I suppose we can expect nothing less from Sam Allardyce.

The Everton boss coming out with some pretty outrageous comments after Monday night’s match.

The scousers were victorious but it was a game where neither side deserved to win.

Sam Allardyce surely the only manager who can come out after a game where playing at home against average opposition and having only one effort on goal, can then accuse the opposition of being negative and game spoilers!

The goal came from a long hopeful cross into the box which then got a lucky [for Everton]/unlucky [for Newcastle] deflection, Theo Walcott turning and finishing well from around eight yards.

Apart from that Martin Dubravka didn’t have a save to make in the 95 minutes of ‘action’.

Sam Allardyce was in full on defensive mode after the game, hilarious claiming ‘we completely dominated the game and outpassed the opposition.’

The former Newcastle manager adding ‘You can’t knock our football…there was only ever going to be one winner.’

I won’t claim that Newcastle were adventurous because that then would make me look as daft as Fat Sam, it was only in the final stages when Rafa’s team did show a bit more of an attacking edge.

The introduction of Dwight Gayle gave Newcastle the pace and movement they had lacked up front and he was repeatedly fouled and won NUFC free-kicks in decent positions, with Keane [how on earth has he ever played for England?] lucky not to get a second yellow.

The only real chance before Gayle came on, was when Kenedy charged down a Pickford clearance and Perez somehow couldn’t manage a 10 yard easy pass which would have left Slimani one on one with the former Mackem keeper.

A match that was a waste of everybody’s time and any neutral who sat through the whole game must have a pretty sad and empty life.

On the positive side for Newcastle fans though…

At least I wake up this morning and can remind myself that at least we don’t have Sam Allardyce as our manager.

Sam Allardyce:

“What was wrong with our style today?

“We completely dominated the game and outpassed the opposition.

“Found it very difficult to break them down because of their negative tactics of dropping 10 players into their own half.

“We have moved up the league and we are on the right track – moving in the right direction.

“The lads have battled hard, worked hard, Theo Walcott was our game changer.

“If we lose next week it [the criticism] will be same again.

“We will all be rubbish if we lose again…but if we keep winning we’ll be OK.

“As a manager, when do all the fans like the manager?

“Newcastle had won the last four, and apart from that last 10 minutes, we dominated the game.

“For me there was only ever going to be one winner.

“You can’t knock our football.

“You can knock some of our passing that went astray, but you can’t knock me for that, I don’t pass the ball.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Everton 1 Newcastle 0


Evertonl: Walcott 51

Possession was Everton 57% Newcastle 43%

Total shots were  Everton 9 Newcastle 9

Shots on target were Everton 1 Newcastle 2

Corners were  Everton 4 Newcastle 6

Referee: Robert Madley

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Lejeune, Dummett, Ritchie (Murphy 79), Shelvey (Merino 83), Diame, Kenedy, Perez, Slimani (Gayle 63)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Manquillo, Clark, Hayden

Crowd: 39,061

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(To read the match ratings on all Newcastle players after this defeat go HERE)

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Could any of our forwards have finished like Walcott, the answer is NO.
    you get what you pay for & when you shop at Poundstretcher you suffer the consequences

  • Leazes.

    Well that was pretty much the game I watched so he was right, I don’t understand this headline at all.

    What is the author thinking about?

  • Fireman Sam

    Took Keegan 10 games to get us passing the ball properly after alardyce got sacked. His training must consist of head tennis and set plays.

    • TheNutJob

      but he won.

    • Jezza

      That’s if Hippo Heed is even at the training ground at all and not off having lots of clandestine meetings to pick up brown envelopes.

    • Martin Rooney

      Allardyce won 7 league games from 22 keegan 4 from 16

      • Jimmy_toons

        He had a good start at United, but only won 2 of his last 12 in charge. That was relegation form, and the football we witnessed under him was honestly some of the worst I’ve seen at St James’. You could put up with for a while when we were getting results, but not when we couldn’t get results decent results then from the likes of Derby, Wigan and Blackburn.
        Ironical thing is, Ashley sacked him when BFS would have been his ideal manager i.e keeping a club in premier league without getting too near the top to stretch the squad.

  • Guest 2

    Everton net spend around £69 million. Our net spend, inc loans, around £22.4 million.
    They didn’t look or play like a £50 million better team that’s for sure. If we had managed to pass / retain the ball then we would have beaten them as far as I am concerned, but it looked like the players had a mind set of ‘job done’ and are now content with confirmed survival.
    Shocking display from us and the same old fare from a big heed side.

  • ghostrider

    This is more about a bandwagon jumping hatred for Allardyce because he won rather than anything else.
    The man set his team out to get a result. Rafa did the same.
    Allardyce won, simple as that. It happens.

    • thewildchimp

      No, no, I listened to the interview, he acted like a complete @rsehole. I leave some space for the euphoria and the usual managers’ vanity, but he was on the whole new level yesterday. Slagging of his players, fans and us. I thought he would burst from hubris!
      I understand he wants to keep his job, which is unlikely, so he needs to find a way to add some value to himself. I don’t generally care much about what he says, but his problem aren’t his negative football tactics – they are alright – his problem is his negative personality.

      • ghostrider

        Regardless of what you or anyone thinks about his personality, he was brought in to get results. He’s done exactly that and at this moment in time has arguably got Everton in a position that no fan would have expected after the early season start under Koeman and Unsworth’s caretaking.

        Nobody was moaning when he took over and got things moving.
        8th place they are under a manager that’s had just over half a season to work with what he inherited in 95% of the squad.

        When people have a dig at him and slaughter him, he’s entitled to stand his ground and/or big himself up, as and when he feels like it.

        Does that make him smug?….Maybe. Does it give legitimate stance from people to hate him?…..does it hell.

        Mourinho’s been smug on many occasions and so have many many managers.
        Some are more humble and some are less inclined to say too much.

        Managers are goaded into response by unscrupulous media operators/interviewers.
        Allardyce generally handles it all well, even if he does appear smug. It’s his way of saying “look, I’m confident in my own abilities and this is what you get because this is what I am and what you see. If you don’t like it, lump it.”

        Those fans with banners are entitled to do what they feel they think is best but sometimes you have to hope that there is something better to take the place of the one you want out.

        I personally think Allardyce has done wonders when you consider the haphazard set up he came into.
        I personally thought Koeman was sold right down the river, too…but that’s another story.

        • thewildchimp

          I agree, he did some tremendous jobs in the past, keeping Mackems in the Prem was one of them. But I see a sad man, who realised his limits and decided not to better himself (or gave up on it at some point) and became a [email protected] I don’t hate him at all, that’s just my perception of him.
          And don’t get me started on Mourinho. :)

          The problem with our society is that they are allowed to talk badly about other people on the TV, no matter whether it’s true or not – simply because they are successful. I’ve seen tons of people on Youtube giving perfect analyses, yet the mass doesn’t care to know, they want to see their favourite ex-player praising someone they like or putting down someone they don’t like. I’m reading The Mag for some 4 years now (more or less) and I can’t tell if I have read 5 in-depth analyses in total, but I know everything about the Mackems and their struggle. Never entered one of their websites in my lifetime…

          Anyway, Allardyce is a very cunning man. But most people see through his bluffs by now.

          • ghostrider

            Fair enough in what you say.
            We all have a varying mindset and we will ultimately see different situations in whatever or whoever we are viewing.
            We will all make assumptions based on how we perceive any situation.

            One man’s devil is another man’s saint and the media and pundits can shape the mindset of many who prefer to follow that analysis of them on any person, club or anything else deemed worthy of slaughter or worthy or bigging up.

        • Jimmy_toons

          Everton were 5 points clear of relegation and in 13th place when Allardyce took over.

          • ghostrider

            They were doing abysmal under Unsworth.
            As soon as Allardyce was onboard and attended the West ham game, it changed.
            I’d put that down to new management rather than a massive upturn in Unsworth’s caretaking skill.

          • Jimmy_toons

            You’re giving your opinion, I’m simply stating the facts.

          • ghostrider

            My opinion is based on the facts.

  • thewildchimp

    What a c’nt!

  • TobyZFU

    What? Allardyce played anti-football, and won?! Oh blimey! But wait a minute – when Rafa played embarrassing park-the-bus anti-football against the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and LOST, the Rafa brigade rushed out the gates in full force supporting the dude. And now Rafa’s moaning and groaning again.

    • Jezza


    • Cockneytrev

      Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, slightly different kettle off fish to Newcastle, if Everton can’t attack us ,, wow!! God help them….
      Don’t even think your a Newcastle fan,,

  • Whitehurst

    Hippo heed!!

  • Come&TakeIt1836

    I’m guessing in my mind-reading but it looked to me that Slimani’s pace and direction was about to carry him offside. Perez could see this and hurried the pass which caused the overstrike. Slimani was so open that he did not have to be in such a hurry which put added pressure on with the ball fizzing in upon Perez but no doubt Perez could have still done better.