It is a Liverpool love-in at BBC Sport this week, with comedian Russell Howard joining Mark Lawrenson in making predictions for this weekend’s matches.

Lawrenson of course played for Liverpool and has now gone over two years without predicting a defeat for the scousers in the Premier League.

In the case of Russell Howard he is a lifelong Liverpool fan having been born and bred in…Bristol, naturally.

They both go for an easy win for Leicester, in Lawrenson’s case by two goals and for Howard it is three goals, with Newcastle failing to get on the scoresheet.

Maybe Newcastle will get beat by two or three, after all, with the likes of Vardy and Mahrez the Foxes do have some very good players.

However, Lawrenson doesn’t exactly paint a true reflection of the current situation now.

There is no complacency from anybody connected to Newcastle but after recent results (10 points from the last 15) the bookies have NUFC as high as 60/1 to go down.

Despite this, Mark Lawrenson describes this weekend’s game as ‘Leicester chasing Burnley for seventh’ whilst ‘Newcastle are trying to stay clear of the bottom three’.

You could also describe it as ‘Eighth plays twelfth with Newcastle closing to within five points of Leicester if they win.’

Leicester have actually drawn their last three home PL  games with Stoke, Bournemouth and Swansea, so that gives Newcastle every encouragement.

Whilst when the ‘experts’ predict multiple goal defeats for Rafa’s team I always find it laughable as it has no basis on form/results.

Sounds like a broken record but you simply can’t ignore the Jamaal Lascelles FACTS in the 25 PL games he has started:

Only 23 goals conceded.

Only conceded three goals once (at Man City).

NUFC have conceded twice in another four of those games, meaning 20 out of 25 Lascelles starts have seen one or zero goals conceded.

Only twice have Newcastle lost by a two goal margin with the captain in the starting eleven, away at Man City and Liverpool.

If Leicester do win by two or three then it will be very much against what the stats and the form says, plus they will very much have earned that result if they get it.

I like Russell Howard as a comedian but maybe he should lay off the football jokes…

Mark Lawrenson speaking to BBC Sport:

“Leicester are chasing Burnley for seventh place.

“While Newcastle are trying to stay clear of the bottom three.

“The Magpies make themselves difficult to beat away from home but they never look like scoring enough goals for me, which is why I am going for a Foxes win.

“Prediction is Leicester 2 Newcastle 0.”

Russell Howard prediction when talking to BBC Sport:

Riyad Mahrez to get a hat-trick and then he will dye his hair orange at the end.

“Leicester 3 Newcastle 0.

Leicester v Newcastle Match Betting:

Leicester win 20/21Draw 5/2Newcastle win 33/10

Perez scores first goal 21/2NUFC win 2-1 8/1NUFC to win to nil 13/2

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose


  • Peaky

    Bong eyed di*kheed….

  • Lord

    Pundit algorithm: top half club at home vs bottom half club = home win.

    I think we’ll get a point.

  • East Durham Mag

    If he hadn’t been a Liverpool fan he would have been a Unitid supporter. Kn0b.

    • ToonTom

      You’ve got to laugh at glory-hunters who in the late 1980s and early 1990s plumped for Liverpool to hunt their glory for them. They’ve done fantastically well relative to the Bristols (and us, of course – most teams have mind) but they haven’t won the league since 1990 and we all know that that’s the real driver of glory-hunting. Newcastle shirts on the kids in the streets of Edinburgh in the mid-1990s is testimony to that.

  • Graham Chapman

    I’ve never rated Howard as a comedian, he always comes across as having enjoyed his “jokes” more than the audience. Now that I’ve just read that he’s a Liverpool supporter, he’s dropped even further in my estimation. What’s wrong with either of the Bristol clubs Russell? Glory hunting smug idiot

  • Graham Chapman

    Why do all the so called pundits always big up Leicester?? Yes, they had a freak title Prem win (so did Blackburn, look where they are now). Vardy will have a Man Utd shirt on come August. The one thing that I am envious of though, is that they have a very benevolent owner, something I’ve never seen from Newcastle in my lifetime

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Never heard of him is this a wind up. Peter who sits in the same seat every night in the Monkseaton Arms has predicted a two nil win for Newcastle so that is proper news.

  • Rich Lawson

    Never liked him as a smug ”comedian”,!st time he’s made me laugh,we’re good for at least a point if the defence carry their good run on and shut Vardy out.

  • Whitehurst

    Is Russell Howard a comedian like? Well I never.

    • ToonTom

      Just to confirm, he’s not.

  • Graham Chapman

    It winds me up, how can you NOT support your local team? If I were from Blyth, I’d be behind the Spartans, Carlise, Hartlepool, the list goes on. But being from Bristol and being a lifelong supporter of Liverpool is ridiculous. It makes no sense, you can’t just pick a team to support. If that were the case, then I’m ebeying my toon top and moving to Manchester (I’ll support City for now but may change to Utd depending on results)

    • ToonTom

      “you can’t just pick a team to support”. Sadly, you obviously can, but no-one should take you seriously. Ever.

  • Haitchdee

    Did they model the cash eating thing on the go compare advert on Russell Howard. Smug PC no longer funny fool .

  • ToonTom

    The BBC shouldn’t invite so-called comedians to predict scores – they call themselves comedians and think they’re being funny by ‘predicting’ stupid scorelines. For Stoke-Tottenham, he goes for 10-0 home win. Oh, I split my sides laughing at that one. Not.

  • MadMag83

    Given​ that he also predicted a 10 win for Stoke, I think perhaps you need to lighten up a bit and do something about that chip on your shoulder.