Arsenal fans must be the biggest joke in the Premier League.

Even for relatively attractive games at home, thousands of them flaunt the fact that they have enough money to buy tickets and then not bother using them.

Usually they might have five or six thousand who don’t bother turning up but last Sunday…it looked like half the Emirates hadn’t bothered for the Southampton match.

Well who can blame the poor Arsenal fans, after all they are only sixth, in the Europa League semis, and have already been to Wembley for the League Cup final.

Plus, it is a staggering 10 months since they last won a trophy, lifting the FA Cup for the third time in the last four years.

Added to that, whilst they haven’t been at their best this season, those Arsenal fans have seen their team have the best home record in the Premier League, apart from Manchester City.

At home those fans have seen 45 goals scored by their team, only Man City have scored more.

Meanwhile, Newcastle fans have seen their team score a glorious 16 goals at home, with 33 in total home and away.

I was looking about this morning for some reading before the game today and the pub beforehand, when I came across this below.

It really sums up Arsenal fans for me, just read this below…

It comes from an Arsenal fan site – She Wore A Yellow Ribbon.

Please shoot me if I ever get like this/these Arsenal fans.

Yes playing on a Sunday isn’t great but obviously he lives handy for Kings Cross/Euston and he is only 33, you would think he is 83 and had supported Enfield all his life, the way he goes on!

‘We’re not on our way to Newcastle.

Maybe I am getting old. Maybe I am just fed up of another Sunday game, but rather than being on a train to Newcastle right now, I am at home, wondering whether to spend my morning cleaning or gardening.

Trips to Newcastle and Sunderland used to be some the most anticipated of the season. A load of us heading up to the North-East on an often delayed 3 hour train.

The incredible amount of alcohol consumed on these trips often led them to having the most memorable moments. But today, none of my lot are going.

A 1:30pm on a Sunday afternoon game away to Newcastle would not normally be an issue. We would get a train about 8:30am, getting us into the Toon at about midday. Few beers in the former O’Neills across the road for the station, before the uphill walk to the ground.

We would be back down at sea level at around quarter to 4, so probably get a 4:30pm train back to London. Enough time for a quick pint and to get some cans for the way home. We would be back into Kings Cross about 8pm. Couple of pints in the O’Neills opposite St Pancras, before heading home for some sleep. Then up at 5:30am Monday morning for work.

Maybe it is old age. I am now 33. That the trip did not interest me. I did not fancy an early start on a Sunday (I would have to be up at 7am to catch the train to Kings Cross). I did not fancy the late night Sunday finish. And I did not fancy the hangover on the commute to work on Monday morning.

Back in my 20’s, I would think nothing of getting to Euston for a 6:30am train for Wigan away – beers flowing even at that time of the morning. Or getting back home at 11pm on a Sunday after a 4pm game in the North East. I would suck it up, and deal with the consequences the next day.

Maybe it is age and responsibility. But it is also apathy.

Not apathy towards Arsenal (or not completely).

This season has been tough for away fans. I have probably done the least amount of total games (home and away) for some years. I have left numerous times at half-time to head back to the pub (even when winning). I have stayed in the concourse for entire halves. And sometimes, I just have not bothered going in at all.

Not just the results, but the atmosphere. The knobheads that sit around us. Both home and away. Football has changed massively in just the last 5 years that I have been an away scheme member. Even more since I got my season ticket a decade ago. And it is now a completely different game to when I went to my first game in October 1995 as an 11 year old.

The fact that I am not going is not just because of The Arsenal, however. There are about 10 of us who travel regularly away together. Whether it be Stoke City or Cologne. None of us are going. And a big reason is due to it being yet another Sunday game.

Sunday games mean longer train journeys, less trains, and that Monday morning hangover. That is where my apathy sits.

I dream of a return to Saturday games. A return to drinking all day, then battling the hangover on Sunday, with a roast thrown in. This season, I have spent the Saturday fiddling with myself. Not sure what to do. Keeping myself occupied. It has not been fun.

Today, I will watch on TV. Next week I will be at the West Ham game. On a Sunday. Again.

It is all a little bit rubbish.’

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  • Graham Chapman

    Typical modern glory hunting fan…”Its a long way to travel, so I’ll buy 4 cans of Stella and watch it on TV whilst scratching my balls”

    • Ram Kishore

      No man I don’t think so..just read his reasons completely..Did we not moan about each and every time when this match or the other gets switched… He’s just voicing his reasonable frustration

  • Rich Lawson

    The idea is you don’t just support the team when it’s winning,your in it for life and that means the hard times too.6th in the table,in the semi’s in Europe and then they have the temerity to ask you to make a 3hr train journey on the p##s,what were they thinking ?

  • Leazes.

    I read the original as it came up on Newsnow but he had some nice graphs to show the games had been moved for TV…. that is his gripe….. the majority of Arsenal games are on Sunday lunchtimes and it has had its effect.

    Arsenals fans aren’t a joke they are voting with their feet and will get change whereas our fans turn up to back the regime and the team and nothing will change…. that is the biggest joke…queing up for gruel in the hope that Rafa will turn it into a cordon bleu gastronomic feast… sometime, maybe….

    …That’s why we are a cannon-fodder club john!

    • Andy Mac

      That might be an acceptable argument Leazes if it wasn’t for the fact that those protesting Gooners have actually paid top whack for the privilege of staying away so does the club care ?

  • pedrodelgardo

    One muppett does not a Summer make – or something like that.

  • Tweed Mag

    To be fair Sunday games are a pain if there is a lot of travel involved. Monday night games are a joke. Perhaps the TV companies need to take notice and clubs like Arsenal (who seem to have falling attendances) would also benefit in the long run.

  • Dave Straughan

    It would appear that the poor Arsenal fan, doesn’t realise most of the Sunday games have been moved for Europa league.

    • Ram Kishore

      He knows that man and he hates Sunday matches

  • Toon

    What’s wrong with his views? As NUFC fans complain about changing kick off times to Sunday’s, Monday’s etc? Typical snarling at other fans and clubs by The Mag, I wonder why the views shared have to be so ignorant and arrogant, another joke of an article

    • Ram Kishore

      Stupid article from the writer..The arsenal fan here is not stupid..The stupid here is John… Headline doesn’t reflect the content and John you are talking about the other guy’s stupidity..
      Misleading Mag writer

  • Albert Stubbins

    We’re f*****n shyte apparently. That s what they were singing at 1-0. That didn’t end too well for them did it?

    • Phil Yare


  • Ba ba.