Rafa Benitez has been speaking to the media back ‘home’ in Spain.

The Newcastle boss talking in the aftermath of his team beating Arsenal to all but mathematically guarantee Premier League safety.

As always,the Manager was keen to give credit to others for the achievements this season: ‘The players deserve huge credit for coming up from the Championship and, with not a great deal of resources compared with others, have the season they are having.’

Speaking of resources, Newcastle fans have predictably turned their thoughts increasingly to Rafa’s own future, as that Premier League safety has got closer and closer.

After the struggles with the owner over the last three transfer windows and only one year left remaining on his contract, supporters only want to hear one thing now.

Asked if he sees himself at St James Park ‘for many more seasons’, Rafa Benitez says that ‘Yes, in principle’ he is ‘relaxed’ about that.

With only 26 days until the season ends and less than eight weeks until the transfer window opens, fans desperately want an extended contract agreed with the manager.

Rafa says that talks have already began with the club about extending his contract and that Mike Ashley has made clear he wants to ‘link’ the Manager to Newcastle United for a longer period.

Rafa Benitez interviewed on Spanish radio as reported/translated by The Mail:

Does Rafa see himself at Newcastle United for many more seasons?

“Yes, in principle, we are relaxed.

“We have one more year left on the contract and now the board are trying that we talk a little bit about the future because the talk now is always about ‘projects’.

“With so much investment it is increasingly difficult but they want to link us to the club for more time so that we can make a stronger team if possible.”

Being linked with the Arsenal job?

“The fact that you get linked, it is something positive because it makes you proud of your career trajectory.

“People in England are conscious of the fact that experience in the Premier League is important and, what is more, you go to other competitions and other leagues and win as well.

“They see that experience, when a team is struggling to get into the top four, with that experience  the coaches who while they are still young, because 58 for a coach is still young, they know the Premier League, and they know what it is to compete, what it is to win, that is what they value.

“There are people that talk about ‘Young coaches and we give them time’, but when a club wants to win quickly, what they want is results and results with people who have been here for a while and know what the Premier League is and how difficult it can be.”

Beating Arsenal and reaching Premier League safety:

“The players deserve huge credit for coming up from the Championship and, with not a great deal of resources compared with others, have the season they are having.

“People were saying with 35 points we would be safe, or with 38 we would be safe, I kept saying 40, 41 points is virtual safety.

“Everything is so tight that you can hit a period of six, seven or eight games without winning and you are in trouble. The team has had a sensational second half of the season.

“When a team goes down it is very hard to come straight back up and to then have the sort of season we are having.

“The supporters have been spectacular and they are really proud of the team.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Let`s hope he doesn`t get Shafted again by the Great Fat One,
    because to be honest i can see no way that Fatso will bow to Rafa`s wishes concerning transfers.
    plus on the Kronic & here all i`ve seen are players 25 or under who nobody has ever heard of being scouted.
    in other words the policy remains the same.

    • ghostrider

      If Rafa is to sign a new contract then I’m fairly sure he’d be making sure it’s based on certain assurances as regards transfers and all the other niggles that require ironing out.

      If he doesn’t get assurances then he’ll walk, right?
      People go on about his ethics and how he’s a man of integrity and such, so I’d expect him to only ever sign any contract if he’s happy with what’s on offer.

      Assuming he does sign a new contract then we can all assume that he’s going to be given what he’s asked for as par for the course of his stay and if he doesn’t get it then he can walk at any time without suffering any financial loss from his massive wage.

      However he is still an employee and surely can’t be expected to have it all his own way and call all the shots with the clubs money. There has to be a happy medium.

      It’s easy for us all to argue the why’s and wherefore’s but the reality hides behind the walls where the deals are struck.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        There`s no happy medium with the Pig, it`s his way or no way.

        • ghostrider

          But that’s not really true, is it?
          There’s no happy medium because the man has been treated worse than garbage and the hatred is embarrassing with some fans.
          The problem with people is, they find it easy spewing bile from one vantage point and without the knowledge of what the other vantage point is, or being in the shoes of the person on the end of the hate.

          Ashley’s made some mistakes and maybe some have been little digs back out of frustration due to the bile and hatred for him but he’s actually tried his best to do right by the fans as well.
          But that will be placed on the backburner as anything is when hatred rules the foreground.

          Nobody was calling him when he first came.
          Nobody called him when he sacked Allardyce so early .
          Nobody called him anything other than a top man when he brought in Keegan for a second spell.
          Does this sound like a man who had badness on his mind?…..NO.

          However, incur the wrath of a messiah and you incur the wrath of the people, regardless of the messiah having previous for doing things of the same manner.

          But in a way you’re right, it is his way or no way in certain areas of the financial well being of this club and himself…and guess what?
          He’s entitled to it because it’s his and he’s not obliged to hand out presents other than what the club can afford.

          Guess what?
          He’s already came out and stipulated to the fans that Rafa can have what the CLUB generates.

          If that wasn’t the case then Rafa could have walked with his wages paid up. He hasn’t because my guess is he spent what the club could afford at the time with teh wage structure obviously being a massive part of it.

          • NUFCLX

            At the end of your nobody called him list u should add Everbody Called him when he forced KK out and was proven to be a liar at a tribunal.
            If you take the pro Fatman view you are basically saying every club in the PL is being run badly except ours. All the rest are prepared to invest in their clubs, Fatman hates us and will never put the interest of the club above his greed.

          • ghostrider

            Ashley has invested in our club but people are just too shortsighted to see it because they believe a club the size of Newcastle should be investing heavily when we all know what happens if you try to do that as has been proved time and time again.

            A slow methodical build is required but it is difficult to do if the players you invest in are taken from you by bigger clubs doing smash and grab raids or unsettling those players to make them force their own departure.

            Also I’m not saying every club in the premier league is being badly run. I’m saying our club is well run but not well enough for fans who want big signings or wanting records broken for signings or want players at any cost, because it’s not their money and they don’t care what the finances are until it becomes necessary to care what the finances are.

            A sort of 300 mindset of wanting to fight the fight at the top but knowing the suffering because of it.

            Newcastle United! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty, for tonight, we dine in hell!

            That’s what we have to be careful of and Ashley has ensured we haven’t gone down that route, regardless of mistakes, because mistakes had contingency plans to live to fight another season until he gets it right.

            This may be a chance to get it right because Rafa is learning what this club is all about and Ashley already knows it’s potential. It’s just getting the recipe correct to realise it for s sustained period of time.

          • NUFCLX

            2 relegations, relegation fights most seasons in the last 11 years.his plan for slow progress is really working, we all know when he came in with his 3 year plans they were such a success.
            The only thing certain about Fatman is he will have us bottom of the net spend list come the end of the next window.

          • ghostrider

            Success and failure are hard to measure in terms of what gives out enjoyment and excitement one way or the other.
            You mention 2 relegations and relegation fights. It’s happened long before Ashley and is part and parcel of the game as time goes on with this club and a whole host of other clubs.

            Two relegations, yes…but two championship titles is success.
            It cannot be argued that it isn’t success because we weren’t in the premier league. That league was a different league to us and of no use at the time until we were SUCCESSFUL in the one league that could get us into it.

            Would escaping relegation by a last day win and a 1 point deficit be more successful than finishing 14th or 15th?
            What success would 14th or 15th be to a fan?
            What would escaping relegation on the last day be to a fan?

            Escaping relegation creates scenes that appear like teams have won a cup. It’s a success.
            Finishing 14th or 15th can have fans disillusioned and calling for the owner/managers head at clubs.
            That’s how nonsensical it can appear at times but the reality is in the excitement created.

            Success or failure is not built on a NET spend,,,it’s built on clever use of resources as well as spends.
            Selling one top player who wants to leave that enables 3 players to come in for the same money can be excellent business and a net spend of?……EXACTLY.

          • Jate Legend

            I was taking this seriously until para 4 of the last comment. Kicking myself decent wind up though

          • ghostrider

            No wind up needed. It’s all my opinion and take it as that regardless of whether you agree, disagree or downright detest it.

          • Jate Legend

            I respect everyone’s opinion. but this has got wind up written all over it haweh man ”Escaping relegation creates scenes that appear like teams have won a cup. It’s a success.” So we should look forward to getting in relegation scraps just so we can get out of them? I’ve not been able to relax and absorb a single game of toon for the last 6 months until the leceister game because instead of analysis and entertainment it’s just pure fear of getting relegated and venting.

          • ghostrider

            You need to read a little bit deeper into what I said.

          • Jate Legend

            It was mint when Jonas scored and we stayed up on the last day. But the jubilation was based on relief, which is short lived and gives way quickly leaving a feeling that that your team is cack. Winning stuff is about glory and pride. Narrowly avoiding disaster is a pretty low bar for success IMO.

          • ghostrider

            I hated relegation but I hated just being down there and getting tonked or beat by the odd goal or scraping the odd point nearly all season.
            When we went into the championship my whole mind was clear and active with excitement for the next game and got even more exciting when we went to the top of the league then pushed for promotion.

            When we won the championship, it was success on the same scale as winning any trophy….EXCEPT…..the only difference would be bragging rights if we won something like – the premier league.

            But guess what?
            When you’re hanging about in 3rd or 4th or 5th place in the premier league for a few seasons…6th or 7th isn’t acceptable.
            It’s almost like relegation.
            Can you remember this?

            This is what happens and yet, like I said earlier…a relegation scrap and getting out of it is like winning a cup in terms of elation and the hope that “maybe next season” will bring something much better.

            The difference between success and failure isn’t “just” measured in trophies, it’s measured in a feel good factor and the ability to have a good week much more than a bad one.

            Getting to a FA cup final is a success. Losing it is a travesty, yet before the loss the elation and weeks of banter between fans was like success.

            But of course a trophy in the cabinet after being shown to the crowd is enjoyable, but it still only bears a tag of bragging rights… and the feel good factor from it will wane as soon as the first few bad results take hold.

          • Jezza

            He is the resident troll on this forum and posts under multiple IDs with the sole purpose of winding people up and provoking a reaction.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Like someone else Icould mention, eh Jezza, Leazes’, MickyMM etc etc.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            The only reason why we weren’t relegated more often in the past is simple, we weren’t good enough to get promoted.

            Nobody in the history of NUFC has put as much of his personal money into this club.

  • Paul Patterson

    With cast iron assurances over a substantial/set budget, I’m sure of that.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Not going to happen

  • Alex

    Ashley will be given a cast-iron assurance by Rafa that if he’s fekked around again, he’ll be off.

  • Guest 2

    Yeah, except there isn’t a ‘Board’ is there!

    • TheNutJob

      it`s the same on the chron, they keep mentioning the board when there isn`t one

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    If Ashley get’s Rafa to sign a new five year contract it will be great news for the club and even the militants on here must agree it will be a good job done. However some are so bitter and twisted they will continue to moan till their bitter end.

    • Dillon Tovak

      All you do is moan.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        I never moan but there are only a handful on here who are not moaners.

      • Jezza

        All he does is troll to provoke a reaction because it’s the only pleasure he gets in his sad pathetic life.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Wow, Monkseaton is far more optimistic than some regulars on here. Look at Jezza and Leazes’, they constantly make up lies to belittle our club.

  • Coble’s Return

    Surely it would be in Rafa’s interest to wait until the end of August before making any decision. By that time he will know for sure whether the club has been, or is likely to be sold. Alternatively he will know to what extent Ashley has backed him in the transfer window, rather than relying on the word of a man who has proved unfailingly to be a total bull-sh1tter. Bluntly, he will also know which other clubs are interested in his superb services.

    As much as I would love to see him tied to NUFC for the foreseeable, I can not for a second imagine that he will put up with what has gone before for another year. With EPL status all but secured, it is time for potential buyers and Ashley to show their cards.

    • thewildchimp

      Mid-July, perhaps a week or two later. He would need time to make changes in his new club. Even earlier than that would be reasonable, but the real transfer business will start after the World Cup. If Charnely doesn’t start procuring Rafa’s targets immediately, Benitez is out.

  • MadMag83

    Didn’t exactly distance himself from the Arsenal job.