admin and start again?


    if you want to attract the mackem bog woppits to games,offer blue pop n cheesy chips,even free tickets wont get the fans quimmy despises oot the pubs,that or a prize draw,winner gets free trolley dash aroond one of the 2 dozen pound shops in sunderland city centre!

  • Geordiegiants

    SMB they always have been more obsessed with us than their own club. How can a club in such a state make it difficult for anyone to buy a ticket, it just beggars belief it really does. INCREDIBLE!

  • Mike


  • Tino o

    That’s a shame I was looking forward to going 🤣😂😂.!!! I’m staying in poking myself in the eye with a sharp stick more enjoyable!

  • Mr wobert

    To all smb,s get behind a good team like South Shields,being led by one your ex players (arca) show you about team spirit and how to play good football,your a sad lot

  • Ba ba.

    “definitely mag related” .. 😂 😂 😂

  • Andy Mac

    The problem as far as I’m concerned is the Makems have every right to crow about six games in a row because our fat oaf owner chose to run this club like a tatty sports shop with a store manager in charge. Nowt we can do about that.

    However if I was a London based Mag I would move heaven and earth to turn up at Craven Cottage on 27th to sing “Mitro’s on fire” as he thumps the unwashed down to League 1. Cannot help that !

  • Graham Chapman

    I’d be interested in hearing their attendance for tonights game…judging from the Chronicles photos, there were more on the pitch than in the stands. But, I don’t blame them. I watch Whickham when there’s no Toon home match, and I’d bet that we have more supporters

    • Andy Mac

      24,894 and the Makems missed a pen. Six points away from safety with four games left

      • Paul Smith

        But how many were really there in the stadium we will never know for sure but you can bet its less than 20k.

        • Andy Mac

          Yup just as Arsenal sent some poor barsteward around the press boxes at the last home game with a card that stated the home attendance was 59k. He was ridiculed to say the least !

  • Graham Chapman

    However, if your team are facing 3rd tier football, at least turn up! It may have been a Tuesday night in the rain, but 20 fans turning up is not going to inspire a come back from the players. Don’t whinge about the players and Ellis Short if you can’t be arsed to turn up and help them to fight on!

  • George

    Why bother, I’m a Mag and would not go to the dark side for any reason.

  • Geordie Pete Moore

    Howay Mitro I hope they stay up just long enough for the game against Fulham so Mitro can send them packing, Toon Army