For Newcastle fans on this Monday morning, the Premier League table (see below) is looking mighty fine after the weekend.

The team getting the result on Saturday which could well equal safety, with others continuing to collapse at the very bottom.

Huddersfield were the latest to meet Newcastle’s much improved home form, the scoreline might have only been 1-0 but the Magpies’ superiority was overwhelmng.

As the season goes on, the story of Newcastle United’s season gets ever clearer.

Despite the very limited budget Rafa Benitez has been allowed, he has got every last ounce out of his team/squad.

Nowhere is this shown more so than in matches against the fellow relegation strugglers.

This is how the Premier League table now lookds:

premier league

These are the results so far against those eight clubs in the bottom eight spots (home and then away result with Newcastle’s score first each time):

Brighton 0-0 and 0-1

West Ham 3-0 and 3-2

Swansea 1-1 and 1-0

Huddersfield 1-0 and 0-1

Crystal Palace 1-0 and 1-1

Southampton 3-0 and 2-2

Stoke 2-1 and 1-0

West Brom ??? and 2-2

Complete record so far against bottom eight:

Played 15 Won 8 Drawn 5 Lost 2

29 points from possible 45

GF 21 GA 11 GD +10

In contrast, these are the stats in the 16 matches so far against the top 11 clubs:

Played 16 Won 1 Drawn 3 Lost 12

6 points from a possible 48 

GF 10 GA 29 GD -19

The six points have come via the win over Man Utd and draws against Bournemouth, Burnley and Liverpool.

Yet again, Rafa Benitez is showing what he can do with a certain level of (low) funds, getting excellent results against those clubs Newcastle need to be competing with, even if they have had more resources put into their squads.

With additional more realistic funding, there is no reason why Rafa can’t then overachieve once again but with a higher spot in the table.

The one remaining game against a bottom eight club is home to West Brom, a victory would mean 32 points from a possible 48 against that current bottom eight.

These stats don’t lie.

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  • TheNutJob

    the stats just show what Fatty`s done to the Toon, he`s got a load of fans accepting mediocrity as the norm.
    Jabba oot

    • Rabid Dog

      I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    • Wor Monga

      and others like you sitting at home praying that some day their ‘Arab’ prince will come!!!

  • Leazes.

    The worrying thing is that the bulk of our points have come from teams below us, although logically that will be true of every team it implies that indeed the value of the squad will determine the outcome of the league.

    Fatty positioned us at tenth for most of his tenure and now that we have arguably the best manager under his deranged ownership he positions the club at fifteenth, the truth is inescapable….

    ….the policy of getting ‘the best value pound for pound’ that Llambias spoke of has succeeded in using a top manager with a largely championship squad. Now by success in Ashley’s book that means survival to advertise his tat but not european places.

    Like the guy in pret-a-manger said to him….’you can string this along as long as you have Rafa’….. and you know what I think he will.

    • Mark Potter

      Where’s the “largely championship squad”? The stats prove, so far, we are deserving of our place in the Premiership. The team is good enough to play at this level. And always was, and those who hoped they would fail, that they would go straight back down and the manager would get sacked or walk out, leaving the club in chaos, they have been proved wrong. Over and over again.

    • Wor Monga

      Just more of your homespun ‘LoopyLogic’ here, Leazes…how does any owner set his club up to be either 15th or 10th at the start of a season when there’s only 6pts dividing both those positions, and remembering (10th place) Bournemouth ‘stole’ 3pts off us (after we’d lost Lascelles)with virtually the last kick of the game up here which would have had us at 10th now instead of them…

      …or did Burnley’s owner set them up to be 7th after regularly being the PL’s yo-yo club because I didn’t see all their world class superstar mega-signings…or did Southampton’s owner set them up before the season to be down at 18th seeing as they’ve spent some big money and got some big names in…

      …No! you’re just spouting off claptrap again…because it’s only the top 6 clubs who can attract and afford the real top talent that have owners who can ‘set them’ up to stay in the top 6 and even that is steadily becoming more of a one horse race…

      …the rest of us have to rely on having a top class manager, and a hard working squad that can take a high percentage of points off the teams around us, and so gradually increase the number of teams below us…exactly like Burnley and Leicester have done…

      …that’s until we can make the top 6 (by taking lots of points off the 14 below us) which is where the massive Toon and Rafa deserve to be!!!

    • Rich Lawson

      pret-a-manager ?