Sam Allardyce has been talking about Rafa Benitez and what has been happening at Newcastle United.

The two clubs meeting on Monday night and the Everton boss saying the blues will be facing a ‘better Newcastle’ than they did in December.

Karl Darlow gifted an undeserved winning goal to Wayne Rooney after Newcastle had been comfortably the better team.

Everton scoring with their only real chance, whilst Newcastle saw Ritchie hammer an effort onto the post with Pickford well beaten when the match was goalless, then after going behind Merino hit a stunner from over 30 yards that once again came back off the woodwork.

Sam Allardyce actually praising his opposite number for the job he has done, saying ‘Rafa has progressed very well…they have put together a run or games.’

Newcastle meet Everton with a run of five wins in the last seven games and indeed four victories on the bounce.

Much of that due to loan signings Dubravka and Kenedy, whilst Islam Slimani has also now contributed in his two sub appearances.

When out of work and doing media last September [see below] and asked about Rafa’s complaints of such a low net spend allowed by Mike Ashley last summer, Sam Allardyce said ‘You can’t ask for more than that’ in reference to what Ashley had ‘backed’ his manager with.

Returning to that subject, Allardyce now says He [Rafa] has always expressed his disappointment with not enough funds…we can all say we don’t have enough funds.’

It is laughable really, as Sam Allarydce inherited an Everton squad that had over £130m spent on it last summer, plus he was then allowed to spend another £50m in January. Compare that to Rafa Benitez who was blocked from buying anybody in January, instead working his magic with buttons, having to rely on loan signings that have thankfully worked out this time.

Sam Allardyce:

“From a difficult period, Newcastle have managed to recover and get in the Premier League and they have turned it around.

“They have put together a run of games and we will see a better Newcastle than we saw up there [at St James Park in December].

“Rafa has progressed very well.

“He has always expressed his disappointment with not enough funds…we can all say we don’t have enough funds.

“What he has managed with the funds he has, particularly in the January months, has been excellent.”

Sam Allardyce – 7 September 2017:

“Mike Ashley has openly stated he has given Rafa all the money he can possible give him, that the football club generates.

“You can’t ask for more than that.”

  • TheFatController

    Looks like he’s already interviewing for a new job this summer …

    • Rich Lawson

      It’s awful isn’t it,but you can easily see him picking up his full contract payment to leave Everton early, then walking straight into a lower Prem’ or top half championship job. He should have been disqualified for life after the England fiasco ?

  • Rabid Dog

    Stupid fat heed trying to play stupid fat heed mind games. Odious corrupt blob

  • Georgia Peter

    A real crass remark from someone who’s always managed to kfcu it up somehow wherever he’s been, and however much he’s spent. (Wasted)

  • gallowgate26

    The irony is that Everton did used to be a bit of a cheapskate club under Moyes and punched above their weight. It could have been a valid statement if they’d said it then. But not after spending £180m Sam I’m afraid.

    • Ram Kishore

      Let’s not forget they did lose two important players Lukaku and Barkley and both went out 90 million plus and they had to spend to replace them and spend more to push higher

      • Alreet

        Yea the benefit of having a 180 mill surplus after spending excess of 150 mill on the team.

        I hate that.

  • Rich Lawson

    ”We can all say we don’t have enough funds” Not you tho’ Sham,you seem to be building a nice property portfolio for your old age (doubt you have a mortgage),if you ever do the decent thing and retire ?

  • Leazes.

    Yes he’s an expert on finances…. England sacked him for sharing some of that expertise! What a Crook!

    • Rich Lawson

      He and Harry Redknapp must sit down over a beer and laugh themselves stupid over how two journeymen players made a fortune out of fairly average management but a huge player turnover. Love to see their tax returns ?

      • magpiefifer

        Those tax returns will be the most creative thing that Allardyce has been involved with!!!

  • Alex

    “Enough funds” is a variable yardstick depending upon which club it is. However, it’s a non-variable that most NUFC and Everton fans would like to shove said yardstick up Sam’s fatarze.

  • East Durham Mag

    Brown envelopes of cash are what Hippos Heed loves.

  • Liam Hogg

    Sam had 35 in January at that league 1 team, 45 in January at Palace & 60 in the January just gone with Everton. Poor fat sam never ever backed when in reality he’s always backed but spends it on people like Cacapa, Rozenhal & Geremi on 70k wages

  • Ram Kishore

    Let’s not forget lost players worth 90 million

  • Coach Clagnut

    The Richard Nixon/Donald Trump of football management. ” I am not a crook”.

  • pedrodelgardo

    I would like to thank Sam for giving us the benefit of his experience, communicating skills and massive intellect, we have learned so much from him over the years – well done Sam.

  • Alreet

    Fat sam is just a confirmed Bell now!

  • PercyArcade

    Simply le answer to that is for Rafa to say: “ok sam, swap transfer budgets with you”