Talking about Monday night’s match between Everton and Newcastle, Paul Merson has predicted…that there is no chance of Sam Allardyce resigning.

The Sky Sports pundit stating the obvious, that rather than walking out following his club asking fans to rate the manager’s performance, Allardyce will instead wait to be sacked and get a massive payout once again.

There is zero doubt that Everton fans do want rid of him, along with West Ham and Newcastle supporters they have quickly realised that Fat Sam’s football and off the pitch talk, is a toxic combination that provides a miserable existence.

Paul Merson talks about the lack of respect shown to somebody who ‘If he didn’t say what he said he’s still the manager of England…’

Which kind of once again proves just how the pundits don’t understand why so man fans detest him. Sam Allardyce (somehow!) got his dream job managing England, on a massive pay deal, then was still so greedy that he immediately was trying to misuse his new position to make even more money and was caught out.

So Merson is really saying, is that Allardyce would still be England boss if he hadn’t been caught!

With Newcastle winning their last four matches and being one of the top five form clubs since the turn of the year, Paul Merson describes Newcastle United as ‘dangerous’ for Fat Sam.

Newcastle will go above the scousers with a win and Paul Merson says this is more than possible, as ‘there’s not much between these two teams.’ Which is quite mad really when you consider how Everton have spent over £180m in only the past 10 months.

The former Arsenal and Middlesbrough player says that the last thing Sam Allardyce needs will be a defeat to Newcastle, due to the situation already with the Everton fans.

Merson predicts a 2-1 victory for Rafa’s team and I think we all wonder just how upset the Everton boss would be, knowing fine well that he could be sitting there just waiting for the club management being in a position where they need to then get rid of him in the summer, ending up with yet another massive payout for failure.

Paul Merson talking to Sky Sports:

“Newcastle are a funny team aren’t they – they’re flying!

“Four in a row. They’ve gone to Leicester and beat Arsenal.

“This is a dangerous game for Sam Allardyce.

“The fans will be turning up expecting to win, Sam will be under pressure to win, and there’s not much between these two teams.

“I’m going for Newcastle to beat Everton.

“Sam will think it [sending a survey to supporters to rate the boss] is a joke, it’s embarrassing. He’s a former England manager.

“If he didn’t say what he said he’s still the manager of England, now they’re sending out surveys. I’d expect that when I was manager of Walsall, I wouldn’t expect Sam Allardyce to get that treatment.

“I think they did it last year, but that isn’t the point. They have an England manager, someone who’s been in the game a million years – it’s disrespectful.

“Sam won’t be happy but he’ll just bite his tongue.

“You don’t want to go steaming in and resigning, especially when you could end up with four or five million…

“Prediction is Everton 1 Newcastle 2.”

Everton v Newcastle Match Betting with BetVictor:

Newcastle win 12/5Draw 9/4Everton win 13/10

Perez to score first goal 9/1NUFC win 2-0 17/1Slimani to score in both halves 50/1

  • Philippines

    We live in hope. Form also dictates a win against Everton.

  • Fireman Sam

    Worst football I have ever seen. His main tactic seemed to be throw-ins down the touch line, work the ball down the pitch and then try and get a corner. It took Keegan about 10 games to get the players passing the ball properly again. The players must hate him too if his training is that bad.

  • Pauly Booth

    Its not always a results game. I am evertonian and i would rather see us lose to pile more pressure on a greedy troll we all hate.

    • Wor Lass

      Its a shame when fans are ground down to say things like that but similar things have been said at times on this site. I hope you get your wish, by the way!

    • Albert Stubbins

      You want your team to lose? How does that make you an Evertonian?

  • Wor Lass

    The last time I saw us play Everton was at home in 2011. We were all over them but managed to come apart second half and lose 2-1. I remember thinking what a good player Shane Ferguson looked when he came on. As far as I`m concerned, we owe them one and hope we can turn them over on Monday night. I don`t know where all this “bad blood” between the fans that the Mag is on about has come from. There was a crowd of their fans in the Black Bull before the match and they were spot on – no bother at all. I do remember a bit of cr*p stirred up because Pardew described them as a big club. Michael Caine on the Chronic site latched onto that and there was some nasty comments flying around so maybe thats got something to do with it.

  • 1ewis

    Managing 1 game for England can be considered an England manager no doubt. However, getting sacked after 1 game shows that there was some problem going on and he doesn’t really deserve any respect, does he?


    I’m not a hater, but his brand of football bores the hell out of me. I rather be watching golf and lawn bowling.

    • ghostrider

      Yet people still begged for Terry Venables to be England manager and had no qualms about what he was supposedly up to.

      • Albert Stubbins

        Great manager.

        • ghostrider

          Maybe but that’s besides the point.

          • Albert Stubbins

            Besides what point?

          • ghostrider

            The point of it not being about managerial skill but of dodgy dealing.

          • Albert Stubbins

            Most managers were guilty of it in 80’s including great s like Cloughie and George Graham. It’s safe to assume some never got caught that’s all.

          • ghostrider


      • StevieB

        And he was a great success at it

        • ghostrider

          It’s not about the football though, is it?
          People slate Allardyce as someone dodgy and yet worship others in that frame.
          Massively hypocritical.

    • Leazes.

      Something going on? He was advising clients how to avoid tax!

      • TheFatController

        He was advising business people how to get round his employer’s financial regulations I thought?

        I only mention it because I think anyone can get someone advising how to avoid tax, even if it is bad and immoral advise, but the arrogance of getting a dream job and within weeks telling a stranger how to flaunt your employer’s rules is astoundingly stupid…

  • Leazes.

    The ‘supercomputer’ predicts 1-0 to Everton….

  • Lord

    This Quote:

    “You don’t want to go steaming in and resigning, especially when you could end up with four or five million…”

    Did Merson really say that in the same punditry soundbite that shows support for Mr B Sam?

  • TheTradge

    I’m just amazed that Merson actually predicted a WIN for us, he absolutely hates Newcastle and never hides that very well!

  • Rich Lawson

    He (Allardyce) is a very disagreeable man,with no class at all,much as he was like as a player. I don’t doubt that the ”mistaken” survey will show that a huge % of Everton supporters want him out If he was a decent man (like Wenger) he would say he has kept them up and will now step aside at the end of the season with no payment beyond it ?

  • Desree

    We have gone to leicester and beat arsenal. [email protected] cockneys