I read an interesting article this morning, saying that Mike Ashley had given Rafa Benitez ‘the licence to spend’ in this summer’s transfer window.

The report also said that in terms of how much transfer cash, Rafa would get a ‘fair amount’ of  the £80m-£120m Newcastle will get from this season’s TV/PL placing cash, plus ‘money generated from player sales’.

The Chronicle also added that Mike Ashley is ‘relaxed’ about Rafa’s contract position and will offer him a new deal sometime this summer.

Now I have no doubt that The Chronicle haven’t just invented all of this and that somebody from the club/Ashley’s people, have given the local newspaper a steer on all of this.

So does that make the claims of Rafa having a ‘licence to spend’ any more believable?

Well, funnily enough, this article had me having a distinct feeling of deja vu, I was sure I had read something very similar but couldn’t remember where/when.

It took a while but eventually came across the piece I had in mind, from almost exactly a year ago, also in The Chronicle!

Back on 10 May 2017, The Chronicle piece read: ‘It is believed that Benitez should be able to spend between £90-£100million when the transfer window opens. The Magpies boss was given the green light to get summer transfer work under way by Mike Ashley after a “positive” round of talks with the billionaire tycoon.’

It is amazing how quickly a green light changes to red these days!

Those ‘positive’ talks that Rafa Benitez had with Mike Ashley didn’t translate into action, with the manager repeatedly saying that ‘promises’ hadn’t been kept by the club’s owner.

Instead of £100m there was only around £30m spent last summer, with much of that cash that was brought in by the sales of Thauvin, de Jong, Hanley and Murphy.

After the job Rafa Benitez has done this season on a relative pittance, we all fear that it will be more of the same this time, Mike Ashley making  promises that aren’t kept and gambling that Rafa won’t walk out – the manager willing to stay and perform more minor miracles in keeping Newcastle United in the Premier League on as little transfer spend as possible.

It will be interesting to revisit this after the transfer window closes in early August – hopefully with Rafa still in place and having spent £100m+…

Here are the two article mentioned, one from last night and the other just short of 12 months earlier.

25 April 2018 – The Chronicle:

Newcastle United preparing to hand Rafa Benitez the licence to spend – and a new deal

The Magpies are relaxed about the future of Rafa Benitez but are yet to sit down and agree his future.

Rafa Benitez is expected to get the green light for shopping spree from Mike Ashley this summer – but the club hierarchy want to continue living within their means.

It is believed that a new contract offer is also set to be on the table for Benitez and Ashley is relaxed about his manager’s future, despite having just one year left on his current deal.

Talks between both parties are yet to commence but United sources are confident that they can arrive at a positive outcome this summer.

Understandably, the Magpies will not go public on how much they have to spend in the next window as they don’t want to alert competitors on their available transfer funds.

However, after guiding the club to Premier League safety in their first season back in the top flight Rafa Benitez will be trusted with funds to help the club grow again next season.

United should bank around £80-£120million from TV revenue and prize money for finishing in mid-table with Benitez expected to get a fair portion of that sum – along with money generated from player sales.

But Ashley will stick to his policy of not taking risks and the danger of overspending in the next few months.

Last summer Ashley told Sky Sports: “I must make it crystal clear that I am not wealthy enough in football now to compete with the likes of Man City etcetera, not just Man City.

“It’s basically a wealthy individual taking on the equivalent of a country.

“I cannot, and will not.”

But the club will look to provide Benitez with funding to improve the squad, along with any extra income he can generate by rejigging the squad.

10 May 2017 – Chronicle:

Rafa Benitez could be handed a transfer kitty of up to £100million this summer.

United are yet to discover their operating costs for the season ahead but it is believed that Benitez should be able to spend between £90-£100million when the transfer window opens.

The Magpies boss was given the green light to get summer transfer work under way by Mike Ashley after a “positive” round of talks with the billionaire tycoon.

Former Real Madrid boss Benitez has been told he will get money to spend from funds generated from the club’s promotion from the Sky Bet Championship plus cash banked from players sales.

In a rare statement Newcastle owner Ashley said: “I have confirmed to Rafa and Lee that they can have every last penny that the club generates through promotion, player sales and other means”

Benitez, who started talks with Ashley yesterday, said after the meeting: “There will be challenges ahead of course, the summer will not be easy, but the hard work has been going on for some time and we can now continue positively with the development of the squad ahead of the start of the new season.

“I wish the fans an enjoyable summer!

“I’m pleased with how the meeting went and the positive approach we are all taking together to build on what we have started.”

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  • Guest 2

    Aye and yesterday his Sky cronies were suggesting if a sale happens it has to be quick due to the World Cup and shorter transfer window. Yet Rafa’s contract can wait until ‘some time in the summer’!
    P.S. The Monkseaton Mong will definitely believe Ashley promises.

  • Waxi

    Question. Would you sign for a bloke who has failed to support you in the last two transfer windows when a blind man on a galloping horse could see we needed better players. You would need a cast iron guarantee written in the fat mans blood coz the bloke just can not be trusted. Did he not stand in front of the sky camera and state Rafa could have every last penny the cloob generate.

    • Ramalingam Raghavan

      I think this time with PL status confirmed and Rafa’s work he will surely loosen the purse but atleast to a good extent. As he knows under Rafa we will be in Top half for sure

      • Jezza

        I disagree. Ashley has got no interest in being in the top half, all he cares about is being top 17 so he can keep the television money rolling in and keep his huge free advertising vehicle for his core sweatshop business on the Premiership gravy train. There will be no money for Rafa (or more likely Pardew) to spend.

    • Jezza

      To be fair Ashley hasn’t failed to support Rafa in the last two transfer windows…..he’s failed to support him in the last four.

  • TheNutJob

    you have to watch Jabba like a hawk or he`ll have your eyeballs

    👺 👺

  • Wor Lass

    One factor that rarely gets a mention is that Rafa has a top-paid job, he operates in a superb stadium with fanatical fans who think he`s the bees knees (well, most of them) and only a quick jaunt across to his family home on the Wirral YET he`s under no real pressure for results other than what he puts on himself. The only way he`ll leave is if he decides to walk. He likes a challenge and he relishes the intrigue – which he has in spades here. Hes trying to make a silk purse out of a sow`s ear and I think he`s enjoying it.

    • TheNutJob

      something has to give this summer, if Fatty penny pinches again & Rafa puts up with it and stays where does that leave us the fans.
      i`ll tell you, mugged again to put up with a mediocre team with no ambition but to survive for the tv dosh

      • Andy Mac

        It cannot be allowed to happen again NJ. Those who have no minds to make an opinion should be swayed towards the Dark Side or maybe that should be the Light Side ?

    • Ramalingam Raghavan

      He won’t settle for.less than top 4 and trophies. He does not stay in club without ambitions

      • Leazes.

        What time is it where you are?

    • Jezza

      Rafa won’t be short of offers this summer. He has taken a Championship team to the top half of the Premiership with no money to spend. Things like that don’t go unnoticed. There will be plenty better, more ambitious clubs only too willing to match his current salary and give him a substantial transfer budget. Is he going to turn all those offers down for a continuing cycle of negligible summer spend, relegation danger by Christmas and a reliance on short term January loans to hopefully get out of jail? I wouldn’t blame him if he walked. He’s a top manager and he deserves a club that will match his ambitions and give him a fighting chance to fulfil his potential. He’s too good for the shambles of a club NUFC have become under Ashley. He’s wasted here.

      • Wor Lass

        That`s all true, Jezza, but he hasn`t walked yet and he`s had good cause.

        • Jezza

          Yes but everybody’s got their breaking point. One way or another something’s got to give this summer.

    • Andy Mac

      Except he wants to win things WL. Which isnt gonna happen while Fat Bladder is still in charge.

      • Wor Lass

        Nail on the head, Andy. That`s the one thing that worries me about him.

  • Leazes.

    Mike Ashley promised to give him ‘every last penny’ the club generates this summer – and that could be as much as £100million….The Spaniard will now set about rebuilding his squad for life in the Premier League and has been working on a list of transfer targets since January…..’ 2017.

    Ashley has stayed away this season.

    Mike Ashley has met Benitez once, and hasn’t had ‘Rounds of Talks’ Journalists make things up, they tell lies, big-up players, are prone to hyperbola… they cant help themselves…. Here on the Mag we have the same, people who are patsies to Ashley, not United fans but people from Scunthorpe writing articles as if they were fans!….and whatever Jonathan Drape-Conman is….Fannier than thou!

    The boys at the Chronicle are often a source for the London press and things can escalate damaging the club…. this season we’ve witnessed Mr Ryder running polls to try and kick Shelvey out because his ‘crime’ is he doesn’t track back…. no Ryder his crime was he was playing with painkillers!

    Well we have had this for years haven’t we….who can forget the radio boys Lowes and Anderson jumping down the throat of anyone who dared criticise Ashley, while steering conversation towards a secondary target of players who underperform…. those very players who are brought in and lauded by the regime they stick up for…. hero to bloody villain in the minds of the reactionary Tyneside press corp in the blink of an eye!

    The fans of this club deserve better than the misdirection and mis-analysis from the local press and that goes for some of the bloggers too…. idiot conservative trolls and assorted fools who make their gobs go and yet have nothing to say!

    Believe it when you see it! 95% aren’t right behind you Ryder…and how did Mark Douglas get his insight into the Rafalution where he had full control of transfers……in his mind!

    • Andy Mac

      F F S dont remind me of that Fat R’s licking toady Lowes. Jeez he must have tried every which way to get up Fatman’s hole

  • Leicester Mag

    You could have stopped at won’t believe. The until is pointless there never will be an until

  • East Durham Mag

    Simple equation Ashley= lying count.

  • mactoon

    How many times have the Chronicle journalists reported that Ashley will give Rafa £60 million, £100 million, £150 million etc.? Just for nothing to happen.

    I just don’t believe it. The club has over £100 million coming in at the end of this season, a guaranteed 3 years of the same amount coming in and a continuation of free advertising for Sports Direct. Ashley’s plan is to make the club self sufficient so he doesn’t need to have any involvement in the day to day running to get his free advertising and profit from club shop sales and this will just about achieve that so he has no reason to sell and no reason to spend money while Rafa keeps us in the Premiership.

    I am sick of the Chronicle journalists spouting this nonsense instead of asking Ashley the questions we want answered.

    Does he want to sell? I doubt it

    Will he invest money in signings Rafa wants? I doubt it

    What is the plan once Rafa doesn’t get the signings he wants in the summer transfer window and decides to walk away for nothing leaving him with another mess?

    Instead of spouting unsubstantiated reports of how Ashley will back Rafa in the transfer window how about getting some pertinent answers ?

    • Come&TakeIt1836

      One time in the Fall the crack sports staff at the Chronicle reported a potential £80M available for the winter window after reading the footnotes in some financial documents. Unfortunately they could not comprehend the note was related to those very financial reports and what had already occurred then almost two years prior. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • DZA

      Let’s hope the club is sold by June or we be in the same position as last year under Ashley.

  • nufcslf

    Not holding my breath, don’t believe a word the fat c**t says. Don’t even understand why the stupid [email protected] stays to continue to ruin something he has absolutely no interest in the first place. Just f**k off and stop wasting everybody’s time.

    • mactoon

      because he won’t leave until he gets a massive profit

      • nufcslf

        Shame greed gets in the way of so many things in life. Not guaranteed, but a win against West Brom just plays right into his greedy fat plans.

      • Waxi

        Thing is Mactoon he has tried a number of times to sell and no takers so he knows he ain’t going to get a massive profit. I think this is the reason we all know deep down so long as we are in the premier league he is going to get world wide free advertisement we have no chance of him selling. He has no interest in the club but won’t sell while he can use it as a cash cow. He has made a fortune on the back of NUFC but his clever accountants tell us otherwise.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        No where near as the massive profit Hall and Shepherd made.

    • Jezza

      He’s got no interest in NUFC but he has got every interest in the tens of millions of Pounds of club profits he is lining his pockets with as well as the global television exposure for his core sweatshop business.

  • Come&TakeIt1836

    What you have proof of is the the Chronicle journalist have no idea about how the club’s finances work. The £90-100M number was the annual revenues estimation and not a quote from the club. How could the same number be the amount available to spend? They took that number and labeled it the transfer kitty ignoring that there were club expenditures (a large amount of them) prior to the bottom line.

    This is not to suggest we still don’t have to ‘believe it when we see it’ but the rationale provided is a non sequitur.

  • Wezza147

    Yes the same was said last year only for the tv money to miracuriously disappear. The same will happen this summer only with no money spent due to takeover talks with Ashley blaming Stavely for wasting time even though his 400m valuation is too high. Then the transfer window will slam shut (earlier transfer window also being blamed) and Rafa will probably walk afternoon being lied and undermined to yet again. Remember Ashley is a proven liar in court.

    • Jezza

      Yes you can bet your life the short transfer window will be seized upon as the perfect ready made excuse for not spending any of the Lascelles and Mitrovic money.

  • TheFatController

    25 April 2019

    Toon boss Alan Pardew will be given a £100m transfer kitty this summer, despite relegation last week after defeat to Rafa Benitez’ Arsenal …

    Pardew said: ‘I have always had a good relationship with Mike, so will sit down with him and Lee (via Skype in HMRC prison)

    ‘We didn’t manage to get one or two over the line in January, that cost us our Premier League status, that and the grass and the fans encouraging the team to win that time, but we’ve got Colback back and that’s like a new signing I think we can all agree…’

    ‘Mike has been good, he knew not to sack me as he recognised with West Brom last year, my work led to a win at man Utd and a draw with Liverpool, I think he knows they sacked me maybe too soon. I think we can all agree ..’

    • Chuck D

      Hilarious but sadly entirely possible!

    • Jezza

      Brilliant. Reading is making me laught at this moment in time but it could very well be the stark reality 12 months from now.

    • nufcslf

      Great read and could very well be the truth. Nice to be able to find some humour in there, because it is actually funny in a gob smack way.

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      My sides are splitting. Never laughed so much since Jezza broke his record and ate five meat pies before a home game.

  • Down Under Mag

    The 100m quid is no doubt including wages as well even if it does get given to rafa. I honestly believe Ashley has no intention of selling and it’s just kept hovering over the club to justify no expenditure. Why would he sell when he’s proving he can keep the club making money with practically no outlay?

    To be honest I don’t think any of us are surprised any more that Ashley isn’t spending out of his own pocket, however on that nte as long as Rafa gets the TV money from this season to spend in the summer then that is all we have been asking…let the club stand on it’s own two feet and spend what it makes. yes, we could get into an argument over lack of advertising revenue and sponsor money decline because of the clubs image being tarnished, but if Rafa gets 70m+ to spend (as he should given the TV rights cash) then it will still be enticing … no we can’t buy some world record striker or an entire “best of world cup” midfield, but it’s enough to hopefully keep the progress going at the club.

    It will still be hard to get any established players, their wage demands will scupper the deal straight away, however there are still bargains out there to be found if the scouts and manager are on their game.

  • Andy Mac

    My only question is why, as fans, are we allowing this Fat bloodsucking leech the freedom to remain owner of this club ? We’ve had endless stories of funds being made available and yet we’re still the club with the lowest net spend in the PL.over the twenty years

    Surely it cannot have passed the hand sitting faithful by that this Fat oaf is all about shafting you and giving almost nothing in return ?

    F F S wake up and kick the C n u t out of this club.

    • nufcslf

      Empty ground would make him look a tool with matches televised around the world and none violent demenstrations outside the ground would be another bad publicity act that he would have to take seriously and something he hates. Never going to happen, but to make his life a misery would be nice to see. I do as best as I can here in Vancouver by not buying a thing from the online club shop…going on 10 yeahs now… and letting those that like football know what a [email protected] the man is, but he needs his cage rattled at that end at every chance until he f**ks off.

      • ghostrider

        Do it then. Start a demonstration to empty the ground but make sure you know what you’re doing it for considering the position we are in at the moment.

        Do you actually know?
        Will a premier league title stop your demonstration or is this just a hatred for a man you’ve likely never even said one word to or know anything about in his private life.

        Maybe he should start one outside of your house about the hatred you spew against him.

      • kingfisher

        Well said nufcslf ! As long as people go to SJP regardless of the way Ashley treats them,then he will never change.I will guarantee if Ashley stays and shafts Raffa (again) by reneging on his promises, and we don’t significantly add to the playing side,then the same people will be there again next season, no doubt moaning and complaining about Ashley !
        Ashley only respects one thing: money, so hit him where it hurts !That’s the only language he understands.

        • Monkseaton Magpies

          Over Forty thousand season tickets sold for next season so keep on dreaming.

          • kingfisher

            Yes Monkseaton, I’m always amazed how people spend hundreds of pounds in advance for a product they don’t know what will be like or what the quality will be.
            If Rafa left and some numpty such as Pardew came back they would be stuffed !

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Ashley’s masterstroke was the ten year deal at the same price for ten years. Nearly every season ticket holder signed up for this. If you want to cancel for the next season you must do so the previous February so come March every one is signed up for next season. A class bit of marketing which kept attendances high in the Championship. A very clever man indeed.

    • kingfisher

      Totally agree Andy.People can state various stats to make it look like Ashley is a caring and responsible owner, however the facts speak for themselves.Two relegations during his ownership, flirting with relegation, and the man’s a proven liar.

      The sooner he sells up the better because if he stays he will NEVER EVER give Raffa sufficient funds to compete, and we will always be fearful of what stroke he’s going to pull next.
      I am clinging onto the hope that Raffa has only stayed because he knows the takeover is going to happen 🤞🤞🤞

  • Paul Smith

    After the “every penny generated” interview I will never again believe anything Mike Ashley says until I see it happen. Some may try and argue that he fulfilled that promise (very dubious) but in my opinion it was misleading and it seems Benitez feels the same way if you listen to some of his comments on the situation.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Only pig I think flies is Mike Ashley in a helicopter…

    • ghostrider

      The same pig that keeps Newcastle United stable by not being a numpty like Ellis Short who people revered once upon a time, against Ashley..

  • ghostrider

    All of us are living on speculation.
    Ashley will give so and so this much or won’t do this or that. It’s all tabloid speculation and fan rumour.
    Chinese whispers.

    People just want to believe Ashley didn’t spend because it suits their agenda. they simply hate him and will gnaw at anything that is geared to putting him down.

    He sat on TV and from his own mouth said money will be made available from what the club earns as profit. Basically the manager can have anything in the kitty.
    Does anyone know this not to be a truth?

    I don’t mean hanging onto supposed Andy Carroll money and what not as if it’s been tucked down a sock, as some fans would live on the belief of…I mean actual cash available at the time?

    Because the real money comes into effect this season and this season will actually show what Rafa (or whoever) has to spend but it still has to be spent carefully, regardless.
    Rafa is a manager, not an accountant or auditor or a financial whizz kid business person. He’s a coach and manager of players that are bought.

    It’s about fans being happy with a set amount or even a large amount but distributed in certain ways.

    For instance, this is how the Ashley haters would look on stuff.
    If Rafa was handed 100 million from sales and the kitty and bought in a striker for 50 million and a playmaker for 50 million, both on £150 grand a week, (because that’s what we’d be looking at, most likely) the fans would be happy enough.

    However, if Rafa brought in 6 players worth around 15 million each, give or take, then Ashley will be to blame for being a cheapskate and only allowing Rafa bargain signings.

    Back to the striker and the playmaker. If they didn’t hit the ground running and went half a dozen games doing no better than what we had, Ashley would be to blame for forcing panic buys on big wages.

    The excuses could literally be endless but you can bet your bottom dollar that anything that doesn’t work to expectations will be Ashley’s fault and anything that does, is Rafa’s genius.

    I don’t view any of it that way.

    • Damon Horner

      From the school of thought of Ashley do you believe unlimited funds won’t appease fans?

      I don’t think many people complained about the amount of spend under McClaren but more the fact that it was done within the confines of a transfer policy designed to attract continental based players within a certain age range, who have attributes easier to demonstrate (technical and physical ones) and who’s presence/experience in a more reputable league could see their values increase while overlooking the mental attributes which needed more respect than it gets (communication, composure, influence, adaptability, leadership and determination). That and the fact it was entrusted to McClaren who’s own career was declining and who’s authority anywhere was questionable throughout.

      • DZA

        Under McClaren was Graham Carr spending the cash forcing players on McClaren. McClaren only got 2 players he wanted due to the position we was in by January with the club splashing out on Shelvey and Townsend otherwise McClaren had no real say in transfers.

        • Jezza

          True. All those players were signed by Carr and were bought for one reason only, potential resale value. The spending in 2015 was as a result of a knee jerk reaction by Ashley after seeing Swansea City make a £20 million profit on Wilfried Bony in 18 months, a profit that would have been his if he had only sanctioned the £9 million fee to buy that player after Carr had indentified him in 2013.

        • Damon Horner

          I don’t disagree with any of that. That’s partly my point, the man coaching them and the actual policy was the problem. Not the average amount spent on them which is what Ghostrider.

      • ghostrider

        There’s always an excuse.
        Ashley either spends money but it’s on the wrong players or he doesn’t spend it and is a greedy miser who hates the fans and the club…etc…..etc.

        Only Man City beat us in spending when McClaren took over and yet Ashley doesn’t spend, apparently.
        But we got the wrong manager with hindsight.
        I wonder what would have happened had McClaren hit the ground running?

        So we were looking for continental players instead of…what?…premier league seasoned one’s?

        Because we did sign Shelvey and Townsend who were exactly that.
        But we also signed some top players…some of who we couldn’t quite believe we would get, like Wijnaldum…but then Mitrovic and Mbemba and a few that were given little time to adapt in Thauvin (look at him now) and Saivet (fair enough).

        You see, for a club like ours trying to compete with the real sugar daddy clubs, we had to try all avenues, because the English/UK players were being over priced as well as wage demands being sickening.
        Rodwell is a classic example of what that can bring.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    We spent £47m in the Summer and further spend on loans took the spend to £60m tenth in the table two million behind Arsenal on £62m. We have Murphy £!2m sitting on the bench every week. We have Merino £10m not even in the squad most weeks and a full back and centre £10m also on the bench. You claim Ashley spends no money rubbish as usual. You will find that most seasons there is no money left in the bank. He gave McClaren a pot load of money. The problem with you is you are so anti Ashley you do not state the facts.

    • DZA

      The only two signings McClaren made were Shelvey and Townsend. Do your homework as the rest of them where forced on him.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Steve MaClaren had a net spend of £70.7m and signed the following players. Wynaldum, Mitrovic, Thauvin, Mbemba, Shelvey, Townsend and Saivet all good players who have gone to do well at other clubs.
        However according to the Mag we never spend any money Fat Mike is a bad man we hate him and it’s all lies that we signed these players. Jezza, Leazes and most on here live in their little bubble hating Newcastle and tell lie after lie.

        • DZA

          you find Wynaldum, Mitrovic, Thauvin, Mbemba and Saivet where all signed by Graham Carr and forced on McClaren which McClaren pointed out these players where coming in without him.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Still good players and we should have stopped up. My point was Ashley does spend all the money we have available most seasons.

        • Nut

          Personally I think Jezza / Leazes are actually closet Makem.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            He was upset that they went down very strange indeed.

          • Nut

            There ya go then, definate Makem. Of course undoubtably he will try to make excuses like saying he was upset not to be having derbies against them anymore.

            But that’s just an excuse…. nope he is most definitely a Makem!

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            He got really upset at the anti Sunderland articles on here and one comment was for God’s sake give it a rest stop the Mackem bashing I do not want to be part of this. Probably went to both grounds when he was younger as lives in Boldon then jumped on the band wagon when Keegan came like many others. Think he is a cross dresser and likes them both.

      • Nut

        McClarren was bought in to work directly alongside Carr, signings were not forced upon him, do you honestly think Wijnaldum was forced upon him?

        McClarren was a mistake, years ago I thought he was a good coach due to when he was at Manure alongside Ferguson but he proved me completely wrong when he came here players went backwards.

  • Nut

    If Rafa gets decent money say 100 million or so…. it’s more than likely he will earmark a large proportion of that to invest in the academy and training ground, areas he really wants to invest heavily within for the future of the club longer term to give us a leg up in developing players.

    That would likely mean a far smaller transfer pot being available.

    Ashley isn’t the evil little worm people paint him to be on here, he invests the profits from within sustainably, he just doesn’t like to spend his own money, he rarely has so why expect that to change?

    At least he is a stable owner, could be far far worse.

    • Desree

      Here is another of the Cambridge Analytics moles. The Mag has been hacked by Russians.

  • Andrew Cowley

    So how much would be right to give to Rafa for next year?100m?80?50?

    • Nut

      There is no right or wrong, it will likely be whatever the club makes in net profit after all expenses are taken into account.

      Banding figures of 50/80/100 million around us simply misleading fans and gets everyone’s hopes up over nothing.

      The figure will ultimately be what it will be. I think as long as Rafa can see that figure is ultimately what the club has available to keep on a sustainable footing then he will stay if he thinks it’s enough for him to improve on things.

      Ashley has this club on the right footing in regards to sustainability it’s just such a shame he doesn’t want to put in any of his own money at the moment and much of this is down to his treatment by certain sections of the fans who have made death threats towards him and his family, that the man no longer feels safe to come on match days speaks volumes as to what’s gone on with some people!

  • Nut

    If people really wanted Ashley to spend on this club then the best thing they could do would be to stop the anti Ashley brigade in their tracks.

    Make Ashley feel welcome, wanted, dare I say it even loved and appreciated.

    Do that as that’s all of what he wanted when he bought the club and he might just fall back in love with the city, club and its fans.

    Certain minorities of fans particularly prevalent and vocal on these forums have engineered an agenda to make him feel unwanted and even unsafe when coming to the city and on match days and that is totally unacceptable.

    Making death threats against a man and his family is totally and utterly abhorant and it is high time the real fans of Newcastle stand up to the bullies that have had it their way for far too long to no avail.

    The vast majority of fans can see Ashley is doing a good job and that’s why so many show up to matches and buy season tickets, Ashley has the club on a sustainable footing and it certainly won’t be going under anytime under him, it might not be competing for silverware for a while but that will come eventually either way.
    Especially if Rafa stays and makes a project.

    However certain fans are creating a toxic atmosphere at this club and the real fans must now stand up be counted and stamp it out!

    Up yours Jezza, Leazes and the likes it’s high time you go and admit your real love for the Makems and scurry off back there!