When Alan Pardew moved to Selhurst Park from St James Park, Newcastle fans were quick to warn Palace fans of what to expect.

They scoffed at the warnings, welcoming their former cult hero player with open arms, accusing Newcastle supporters of being clueless, ungrateful, bitter etc etc.

Amusingly, when Alan Pardew was amazingly given another chance by a Premier League club in November 2017, the warnings from Crystal Palace supporters were arguably even more severe/louder than those from Newcastle fans.

West Brom fans though wouldn’t listen, just grateful to be rid of Tony Pulis and expecting that surely nobody could be any worse than the outgoing manager, what could possibly go wrong…?

Monday brought the belated news that West Brom and Alan Pardew had ‘mutually agreed’ he should be sacked (leave the club…).

In response to the news, the local newspaper (Express and Star) that covers West Brom, has produced a damning comment piece on the Alan Pardew management spell at the Hawthorns.

The ironic thing is that none of what you will read will see Newcastle fans bat an eyelid.

Clueless tactics – Tick.

Naming and shaming individuals – Tick.

Undermining young players – Tick.

Lack of discipline – Tick.

Blaming everybody but himself – Tick.

Trips away to the sun that ended up harming the club/team – Tick.

Players confused by his tactics – Tick.

Fans seeing right through him – Tick.

Extracts from Express and Star comment piece:

Alan Pardew is destined to go down as one of the worst managers in Albion’s history, if not the worst.

But his disastrous four-month tenure will be remembered for far more than just the defeats.

Pardew may have been a great PR man in the press room, where he said all the right things, particularly early on, but it masked his deficiencies in the dugout.

There was an early warning sign when he played three strikers in his first game in charge, not because it was tactically the right thing to do against Crystal Palace, but because he wanted to make a ‘little bit of a statement’.

He persisted with two strikers after that, even for games when it left the team overrun in midfield.

The way he treated young players like Sam Field and Oliver Burke was borderline disgraceful.

Field was playing well when he arrived, and had just scored against Newcastle, but he shunted the young fan favourite out to left wing at Swansea, his second game in charge, in order to manufacture his removal from the side.

The teenager was hooked at half-time and wasn’t seen again until a trip to champions-in-waiting Manchester City, where he was made a sacrificial lamb.

Before the game, Pardew asked Field over and over again if he was ‘s….ing himself’ in front of the rest of the squad. If this was supposed to be a motivational tool, it was grossly misjudged.

Burke, too, was publicly shamed for crossing the ball into the box against West Ham in injury time with the scores level, just days after Pardew had urged his team to take more risks in order to win games.

The Hammers went up the other end and scored, but it was not the rest of team’s fault, who let the hosts sweep through them with ease, it was Burke’s.

His mistreatment of the youngsters didn’t go down well with the rest of the squad.

Those senior professionals Pardew put all his trust in, repaid him by questioning his authority.

Barcelona was the nadir. Not only was it booked because Pardew expected the team to lose to Liverpool in the FA Cup, he then decided to go through with it even though Albion only had four full days in between games.

Taxi-gate is destined to go down in Albion folkloreAfterwards, the head coach claimed they broke a 12am curfew, but there has been some suggestion that no such curfew was ever in place.

The night before, Pardew had lost his wallet, phone, and jacket on an evening out.

Albion trained for three hours in total. It was a booze cruise intended to build morale, but it turned into a nightmare.

Pardew’s reaction was unsatisfactory. By keeping Jonny Evans and Gareth Barry in the team for the FA Cup game against Southampton days later, he proved himself to be a spineless leader.

Fans started to see through the PR which had initially won them round, and players too began to openly criticise him.

On Saturday, when Pardew changed formation several times in a disastrous first half, his orders were received with confused looks by those on the pitch.

Two board members have already lost their jobs partly because he was employed, and now Pardew has finally left.

Pardew, meanwhile, will struggle to get another job in the top tier after this. And he is surely destined to go down as one of Albion’s worst ever managers.

  • Leazes.

    …or if you are Mike Ashley give him an eight year contract to stop the FA poaching him without compensation…. hoooo!

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      And we did OK in getting £3m from Palace because of it.

  • pedrodelgardo

    Spack all to do with us.

    • Jezza

      It will be our problem soon enough.

  • Paul Patterson

    ‘Cult Hero’? Surely a spelling error . .

    • Peaky


    • Kneebotherm8

      Yeah…….should be a Z not an H……….oh hang on………no it’s the L that wants changing…..😂😂😂😂

      • molend


        • Kneebotherm8

          L to an N…….and/or…..H to a Z……..I’d change them both…….

        • Benmagpie


  • magpiefifer

    What sticks in my throat is the compensation Pardew has amassed with the sackings he’s had!
    Can’t see him getting another chance – unless Ashley is still owner in July!!!

    • Leazes.

      Arsenal are looking for a replacement for Wenger, their fans will welcome him with open arms!

      • Blackburn1066

        Oh yes I would love that.

    • Jezza

      Mark my words, he will be Newcastle manager next season.

      • Leazes.

        Haha…. he would have to hide under the same rock as Charnley.

      • Alan Pardew

        I always thought I should be a manager at a big club.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    No matter where he goes it ends up in chaos & confusion & having Geordie John as your wing man doesn`t help matters
    Alan Pardew is a lowlife, lying scumbag whilst Geordie John is just a simpleton

    • Paul Patterson

      The treatment of the young lad at WB is damning enough. I seem to recall a few occasions where our younger players were played in games they had little chance of doing well in, only to be blamed for the inevitable defeat and seldom seen again . .

      • Grahame Johnson

        Ferguson v man u was one

    • Kneebotherm8

      It was Pardews choice like……….must have been Carvers “best coach in the land” self proclamation that got him appointed……..😂

  • Simon White

    I am an Albion fan and think that after 1 win in 20 it was inconceivable that Pardue could or should keep his job. However this article is just about everything that is wrong with modern sport today. Totally subjective and non factual, the “I told you so” tone smacks of motivated reasoning. I do not think Pardue to be a very good manager but most of this is unsubstantiated half truths that warp the reality of the situation. He made many mistakes at Albion but I think he acknowledged most of those himself. To portray him as someone who blames everyone else for his own inadequacies is also blatantly unfair. The fact is that anyone following TP was going to struggle because of the unique anti football Pulis played based on the most cynical pragmatism you can imagine. Pardue picked up the poisoned chalice and not surprisingly failed to motivate a totally defensive minded and unbalanced squad with senior players who never accepted him at all and bathed in the release from the driven and demanding Pulis regime.

    • Leazes.

      He’s an unmitigated scoundrel Simon, his first press conference here he said he hadn’t joined United in order to sell Andy Carroll…. two weeks later he sold him without a replacement….. then continued in this vein for his entire tenure, he was hated for the lies and for accepting a position of head coach allowing the clubs accountant to build(sic) the squad. Every press conference he just stonewalled with smugness. I can’t begin to convey the arrogance of his self satisfaction with running the club into the ground, statements such as ‘we can’t hope to compete with the mighty Southampton’ left most people bewildered…. he had accepted a job to murder our club!

      • Rich Lawson

        ”Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” In his case it will only spout lies and excuses.

      • Keeganontherebound

        The original French would probably have been ‘par Dieu’. Which means ‘by God’:
        As in: By God, what a useless manager…

        • Leazes.

          I know I twisted it slightly.

      • Philippines

        In fairness, given the crazy sum offered, anyone would have sold Carroll IMHO.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He`s a lying egotistical scumbag

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Leazes or Jezza?

    • Kneebotherm8

      Was Par due the sack………….a resounding Yes……..long over dew……….

    • Brian Standen

      I like going to WBA, it’s always one of the best and friendliest away trips and it will be a miss next season! But Pardew will not be missed. This is not smugness it’s a reaction to his arrogance. His managerial record is generally shocking at best!
      Much as I dislike Tony Pulis and his none brand of total football he would have kept WBA out of trouble!
      Pardew got the WBA job on ‘jobs for mates’ basis – unmitigated disaster!

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      That’s the Mag for you, it will spin the truth to fit it’s perceived market.

      Most of football could see why Pardew was chosen but why it was don in the middle of the season is a strange one. Going from Pulis to Pardew was rather like Palace going from BFS to De Boer, the players may have been fed up with the previous manager’s discipline regime but that does not bode well for the new man who had to change things.

    • Aaron505

      Pardew followed from Pulis at Palace and went on a huge winning run, getting 90% of his goals from set-pieces that Pulis had devised.

    • GToon

      I will remember Pardew for the records that he broke like the hammering at home by Liverpool, the hammering at home by the mackems, the winless runs etc. Thats regardless of whether I like the bloke or not. He’s just not a very good manager. No ifs, no buts. He just isn’t. His influence on a team is disorganization. To try and explain myself just imagine a team under Pulis, a team under Rafa, Keegan, Ferguson, etc etc and you can sort of picture the style of play. Now what does a team under Pardew look like? Nobody knows and nor does he.

  • Ba ba.

    Read this article in full last night on the express and star website….. The man should hang his head in shame.

  • Alan Pardew

    Maybe people will look back on the last year and say, ‘Well, he handled it with a bit of dignity and respect’, which I tried to do.

    I tried to push him away with my head.

    • Kneebotherm8

      You were sht mate……….no ifs or (head)butts…….😂😂

    • Rich Lawson

      Clearly a scapegoat for Pulis’s failings !!!

    • Buck Blacket

      I’ll give you one thing though Pards, you “talk” a good game. Expert on paper, unfortunately, sh*t on grass!

  • superalansuddick

    No way can this be right,The mans a genius just ask Ian Wright, Tony Gayle,Paddy Barclay,etc.
    I`m being sarcastic by the way.

  • Scott Robinson

    ‘Pardew for England’ …

  • mentalman

    The unfortunate thing is he’ll be back on the scene next season as clubs are going for managerial dinosaurs who fail on a regular basis rather than taking a chance on a young up and coming manager with fresh ideas

    • Down Under Mag

      So sad that this will probably come true – no doubt a club promoted and struggling will jettison their manager and appoint this clown, failing to heed the warnings of all those clubs before him. I’m still waiting for the heartfelt apology from the Palace fans who claimed we were being unrealistic deluded Geordies when we wanted rid of him…

    • Georgia Peter

      Porciestreet .
      Seriously, who would ever take him on again after reading his CV…..Sacked,sacked, sacked ,sacked sacked.

      • mentalman

        It doesn’t go down as being sacked although we all know he has been

  • East Durham Mag

    NUFC has the dubious distinction of having the three biggest donkeys in English football at the club. Stcheve Mc, Carver and Pardew, four if you count Fatty.

    • Leazes.

      Five……….Fred Allardyce Flintstone.

      • East Durham Mag

        I’d forgotten about Hippos Heed Leazes.

        • Wor Lad

          And Lee and Dalglish and Kinnear and may more whose names I cant remember.

          • Colin Brumwell

            Ron McGarry and Richard Dinnis

    • Aaron505

      Not to mention the undisputed worst manager of all time. Souness

      • East Durham Mag

        Yes an abject lesson in how to ruin a football hire Souness.

      • Whickhamrobbie

        or Gullitt ?

    • Alreet

      Yep. Add kinnear into that and you have the most offensive and i dont mean attacking!

  • Mike

    amazing the press called us fickle and said we hated cockneys!! wot they didnt say was he wasnt sacked at the town but left for more ££££££

    • ghostrider

      He left for two reasons.
      1. He was hounded out by the fans. His job became torturess and the cockney silliness came to the fore as it always does.

      2. He had the chance to manage the club he genuinely loved and had he been on a better pedestal at Newcastle would likely have turned down the offer.

      I remember fans begging him not to take the England job when he was at Newcastle. Anyone remember that?
      No why was that?
      Terrible manager wasn’t he?
      A bad bad man?
      A cockney git?…and all of the expletives to go with it.

      Or was he actually doing a sterling job as manager?
      Ashley was most likely right when he said Pardew overachieved. It set the fans into an expectation mode that was difficult to adhere to due to certain players having love eyes for their darling clubs who they dreamed of going to and made it known.

      Anyone remember all this?

      If Pardew is guilty of anything, it’s what 90% of managers are guilty of. Being the puppet for the hierarchy.
      If you think only Southgate gets his strings pulled then you need to understand what EMPLOYEE really means when working under THE EMPLOYER and the EMPLOYER’S CHARGEHANDS.

      • Mike

        wot planet are you on………..bldy hell the man is in the British clique of crp managers who still get employed regardless. Pard Pulis Hughes Big Sham, Moyes and so on. rubbish all of em. no English manager has won the Prem and the way things are never will. tho all your crp youd replace a manager who WINS with any of those idiots? if you so clever you tell me who is a good manager?

        • ghostrider

          A good manager is a manager that does well at a club. A bad manager is a manager that doesn’t do well.
          So let’s put it all into perspective.
          Pardew was a good manager then bad then good then bad then good then bad.
          I could go through all but the elite managers with this because this is how the hyena media coaxes the public into belief’s that are not exactly on the money.

          The question to be asked is…what makes a bad manager and what makes a good one, because a manager surely can’t be good then just go bad, surely, even though us fans are made to believe it.

          Once Pardew was begged not to take the England job by Newcastle fans.
          Imagine not wanting a bad manager to get out….or wasn’t he bad then?
          Do I need to go on to make it more clear as to what I’m getting at?

        • ghostrider

          Most of them are good managers.
          It depends on the quality they manage as to how much success they can make of a set up and it boils down to being able and allowed to build.
          Too many get binned before they put a stamp on their club so it’s hard to tell the true facts.

          Bandwagon jumping on putting down managers gives you no reality on them other than a weak mind. Try using your own.

  • Desree

    Fatty will take him back in august

  • Andy Mac

    “Blaming everybody but himself – Tick.” Its in his sniveling, snidey slippery DNA

  • ghostrider

    The typical frenzy that comes when a hatred of a person comes to the fore, once again.
    His tactics weren’t baffling when he had us finishing 5th and very close to a champions league placing…but I’m sure that will be in spite of him rather than because of him….right folks?

    The torches can be lit and the baying crowds can descend on anyone that becomes the stand out attention.
    If anything I feel sorry for Pardew. A man trying his best with the tools he’s given and most likely against puppeteers pulling his strings as he tries to do stuff his way.

    Pardew has done absolutely nothing bad enough for me to dislike him never mind hate him.
    In football you can be a hero for a short while and a villain for a long while because short lived success, or what’s deemed as a success will quickly turn sour if it’s not added to.

    • WrongToon

      Out of curiosity, did you watch any of the Newcastle games in the Pardew era? I ask as, if you did, then only an idiot would have such an unfathomably rosy perception of sleazy Pards. Did the puppeteers make him verbally abuse Manuel Pellegrini? Or headbutt Meyler? Did they make him play 3 strikers for that West Brom game v. Palace? Did they make him play those inept formations and clueless tactics? Did they make him book and go to Barcelona? Did they steal his stuff to make it look like he was drunk? What are you on man? They haven’t just sacked him, they’ve sacked people responsible for employing him, that’s how universally recognised it was as a catastrophically bad decision. To answer your question – was the 5th place finish because of him or in spite of – it’s the latter. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that. It’s why he never came close to repeating it anywhere, not even when Palace gave him all that cash to spend.