Sunderland fans are wondering where it all went wrong.

Only 23 months ago they were celebrating the demise of Newcastle United.

Rafa Benitez unable to keep NUFC up and Sunderland fans wondering when they would next see a derby match.

Well, they are still wondering that.

However, there has been a dramatic shift in the relative positions, Sunderland looking certain to crash into League One whilst Newcastle are looking at a possible top eight finish in the Premier League.

Newcastle’s win over Arsenal on Sunday afternoon, has led to some amusing debate amongst Sunderland fans.

Some of them accepting the obvious and that Rafa Benitez is clearly a very good manager, whilst others cling to a belief that what he has done at Newcastle is the bare minimum that he should have achieved.

It gets even stranger, with some Sunderland fans adamant that if offered the choice, they would still prefer to be having a double relegation, rather than giving up any of their ‘six in a row’ wins.

Very strange.

Sunderland fans commenting via their Ready To Go message board:


‘Ashley’s fault if Arsenal win today.’

‘Arsenal going to win 4-0. Cries of Ashley oot and smashed up horses/phoneboxes/greggs sersage rerls arl owa.’

‘Haway Arsenal.’

Lacazette makes it 1-0 to Arsenal:


‘Cracking goal that.’


“Rafa ooot”

‘Can’t believe Ashley wasn’t marking lacazette.’

‘Less than 30% possession at home against a side who were in Russia on Thursday night. If pardew did that…..’


‘Bast…s. That’s a good goal as well.’

‘Good goal that mind. Really smart finish, as much as it pains me to say.’

‘Cech will be disappointed with that. Poor keeping.’


‘Pundits will be w…ing themselves silly at the long ball pass by Shelvey, ignoring the 5 or 6 times he’s given the ball away already…’

‘Am not having Dummet like, he is an absolute barrel of sh..’

‘Can’t believe people get excited over someone like Shelvey who just boots the ball for forwards to run on to, Wimbledon did it for years and got slagged off for it.’

‘Pains me to say it but Lord Voldemort is one of the best passers of the ball England have, should definitely go to Russia.’

‘Still can’t believe so many thought they’d go down when they’re so solid at the back.’

‘They weren’t when Lascelles was missing mind.’

‘It’s not fashionable to say on here but what a hell of a job Benitez is doing there mind.

They appoint a manager with one of the best CVs in the game and we appoint Chris Coleman with one of the worst club management CVs in the game.’

‘To be fair to their fans they stuck by Rafa even when they dropped into bottom 3 and couldn’t buy a home win. Likes of WBA and Stoke fans spat dummy out and the board acted.’

‘What about when Rafa was out managed by Sam Allardyce and he took them down?

He’s done a decent job, no better. Sean Dyche has done a fantastic job.’

‘If Rafa Benitez was manager of us we would be loving it man.’

‘I read on here in pre season that we’d rather have Grayson than Rafa.’

‘When they are doing sh.., it’s Ashley’s fault. When they are doing well it’s because of Benitez. It’s perfect for him and them.’

‘The thing with NUFC recently in the premier and us is they generally give the top 6 teams a game at home while we always get steamrollered.

They have a manager that is brilliant with his defence and is probably in Europe’s top 15 managers. If you can’t accept that you are pretty much devoid of any character or strength. He is a manager we could never have got.

Annoying thing is we were close to being on par with NUFC at one point – still – we have owned them for the last decade just about so that will have to do.’

‘On par at one point?

We were a division above them man.’

‘I tell you what, after watching that game it shows just what organisation and team spirit can do.

For everyone on here saying the Sunderland players are giving their all, that game should be a massive dose of reality.’

‘6 in a row – Newcastle will never do that. Nothing they can do about that – happy to go to division 2 to be honest.’

‘Newcastle are having a good time no doubt, but just like our foundations (sic) in the Premier League were built on the sand of loans, without Benitez, Newcastle’s current side would collapse like a pack of cards. He is the glue holding it all together IMO. Hope he f…s off.’

‘I know we’re sh.. and have 2 relegations off the bounce, but I still take great pride knowing we beat our biggest/local rivals 6 times in a row.

Would I prefer that to have been 3 wins each and still be in the premier league, would I f…’

‘It’s all about the results when we play each other.

That’s the only thing i am bothered about.

We will not play them for years and fair play to them for stopping up but it must kill them its gonna b years till they get a chance to beat us again.’

‘Anyone saying they’d accept the six in a row for dropping into league 1 are showing how important the Mags are to them. Absolutely ridiculous!’

‘No matter what happens to either club, good or bad, Newcastle fans will never ever get over the six in a row.’



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  • Kneebotherm8

    Very sad comments in the main………mackems are well named as sad…….

    • Georgia Peter

      Lets have a new thread….fed up with the mackems tripe…!

  • David2211

    So after another great win, a Newcastle fan goes on a Sunderland message board and goes through the ‘best’ comments to copy and paste on to a Newcastle site.
    Come on. We’re better than this.

    • Coach Clagnut

      Some are, not The Mag though.

    • Murdy

      No-one’s forcing you to read the article. I, for one, enjoyed the undercurrent of self-loathing in some of the mackem comments.

    • Jezza

      Spot on.

  • Albert Stubbins

    They forget to mention that it took them twenty years to beat us at home. They can never take that away either!! Bye bye SMB.

  • Toon

    So we beat Arsenal for the first time in years and obsessed mackem lover Porter spends his evenings on Sunderland websites, what an embarrassing loser

    • Gianfranco Shola

      😂😂😂 couldn’t have put it better myself

    • Murdy

      …yet you still read the article and even posted a comment. Weird.

    • Jezza

      Porter has now become a parody of himself.

      • Rich Lawson

        I honestly don’t believe he exists as anything other than a computer programme to wind people up and provoke a response.

  • Ba ba.

    Dear me they have it worse than I thought .. “six in a row” . … There dropping to the third tear of English football ffs something we have never done in our history

  • Graham Chapman

    There were some knowledgeable comments there. Some Mackems with their heads screwed on. As for the “6 in a row” nonsense, are there any Geordies who care?

    • Coach Clagnut

      Never met one yet.

    • Scottie Chugger Dearden

      I don’t really care we have 5-1, 4-1, 3-2, 2-1 etc. they may not have been in a row but we have our wins, enjoy playing Portsmouth!

      • Andy Mac

        and Accrington of course. If they thought Burton was small…………

    • Clarko

      The “6 in a row” comment/insult/comeback is just bizarre. I don’t get it.

      • Chris

        You wouldn’t get it Graham because you’ve not been through the experience. I can promise you the orgasmic experience of beating you lot in the 90th minute absolutely overwhelms the emotion of seeing a local rival get relegated ha ha

        • Clarko

          Firstly, my name is Clarko, reading is tough for some people.

          Secondly, the conversation was about the “6 in a row” comment, (again) reading is tough for some people.

          Finally, I’m sure the 6 wins were enjoyable, I’m sure the 90th minute goal was enjoyable (I had to actually look up what game you were referencing) just like the 5-1 victory was enjoyable for us, just like our 5 wins in a row was enjoyable, do want to know what else I have enjoyed? Winning the Championship last season, I have enjoyed winning in the Premier League this season, I enjoyed watching Newcastle beat Arsenal earlier on, all things that Sunderland will not even have the chance to do for a long time let alone do for a long time, that reminds me, how are you enjoying the Championship? You’re bottom right? Come back next season and tell me all about how much you’re enjoying League One, dummy.

          • sphinxhunter

            Clarko, the only problem with your reply is that it didn’t go on longer – was quite enjoying your comments!

        • Jezza

          Your comment and in particular the term “orgasmic experience” just shows how important NUFC are to you. I have seen Newcastle beat Sunderland no end of times over the years and to me it’s just nice to get the three (or as it used to be two) points. Nothing more than that. I’m also taking no pleasure in Sunderland’s demise. I’d rather see all the North East teams doing well and thriving in the Premiership not just Newcastle.

          • Georgia Peter

            Howay man Jezza , you can not be serious…..!

          • Jezza

            I am serious. The North East has always been the most passionate football hotbed in the country but now we are in danger of becoming a footballing wilderness. Top flight football is becoming ever more dominated by London and South Lancashire and our part of the country is becoming ever more irrelevant in this modern football world. Just a forlorn neglected football outpost and that is in nobody’s interest. I would really like to see three North East teams in the top division and a couple less London/Southern teams.

          • Rich Lawson

            It’s a slow erosion,sorry to see Darla’ and Hartlepool where they are now. I once even went to see Workington play Oldham to watch World Cup winner Ray Wilson turn out.Less cynicism and more Sky money to the lower leagues .

  • Andy Mac

    ‘Anyone saying they’d accept the six in a row for dropping into league 1 are showing how important the Mags are to them. Absolutely ridiculous!’

    Blimey a makem with a brain ?

    • Chris

      Says the fanzine who is obsessed with Sunderland. The irony

      • Andy Mac

        The makems make for great entertainment, not on the pitch of course, but they are the gift that keeps on giving.

        Obsessed means being preoccupied by someone or something. So we’re certainly not obsessed but we are loving every minute of their demise.

        Just gonna find that “we got simon grayson” video clip as that never ever fails to make me laugh out loud. 😁😁😁

      • Peaky

        Scumberland to Fleetwood…..138 miles…..enjoy…..

        • Rich Lawson

          A night out in Blackpool !

          • Peaky


    • gallowgate26

      That’s what I thought as well…haha

    • Mark Potter

      Normal distribution. If you have a 100 men there’s a good chance one will be over 6′ 6″. If you have a 100 Mackems there’s a good chance one might have an IQ over 100.

      • Andy Mac

        We’re talking makems, not normal human beings !

  • Peaky

    The Baggies 4 points out of 6 since old Silver Napper left after been schitt all season….you really really can’t make it up….

    • Andy Mac

      Yup they made the point today that the Baggies were well organised and tactically aware today. Under Pardwho they clearly weren’t 😏

  • Andy Mac

    My issue with six in a row was not with the makems but with our sht for brains owner who cluelessly continued to appoint halfwit managers without the slightest concern for the club or the fans.

    • sphinxhunter

      So, true. The 6 in a row losses, as well as our two relegations, are testimony to HIS mismanagement. …and we are still stuck with him !
      I’m still not convinced Rafa will stick around after this year, he won’t be content just with survival, he wants to win more trophies, not maintain a cheap advertising vehicle for Arseley.

      • Jezza

        Excellent comment.

    • Jezza

      True. They were gifted those six victories by some of the most pathetic performances I have ever seen by Newcastle teams.

  • wheyayeman

    I must confess I’m really enjoying their predicament BUT not nearly as much as I’m glad that Rafa is here, he’s happy and he’s keen to keep steering this ship which may well have sank (like the mackems) without him. Rafa is a truely class act – imagine what he could do with some actual money to spend? European football may not be a fading memory for much longer!

  • Geordie Pete Moore

    I don’t give a Mackem Monkeys if we never play the mackems ever again in my lifetime and hope they go into administration and off the face of the Earth, ha ha never been so happy to see a game of football than today, we survive, they die. Goodbye fairwell auf wiedersehen fxck off !!

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    They are closing down stands next season and kiosks and long may it continue till they are in the Conference with Gateshead.

    • Georgia Peter

      Porciestreet. It is said they have a pre-season friendly “derby ” lined up with Blyth Spartans.
      Just aboot their stamp.

  • East Durham Mag

    The 6 in a row is history, the continuing demise of Sunderland is here and now and absolutely great. I hope they go bust.

    • Georgia Peter

      I was hoping for the same chyte to befall manure.

    • DC1964

      Spot on there.

    • Peter C

      Bottom of the Wearside Sunday League

  • Phil Yare

    imagine if they had pardew or mcclown in charge for a canny stint…..we’d be talking about 10 in a row easy to us. water under the bridge now, especially that c**p one they copied off us!

    • Jezza

      To be fair, it has to be said that Pardew in particular was a huge factor in the “six in a row”.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Really? explain that one?

        • Dillon Tovak

          Cos he was rubbish at managing possibly 🙄

        • cmrowley

          Because he lost 4 of them? Carver took number 5 with the morons team and then the shambles that was McClaren lost his (to be fair to McClaren I thought we hammered them and lost 3 -0).

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Very true re. McClaren’s team, had we have won that, we’d have had more confidence and stayed up, we were by far the better side.

            I think we were a little unlucky in some of Pardew’s games too.

  • nevfur

    Sure we would have enjoyed the six in a row if it had been in our favour and it is annoying slightly so fair play on that but it’s all in the history books now along with the number of times they failed to win at home v us in the Keegan era etc and the overall record that we have both won the same number of derbies. What matters is the here and now tho and I wouldn’t swap a PL place to be in league one for any change in Derby history

  • gallowgate26

    Are people actually that bothered about the ‘six-in-a-row’ as they seem to think we are? haha I’m certainly not…they are totally deluded. Would I take that to see us two divisions above them and potentially light-years between the two clubs? You bet I would..

    • Andrew Murray

      This is the first time I’ve seen them think it’s us who care about it. I thought we just laughed at them for valuing it so much. I literally never ever think of the 6 in a row.

    • sphinxhunter

      If we had 6 in a row on them, I’ld be rubbing it it, …but not if we were being double relegated and ending up in League 2 ! The two just don’t compare – the one is a nice thing to have, but the other is your livelihood, your raison-de-etre, the breath of life stuff. When you are so bad and so low, I guess you have to any straw of hope you have. I almost feet sorry for them.

      • Georgia Peter

        Nooooooooo! Never..!

    • Georgia Peter

      He’ll yes.

    • Jezza

      I can’t say I’d be happy for us to be in the 3rd division in exchange for the “six in a row” never having happened.

  • Paul Patterson

    Can’t say I care. We beat a top side today. That’s what matters . .

    • Georgia Peter

      Amen to that.

    • Geordiegiants

      Arsenal aren’t really a top side this season, they are pish poor in comparison to Manchester’s or Tottenham,etc.

      • Mark Potter

        They’re top six and in the semis of the Europa Cup, right? And a few weeks ago, people were stressing out about our run-in because it included games against Arsenal and Leicester, and no-one expected us to get anything from those games. You could even say Man U are pish poor this season in comparison to City. But we beat them with our “Championship” team. Arsenal had two strikers who cost more than our whole squad.

        • Geordiegiants

          Regardless of cost, they are still a bang average side these days.

  • gallowgate26

    Hey mack mack mackums.. we know you are reading our ‘blog ‘coz NUFC is important to you… We beat Leicester and Arsenal recently… something your club could only dream of.. then you wake up and realise that you’re a mackem in League 1… hehehe

    • Tim Graham

      Mackems obviously important to you.

  • TheFatController

    Love the ‘happy to go to Div 2 to be honest’ statement made. Is it the 1980s?

    Do they mean league 2? Might as well turn their top tiers into flats once they sink that low, double the annual income…

    • Jezza

      Yes they are going down to Division 3 not 2.

      • Rich Lawson

        Quite right,more PC nonsense so fans dont feel so bad and have to seek NHS help for falling into the 3rd division.There are only 4 divisions,Nationals is Non-League for me,but I still hope to see Hartlepool or Gateshead come up next season.

  • Rick mag

    When they are doing sh.., it’s Ashley’s fault. When they are doing well it’s because of Benitez. It’s perfect for him and them”
    Sensible one .. I’m no Ashley apologist but at times we must be thoughtful

    • Jezza

      When we do well it is in spite of Ashley and his policy of pocketing all the profits rather than allowing some to be re-invested in the playing squad.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        But that’s a lie Jezza. He hasn’t pocketed anything.

    • Geordiegiants

      Jabba is still a c*nt, and always will be, even if we win the league or FA cup.

  • ross richardson

    I’m pretty sure we’ve already got over the ‘6 in a row’ and it’s the last thing the unwashed can cling on to. OK, makems, listen up. Us Geordies, we don’t actually give af about it anymore. Move on

    • Georgia Peter

      It’s a bit sad to see really that it is so indicative of the unwashed’s lack of drive and ambition that all they can think of and dream about, even from pre-season, is beating the Mags. Really sad.
      Well, they were right about one thing….their stay in “This Sunday League will only be for one season”. Spot on there lads. Hahaha Haha!
      And hey, ..the only thing I have in common with the mackems is that I wouldn’t sit in a pink seat either….!

  • 1957

    There are a couple of bits wisdom in among the rubbish, we weren’t as solid without the captain he’s as responsible for the upturn in form as the new signings… and it will be a long, long time before we get the opportunity to go 6 in a row, I’ll just have to make do with years of a higher division I suppose.

  • Steve Smith

    Of course we’re never going to do 6 in a row. Chances are we’ll never even play that shower 6 more times in their history.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Sad people,
    all they have is a krap team & Pennywell chippy for their cheesy chips

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    their next 6 in a row will be against the Spartans or the Heed

    • Dillon Tovak

      6 relegations in a row 😂

    • gallowgate26

      They played the heed in a preseason game and it was 1-1. Don’t diss the heed. 😋

  • Tweed Mag

    Some Sunderland supporters are only happy if Newcastle are doing badly or get beat. Their attendances have plummeted in the Championship, whilst there were capacity crowds at St James last season. Perhaps they should follow that example and concentrate on their own team, turn up every week and encourage them. I hope they don’t end up in the lower leagues forever, as the derby games were a highlight of the season. Beating us six times in a row was an achievement and the points kept them in the PL season after season. It is going to be a long time until either team will be able to challenge that statistic considering the state of Sunderland FC.

  • Desree

    Sunderland have better supporters

    • Vincent Gigante

      How many?

      • Dillon Tovak


    • MadMag83

      Did you mean bitter supporters?

  • robbersdog

    My favourite…

    I read on here in pre-season that we’d rather have Grayson than Rafa.

  • CaptainCaveman

    Some of these are pretty level headed to be fair. To the rest of them, they can enjoy watching their six in a row DVDs starring wearside’s favourite deviant.

  • George

    Just goes to show how stupid SAFC fans are. They would rather be in league 1 crowing about “6 in a row”. They forget we kept them in the Premiership for three seasons. Once we were relegated they had no-one to gift them points. I would not swap with them knuckle draggers.

    • Tim Graham

      “knuckle draggers”? Why do you need to say SAFC fans are stupid? Without wanting to upset your bigotry, “they”, like all teams, have fans from a range of intellects and with a range of standards of behaviour. They support a different team – a very poor team. Try to deal with it for everyone’s sake.

  • Rich Lawson

    ”Ready to Go”,down ?

  • Rich Lawson

    Can’t say I give the 6 in a row thing any really thought to be honest,like playing them,a pre-season home and away would be fun now tho’

  • Dillon Tovak

    Wow those people that desperately cling on to 6 in a row are a bit mental.
    I can categorically tell them I couldn’t give a shiny shyte, I’d much rather be player PL football.

    Some decent comments in there too to be fair.

    • jonas

      Yep. Am totally over it. Wouldn’t even consider swapping for it.
      not as important to us as it is to them – it seems literally everything to some of them.
      before that we’d gone 9unbeaten with mostly wins and i don’t know one person who was even counting.
      wonder what those same people thought of that, did they get over it, move on? Mustn’t have done.

  • MadMag83

    Division 2? It’s league one lads, aka the THIRD division of English football.

  • Geordie Pete Moore

    6 in a row ? try 2 relegations in a row and I would swim to France naked if they make it 3, SMB

    • Whickhamrobbie

      Grease me up Pete i will join you if its a treble relegation

      • Andy Mac

        There’s an image I’d rather not dwell on ? 🤔

    • Tim Graham

      Will you swim from Tynemouth?


  • Mrkgw

    They’ll all be queuing at the doors of St James eventually as at this rate, they’ll be in the conference. Newcastle will be their main hope of seeing some decent Premiership foorball.

  • Peter

    Some intelligent comments to be fair, but those banging on about 6 in a row? I suspect most Newcastle fans, like me, got over it, well, years ago… I mean should we still get upset that they beat us 9-1 in 1909? (We did have our reserves out that day and did win the league that season)

    • Andy Mac

      Blimey and you’re still typing away at your age ? 🤔

    • Jezza

      To be fair I still get a bit traumatised when I think about that play off defeat in 1990. The again that’s not so much because it was Sunderland we lost to but because we blew it with a pathetic showing after such a long hard season of being on the brink of promotion throughout.

  • Andy Mac

    Enjoy Accrington makems, they’re looking out for you 😁