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Sunderland fans classic comments as can’t cope with Rafa Benitez and Newcastle beating Arsenal and reaching safety

4 years ago

Sunderland fans are wondering where it all went wrong.

Only 23 months ago they were celebrating the demise of Newcastle United.

Rafa Benitez unable to keep NUFC up and Sunderland fans wondering when they would next see a derby match.

Well, they are still wondering that.

However, there has been a dramatic shift in the relative positions, Sunderland looking certain to crash into League One whilst Newcastle are looking at a possible top eight finish in the Premier League.

Newcastle’s win over Arsenal on Sunday afternoon, has led to some amusing debate amongst Sunderland fans.

Some of them accepting the obvious and that Rafa Benitez is clearly a very good manager, whilst others cling to a belief that what he has done at Newcastle is the bare minimum that he should have achieved.

It gets even stranger, with some Sunderland fans adamant that if offered the choice, they would still prefer to be having a double relegation, rather than giving up any of their ‘six in a row’ wins.

Very strange.

Sunderland fans commenting via their Ready To Go message board:


‘Ashley’s fault if Arsenal win today.’

‘Arsenal going to win 4-0. Cries of Ashley oot and smashed up horses/phoneboxes/greggs sersage rerls arl owa.’

‘Haway Arsenal.’

Lacazette makes it 1-0 to Arsenal:


‘Cracking goal that.’


“Rafa ooot”

‘Can’t believe Ashley wasn’t marking lacazette.’

‘Less than 30% possession at home against a side who were in Russia on Thursday night. If pardew did that…..’


‘Bast…s. That’s a good goal as well.’

‘Good goal that mind. Really smart finish, as much as it pains me to say.’

‘Cech will be disappointed with that. Poor keeping.’


‘Pundits will be w…ing themselves silly at the long ball pass by Shelvey, ignoring the 5 or 6 times he’s given the ball away already…’

‘Am not having Dummet like, he is an absolute barrel of sh..’

‘Can’t believe people get excited over someone like Shelvey who just boots the ball for forwards to run on to, Wimbledon did it for years and got slagged off for it.’

‘Pains me to say it but Lord Voldemort is one of the best passers of the ball England have, should definitely go to Russia.’

‘Still can’t believe so many thought they’d go down when they’re so solid at the back.’

‘They weren’t when Lascelles was missing mind.’

‘It’s not fashionable to say on here but what a hell of a job Benitez is doing there mind.

They appoint a manager with one of the best CVs in the game and we appoint Chris Coleman with one of the worst club management CVs in the game.’

‘To be fair to their fans they stuck by Rafa even when they dropped into bottom 3 and couldn’t buy a home win. Likes of WBA and Stoke fans spat dummy out and the board acted.’

‘What about when Rafa was out managed by Sam Allardyce and he took them down?

He’s done a decent job, no better. Sean Dyche has done a fantastic job.’

‘If Rafa Benitez was manager of us we would be loving it man.’

‘I read on here in pre season that we’d rather have Grayson than Rafa.’

‘When they are doing sh.., it’s Ashley’s fault. When they are doing well it’s because of Benitez. It’s perfect for him and them.’

‘The thing with NUFC recently in the premier and us is they generally give the top 6 teams a game at home while we always get steamrollered.

They have a manager that is brilliant with his defence and is probably in Europe’s top 15 managers. If you can’t accept that you are pretty much devoid of any character or strength. He is a manager we could never have got.

Annoying thing is we were close to being on par with NUFC at one point – still – we have owned them for the last decade just about so that will have to do.’

‘On par at one point?

We were a division above them man.’

‘I tell you what, after watching that game it shows just what organisation and team spirit can do.

For everyone on here saying the Sunderland players are giving their all, that game should be a massive dose of reality.’

‘6 in a row – Newcastle will never do that. Nothing they can do about that – happy to go to division 2 to be honest.’

‘Newcastle are having a good time no doubt, but just like our foundations (sic) in the Premier League were built on the sand of loans, without Benitez, Newcastle’s current side would collapse like a pack of cards. He is the glue holding it all together IMO. Hope he f…s off.’

‘I know we’re sh.. and have 2 relegations off the bounce, but I still take great pride knowing we beat our biggest/local rivals 6 times in a row.

Would I prefer that to have been 3 wins each and still be in the premier league, would I f…’

‘It’s all about the results when we play each other.

That’s the only thing i am bothered about.

We will not play them for years and fair play to them for stopping up but it must kill them its gonna b years till they get a chance to beat us again.’

‘Anyone saying they’d accept the six in a row for dropping into league 1 are showing how important the Mags are to them. Absolutely ridiculous!’

‘No matter what happens to either club, good or bad, Newcastle fans will never ever get over the six in a row.’



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