It isn’t exactly breaking news to say that life at Newcastle United under Mike Ashley has been pretty grim.

Two relegations and a few near misses in only eight previous Premier League seasons under this owner, tells its own story.

As for the highs…the fifth place finish with 65 points in 2011/12 stands out a mile.

Aside from that season, Newcastle have never reached 50 points under Mike Ashley in the top tier and once scraped a top half finish.

These are the Premier League finishes during the Mike Ashley era:

43 – 2007/08 – 12th

34 – 2008/09 – 18th

(102 – 2009/10 – 1st in Championship)

46 – 2010/11 – 12th

65 – 2011/12 – 5th

41 – 2012/13 – 16th

49 – 2013/14 – 10th

39 – 2014/15 – 15th

37 – 2015/16 – 18th

(94 – 2016/17 – 1st in Championship)


So how could this Rafa Benitez season measure up?

Newcastle United are currently on 38 points in 10th, after 32 games.

Maintaining 10th would be the equal second best PL position under this current owner.

However, Newcastle have a game in hand (and a better goal difference) on ninth placed Everton who are three points ahead.

As for points, on the current average per game, Newcastle would end this season on 45 points, which would be the fourth highest under Ashley.

The six games remaining are Arsenal (H), Everton (A), West Brom (H), Watford (A), Spurs (A), Chelsea (H).

Newcastle’s last six matches this season have produced 13 points.

Whilst these next set of fixtures are generally against higher placed clubs – including three of the top six – could Newcastle in their current form just possibly match that points return?

If they did pick up another 13 points that would give a final total of 51, the second highest under Mike Ashley.

As for league position, 51 points has been enough to get 8th place in four of the last 10 Premier League seasons, 9th in another four of them, then 10th in the other two.

Whilst safety is/was the only item on the agenda this season for NUFC, it would give a massive boost if Newcastle could finish in the top 10, or maybe even as high as eighth.

A very tangible sign of the progression under Rafa Benitez, despite operating in very difficult circumstances.

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  • wufwuf

    goal difference wise if we do maintain current performance we should be bang on in an around 9-11

  • ghostrider

    Most likely a 13th place finish. That’s what I predicted earlier on so I’ll stick with it but hope we keep progressing.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    My prediction this season was top eight so will stick to that.. When I first started going round 15th was the norm even in the good years when we had cup runs..
    The Mike Ashley era is nothing new.

  • Gianfranco Shola

    Anyone reckon we could have a similar season as the 11/12 season next year? Obviously that’s assuming Rafa as well as the core of Lascelles, Shelvey etc. stay and Rafa works miracles with the buttons Ashley will give him

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      Money would need to be spent. The 11/12 side had Demba Ba and in-once-in-a-lifetime-form Papiss Cisse. They scored 56 goals ffs… can you imagine what Rafa could do with 56 goals??

      • Gianfranco Shola

        I reckon the rest of the pitch is fairly equal now to what that team was, the 11/12 had the X factor of Cabaye and Ben Arfa whilst the current lot have Shelvey and Kenedy (please sign). The difference as you say is up top, stick Demba Ba in his prime in our current side and we’d be up there with Chelsea and Arsenal this season. We need a similarly good striker in the summer definitely

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Anything above 15th will be a bonus considering what Rafa has had to work with and without the keeper & Kenedy we`d most likely be in the bottom 6

  • Andy Mac

    Last season’s 10th placed team, West Brom, received £114m in prize money. So if we finish in that position we’d probably make nearer to £120m with additional TV appearances ? That’s enough for Fatman to dig his heels in and want his pound of flesh and more before he sells.

    So we must rid this club of the poisonous bast ard asap otherwise we’ll begin yet another cycle of bust and bust aka Groundhog Day.