Ray Parlour has been talking about who could fill Arsene Wenger’s boots.

The Arsenal boss having finally called time, after years of abuse from the club’s supporters.

Ray Parlour believes Rafa Benitez would be the perfect choice, saying the Newcastle boss would be ‘a great fit’ at The Emirates’.

The former Gunners midfielder talks of the possibility of a ‘younger’ manager being given a try but you would anticipate that Arsenal fans would only accept somebody with an impressive CV already behind them.

Parlour talks of Luis Enrique but the former Barca boss will no doubt be able to have his pick of clubs and whether Arsenal are that desirable now, remains to be seen.

Certainly the Rafa Benitez quotes published today where he makes clear to Mike Ashley that things need to change, must be taken as a warning sign to Ashley that he can’t mess his manager around any longer, or else it is inevitable that Arsenal or similar level clubs will come knocking.

Ra Parlour says that he always knew that this would be a massive moment for Arsenal when Arsene Wenger left, the former player with the understatement of the year when he says ‘it is not an easy job’, when you consider the embarrassing way their fans have gone on.

After Fergie left Man Utd (and a bit of a mess behind him), the Mancs finished seventh, fourth, fifth and sixth, in these past four seasons.

Arsenal fans were devastated when last season they dropped out of the top four for the first time since 1995/96 (the season before Wenger took over…).

That season they finished fifth but in the first three seasons of the Premier League, Arsenal actually ended up 10th (1992/93), 4th (1993/94) and 12th (1994/95), once again emphasising just what a brilliant job Arsene Wenger has done and that it is fact that the Gunners were in no way one of the dominant clubs before the Frenchman arrived.

Whilst in no way do Newcastle fans want Rafa Benitez to go, it is hilarious that most Arsenal supporters would no doubt think he was a terrible appointment for them due to their inflated sense of self-importance.

Rafa constantly talks about Newcastle having the potential to be a long-term project for him…but that has to be more than the potential of a struggle for both transfer funds and against relegation every season.

Ray Parlour speaking to Talksport:

“What Rafa Benitez has done for Newcastle this season is amazing…

“With not a lot of investment, he has got them playing so well.

“They’re out of trouble when it had looked like they would be in a relegation battle – now they are sitting really healthy in the league [in tenth place].

“Rafa Benitez would be a great fit [for the Gunners], but whether Arsenal want to go down that road . . .

“There are younger managers [out there] as well, they may say why not  ‘give one of them an opportunity’?

“Or go for one of the more experienced ones – Luis Enrique is favourite, but I know Chelsea might be looking at him as well.

“So this board have got to make a big decision now.

“Because I have always thought whoever replaces Arsene Wenger, is going to have a hell of a job taking the club forward.

“It is not an easy job.”

  • Leazes.

    I can’t really see Arsenal going for anyone established in the Journeymen circle of managers, I think they’ll already have scouted a replacement in the Wenger mould, an intelligent thinker, someone like that manager we had in the film ‘Goal’…. he was good!

    Arsenal’s management is professional, they like attacking football and they won’t go for Rafa unless its for a stop gap role whilst the do actually find someone.

    A young Wenger clone is my guess.

    • Don’t know about that. Arsenal fans have very high expectations, especially with Wenger gone which they think is the bigger problem.
      The board will want fast results and definitely qualifying for the Champions League next year, so a gamble manager would be a big risk for them.
      Rafa can do at least 10 more years if he’s in good health, so not really a short-term option.
      Benitez makes much more sense now that he’s had a full season worth of experience.
      I wouldn’t want it to happen, but if Ashley doesn’t sell it may become a reality.

      • Toonrobbybobson

        Poisoned chalice now that job. Just have to look at Manure with what hapened there. Arsenal fans havent exactly shown themsleves in a great light neither. Patience they wont have and expect football a certain way. Rafa isnt that style. Hes alsonhad 2 years of laying foundations work here. Time he wont get there. Be interesting what happens there but that squad is not balanced.

        • ghostrider

          The wages on offer make none of those kind of jobs a poisoned chalice.

          • Toonrobbybobson

            Hes on £5m a year already

          • ghostrider

            I wasn’t talking about Rafa getting the job.
            I said it isn’t a poisoned chalice to managers…not with the wages on offer.

            It would be a potential poisoned chalice for the Likes of Rafa because he just does not fit the fan ideal.
            Rafa would be cheese to their chalk as of Webgers tenure.

            He may have suited after George Graham or Bruce Rioch…but wengers managerial genius has literally dined them on steak but they feel they require lobster and caviar.

        • Ramalingam Raghavan

          He does not need much time to.sort that defense. He is a master in defensive organisation. They already have a good attack.

      • Leazes.

        I don’t think Arsenal will panic at all but as you say they do need to quell the unrest from the sponsors for Champions League football. I think they will already have there candidate lined up because they dont wait for events to clobber them like us they do run a football club with a degree of forethought.

    • TheNutJob

      Howe, Bournemouth

      • Rich Lawson

        Inexperienced,but probably the next England Manager after the Russian collapse ?

    • Burt Humperdink

      I agree and I think Rafa is smart enough to see that he would be a bridge to someone else and has too much pride to allow himself to become that again. Too similar to his last gig in London.

    • Rich Lawson

      The bloke from Hoffenheim would be a good young appointment,but this job is a poisoned chalice,if you don’t hit the ground running the fans and the media are going to be straight on your back,ironically comparing you to Wenger,it will be the next but one manager who gets the time to overhaul them.

      • Leazes.

        He in the bookies running!

      • Ram Kishore

        He’s way too young IMO. Pressure will be tremendously high.. New country
        The thing he has at Hoffenhiem is very different to that he will
        get at Arsenal.. If Howe is considered inexperienced then no way he’s going to be appointed

    • Ramalingam Raghavan

      Rafa will only take long ones. No stop gap.

  • Wezza147

    If Ashley continues to undermine and lie to Rafa he may be away if Arsenal come calling.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Rafa wouldn`t last a season at the Gunners,
    the reason, the fans wouldn`t put up with his style of play.

    • Ramalingam Raghavan

      Bullshit. Watch Rafa’s 2008-09.
      I hate when people talk without evidence. Mou plays dull football evem with billions spent not Rafa.
      Rafa plays to his teams limitations. In fact of you see some of the build up to the goals this season its nothing short of classic. With these players that’s all that can be done.
      You want to play like Arsenal and lose all the major trophies.

  • Peaky

    A lad who lives near me,a big Arsenal fan,wants Simeone……says he’ll start supporting Spurs if they appoint Brendan Rogers…

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Rogers isn`t up to that job

      • Peaky

        You’re right….shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as some of the other candidates…..

        • HarryHype59

          Managing the best team in a pub league like the SPL is his level.

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    Rafa would also be high up the Spuds wishlist, but wherever he lands I bet he’ll take Jamaal with him