You have to hand it to Sunderland, nobody can quite do a relegation like they can.

Rock bottom of the Premier League last season with only 24 points from 38 matches, they proved one of the worst ever teams in this PL era.

To then immediately follow that up as being one of the worst ever Championship clubs of recent times, takes some doing.

After the disastrous and hilarious late collapse against Burton, it not only guaranteed consecutive relegations, it also more or less ensures the Mackems will finish bottom of the table once again.

Sunderland were actually lucky this season, in terms of not having been relegated already a month ago, Blackburn went down on 51 points last season and on 34 points from 44 matches, yet again the Wearsiders are set to finish a season with less than 40 points, which takes some doing when it is a level down and with eight more matches to play – compared to the Premier League.

It is only when you go back through their Premier League existence that you realise just how badly and for how long, Sunderland have been absolutely stinking out the top tier.

Sunderland got promoted from the Championship back in 2006/07, then spent 10 seasons in the Premier League.

Every single season, apart from a purple patch (SAFC ‘Glory Days’) in seasons starting 2009-2011, they failed to get to the 40 points mark.

They managed two 13th place finishes with 44 and 45 points in 2009/10 and 2011/12, with the heady heights of 10th in 2010/11 with 47 points.

The rest of those years they have just basically been clinging on, wasting everybody’s time, six times they finished with a points total in the 30s and yet survived, including the last four seasons before they eventually did go down last season.

Talk about riding your luck, stumbling along until it all caught up with them eventually, relegated with only the 24 points.

In contrast, even despite Mike Ashley’s best efforts, Newcastle have still usually comfortably passed that 40 points mark.

On the three occasions NUFC have failed to do so, they were relegated twice! I’m not complaining because Newcastle deserved to go down both times – but it does sum up how useless Sunderland have been in this period, with only luck and a donation of points from Newcastle in recent years helping them to cling on.

It is maybe telling that once Newcastle were out of the picture, Sunderland have totally collapsed and crashed through the divisions. Lending plenty weight to the argument that the only thing that has kept them going over the years has been the desperation to try and get one over on Newcastle – their whole reason for being.

All of those years when Newcastle beat Sunderland season after season, obviously we really enjoyed the actual days/matches, but it was really just a part of the broader picture of helping NUFC to do as well as possible to try and finish as high as possible and hopefully compete.

Not a trophy in itself, a bit like the ‘North East Top Dogs’ accolade, that was only talked about on the rare occasions when the Mackems did manage to finish higher than their local rivals.

Here are the points totals and league positions of both Sunderland and Newcastle in the time period outlined above:

39 points (15th) 2007/08 (Newcastle 43 – 12th)

36 points (16th) 2008/09 (Newcastle 34 – 18th)

44 points (13th) 2009/10 (Newcastle 102 – Championship winners)

47 points (10th) 2010/11 (Newcastle 46 – 12th)

45 points (13th) 2011/12 (Newcastle 65 – 5th)

39 points (17th) 2012/13 (Newcastle 41 – 16th)

38 points (14th) 2013/14 (Newcastle 49 – 10th)

38 points (16th) 2014/15 (Newcastle 39 – 15th)

39 points (17th) 2015/16 (Newcastle 37 – 18th)

24 points (20th) 2016/17 (Newcastle 94 – Championship winners)

34 points (24th in Championship – 2 games to go) 2017/18 (Newcastle 41 – 10th – 4 games to go)

Here’s hoping that it is a long long time before we meet up again.

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  • GC

    Great, another Mackem fixated post. NUFC commenting on them on our own website just builds their ego. Which boy band was it that said “You say it best, when you say nothing at all?” IGNORE THEM, IT WILL ANNOY THEM MUCH MORE THAN A BANNER. Possibly explains why I’m now single hahah

    • Leazes.

      They don’t understand that or statistics.

      • GC

        That’s exactly why we should ignore them

  • Vincent Gigante

    I hope on Saturday we can thoroughly celebrate their demise, get through our full array of anti sunderland songs and generally mock them til our sides split.
    All this about obsession, not good for NE football and not lowering to their level is just plain nonsense. When your foes are down you need to kick them!!
    On another note o hope the St James’ crowd show their class and when WBA are relegated on Saturday we don’t cheer, mock and we leave the bedsheets at home!
    SMB – still enjoying Burton!!!

  • Rich Lawson

    We don’t need them on here again until they are confirmed as the bottom club,just give it a rest till then.

  • Leazes.

    A graph wouldn’t go amiss, so you can actually see the way the figures relate.

    • Weyhhadaway

      and a power point or a flip chart.

      • Leazes.

        just the graph as you can’t put powerpoint or flip chart on a blog.

  • Callum

    More Sunderland articles than Newcastle ……

  • CaptainCaveman

    Lets have a laugh at the final table and then forget about them until next season.

  • Paul Patterson

    Ok, it’s been hilarious, but let me know when/if they get near promotion to the Premier League. Until then, let’s forget about them . .

  • Gianfranco Shola

    Just give it a rest with the Sunderland articles, we get it they’re horrendous and they’re in disarray. However they are no longer in our division, in fact they aren’t even in the division below meaning we have very little chance of coming up against them any time soon. Articles about the likes of Wolves, Fulham and Cardiff would have more relevance than talking about league 1 fodder. Even Boro just stop with the posts about the mackems you make us look obsessed

    • Jezza

      I agree entirely.

      • Gianfranco Shola

        Between Mitrovic and Sunderland articles we barely get any on here worth reading nowadays, I find myself skipping the majority

        • Jezza

          Me too. I tend to skip the articles and go straight to the comments. These days I find the banter between the regulatrs on the forum far more interesting than the main content of the site.

          • Dillon Tovak

            Me too for 99% of the articles. Unless there are quotes, but I’ll only read the actual quote as I don’t need the writer putting some bitter fictional spin on the quote first, telling me how I should interpret it.
            Terrible articles for about a year or two now.

  • Weyhhadaway

    I get it, we gave the six points per season and they still couldn’t see the favour we were doing them and failed to build on the foothold we gave them in the Premiership.

  • GC

    I wash my hands if you want to pull an embarrassing stunt, stupid kids

  • Alex

    Good God, is this another pathetic article by Drape Comyn under an alias?

    Give over with the Mackem bashing obsession – they’re an inconsequence, and we’re beginning to look quite sad and pathetic with this fixation on publishing articles about them.

    • Jezza

      Spot on.

    • Rich Lawson

      But he’s ”got an ‘ology” and ”goes to every game home and away” ?

      • Coach Clagnut

        Unless his lass throws a strop then it’s off antiquing around the Tynemouth market. Marvelous dahling!

  • TheFatController

    The best revenge is to be the opposite of your enemy ….

    I’m not motivated to ‘do a Villa’ towards West Brom should they go down Saturday.

    They’ve also been Pardewed. We should help them through the grieving process, apparently it always works better with people who understand your pain…

    • Rich Lawson

      I really think we need to watch this one,they have picked up again under Moore and have that spirit that already doomed clubs seem to get,where they play without a care ?

      • Coach Clagnut

        If we “phone” another performance in as we seemed to at Everton we’ll get turned over. Playing for pride always trumps waiting for the beach.

  • Jezza

    For the love of God give it a rest. As a result of the endless “Mackem bashing” takling place on The Mag there is now one positive thing for Sunderland fans to cling to in these darkest of times and that is the knowledge that no matter how low their team sinks, those “Jawdee barcodes” over the water will still be utterly obsessed with them. These articles are not taking the rise out of SAFC and their supporters, all they are doing is making Newcastle fans look like utter muppets. Not in my name.

    • Wor Lass

      Well said.

    • Nick from MK

      Have to agree – we’ve had a chance to gloat (that’s what fans do after all) but this post has gone way beyond what is acceptable. As I’ve said before, it benefits the North-east if all the teams are doing well, and I for one miss the derby days. Lets move on to more relevant topics – like getting new ownership at NUFC.

  • Scott Robinson

    Interesting that Sunderland being relegated to league One isn’t making any big national media news (except on here!), unlike say ‘Leeds’ when they went down. Even our last 2 relegations to the championship was big news, so imagine if we had gone down to League One?

    Sunderland even in the premiership was about as exciting as Stoke City. In the Championship on par with Preston and Forest.

    No one seems interested in their plight. Even Villa relegated wasn’t big news and I note not many from other clubs want them promoted!

    Sometimes we think our own club is big news. NUFC seem to hit the headlines good and bad. Must be hard for Everton as they are slowly becoming as interesting as the mackems under Big Sam, despite the likes of Rooney and Walcott.

    I guess a visit of ‘park the bus NUFC’ is just slightly more exciting than Stoke or Sunderland. Hope it changes next season!

    • Coach Clagnut

      Made a 3 article splash in The Grauniad

  • David2211

    I used to think sunderland were obsessed with us but it’s clearly reciprocated. We’re no better than them it seems.

    • Coach Clagnut

      We are, but this rag’s contributors wears the hat most comfortably.

    • Football fan

      When I worked in Manchester the city and man u fans wanted both teams out of the premiership so they never have to travel up the A1 ever again we need both teams up there ……

  • FairsCup69

    Pathetic article. Within those ‘stats’ you can see we’ve been relegated twice. You can only imagine what it must be like to bait ypur neighbours when theres something worth baiting. Try this. Ha! Ha! We won the league and all you could manage was runners up spot (and possibly the FA cup). That’s when baiting your rival would be worthwhile.

  • Tweed Mag


  • TheNutJob

    I cringe when i hear a Mackem talking, how did they end up with an accent like that

    • Jezza

      Well to people who aren’t from the North East, Geordies and Wearsiders sound exactly the same it has to be said.

      • TheNutJob

        I`m posh Geordie

        • Wor Lass

          Oh yaah, dahling – he knows yer knaa!

      • Mayor Vaughn

        Mackem accent is abysmal, like an assault your ears. How people from elsewhere can’t tell the difference is beyond me.
        Everyone on tv attempting a geordie accent sounds like a mackem also, it’s infuriating.

        • Leazes.

          That’s how I feel about the ‘Black Pudding North’….Yorkshire and Lancashire….. horrendous!

        • Jezza

          Very few actors attempting a Geordie accent get it right, it has to be said. Christopher Ecceleston and Daniel Craig did a fairly good job on Our Friends Up North as did the guy who played Michael on I’m Alan Partridge but the rest tend to be pretty poor. The worst attempt I’ve ever heard at a Geordie accent from a professional was from Del Boy actor David Jason. It was shocking, even worse than Harry Enfield with his Loadsatabs character.

          • Coach Clagnut

            Buggallmoney wasn’t he?

    • Weyhhadaway

      I believe it is called a frontal lobotomy.

  • Whickhamrobbie

    I did the two days of gloating / baiting the Mackems last weekend now lets just forget about them and concentrate on getting Ashley out of our club .

    • TheNutJob

      you`ll see a few more seasons with Jabba

      • Jezza

        Sad to say I can see Sunderland getting back up to the Premiership before Jabba leaves our club.

        • Leazes.

          That long!!!

        • Tino o

          Not a chance Ashley will be dead by the time they get back 🤣

  • Mark Davies

    This is getting embarrassing now. I dont come on an nufc website to read stuff about another club.

    Yes i had a wee chuckle at the weekend given the enjoy burton irony of it all but this is getting stupid now. I have a mackem colleague at work who actually comes on the mag website now to prove we are obsessed with them and i cant even argue when every day there is tripe like this posted.

    Seriously give it a rest. We call them obsessed because they are/were. Cant we leave them alone to rot in the mess they are in and take some sort of morale higher stance. Jeeezzzz

  • Tony Mann

    I am having a quiet chuckle at their demise BUT that could have so easily been us.
    Leave it alone now.
    As my eminently sensible Mrs says… ‘What goes around … comes around’.

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Without Ashley spending the money that was the difference good old Ashley. Short spent £1.5m only Ashley bought good players to get us back up cannot thank him enough.

  • Wor Lass

    You Swedish House Mafia boys sure know how to have a good time, John. I wondered where you`d got to!

  • TheNutJob

    I`m off the watch Real

  • Joseph Burton

    You’ve got to remember how easily it could have been you if your owner hadn’t saved you. But aye he’s obviously the worst in English football isn’t he. Try having someone like Ellis Short, he’s almost completely responsible for our current predicament.

    • Jezza

      On the contrary NUFC would be in a much better position now if it wasn’t for our owner. Both clubs have got absolutely rotten owners and deserve much better.

      • Andy Mac

        “Rotten” that’s the very epitome of public school banter Jezza ?

        • Jezza

          Strange comment and I don’t know what you’re getting at but we used the word “rotten” at Boldon Comp.

          • Andy Mac

            Aye its rotten to the core.

    • Steven05

      Your owner has backed your managers with many many signings tho. Just perhaps not the right signings and contracts. He’s now (or a year ago) at the point of saying enough is enough. There’s obviously a lot of debt, so at least he’s not asking for a fee for the club on top of that. I’ll be honest I don’t know the ins and outs of your club, but I do know both owners have been a disaster

    • Andy Mac

      IMHO Short is a clueless muppet. Whereas Fatman is a lucky clueless muppet !

  • Proppaboots

    Pathetic article…….try supporting and putting your time into NUFC instead of gloating at that lot from the Wear. What have we won or got to boast about, you sound like a Makem revelling in mediocrity and happy being better than out neighbours!!!

  • Toon

    Yawn, what next a Mag “poll” or a trawl though their website for an update on their comments, obsessive…..

    • Jezza

      I can just imagine the poll:

      Which would you rather see next season: Newcastle win a trophy next season or Sunderland relegated to the fourth division?

      …and going by the articles on here lately I dread to think what the answer would be.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        For a change, I agree with you Jezza. The rivalry is fun when we are in the same division but I don’t relish their demise. If they get it right, they will recover. Maybe we should lend them Adam Armstrong and Ivan Toney to get them goals.

  • Andy Mac

    Sunlun are shlte and we’re slightly less than that. Two owners who should have been sifted out at the “fit and proper test” stage. Let’s move on

  • wheyayeman

    Their club is rank but their fan message board concept (Ready to go) is much better than this.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      In terms of message boards, we have quite a few from the red top style, the mid market like this through to the broadsheet quality over at the BBS.

  • Desree

    NUFC fans are like devote Catholics. Think they are holier than though. The same people on here gloating were the same ones crying like babies when the plane flew over SJP.

    We are in no way superior to any other fans. Just because you believe in the bible more than anyone else, it doesn’t mean the earth was made in six days.

    In Jabba we trust

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      I agree with that, now, about that bet.

  • Philippines

    Living in the Philippines I am in Hong Kong this weekend. I was chatting to a fellow in a bar this evening and sussed his accent as Durham county in about ten seconds. He admitted he was a Sunderland supporter. I bought him a drink.